Former Gunner Ashley Cole trolls Arsenal’s bitter rivals

Former Arsenal defender Ashley Cole left the club under a cloud in 2006 as he crossed London to join Chelsea, however, the ex Gunner is still defending his former club against their biggest rival, Tottenham.

Cole won two Premier League titles with Arsenal before leaving the club, and while having a conversation with former Brighton striker, Leon Knight recently he told him how he had learnt to defend against strikers.

He told Knight that as young as 19, he had learnt that strikers would usually look into the eyes of defenders before they timed their movement, knight agreed with him.

However, a poor Tottenham fan decided to troll the former Chelsea and Derby County man about his development at Arsenal, but Cole was in top form and he fired back at the fan by trolling the Lilywhites as reported in the Standard.

The Spurs fan said: “[That’s] probably why you were so desperate to leave Arsenal. Their youth development must have been atrocious given that you only picked that up at 19.”

Cole fired back: “We smacked you [Tottenham] every time in my youth days.”

In truth, Arsenal was the dominant team in north London when Cole turned out for the Gunners but the way he left the club will never be forgotten or forgiven and no matter how much he trolls Tottenham he will never ever be thought of as anything other than a Judas.

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