Former Gunner backs Klopp to shine as new Arsenal boss!

There are plans, apparently, for some Arsenal fans to show their displeasure at the way the Gunners have struggled and stuttered at the start of the season, with the manager Arsene Wenger set to be the main subject of the fans’ anger.

Once again it looks like Arsenal are going to have to settle for a top four finish and place in the Champions League, and we need to improve in order to do that. So despite the Frenchman having signed a three year contract extension in the summer, the pressure on him to retire or move upstairs into an executive position will only increase if Arsenal continue to struggle in the Premier League.

And in a report by the Daily Star, the former Arsenal and England midfielder Ray Parlour has been talking about his successor and it is clear that the player dubbed the Romford Pele thinks that man should be Jurgen Klopp, the charismatic boss of Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund.

The way that Dortmund play and the way that they gave the Gunners a footballing lesson in Germany earlier this season has really impressed Parlour, who is also well aware that the job of replacing Wenger is going to be a very difficult one for whoever gets the job, just as Man United are feeling the pain of trying to replace their own long serving boss.

Parlour said, “It’s going to be interesting to see what ­happens. But someone like Klopp, if you could get him, would be fantastic.

“I know Dortmund are having a poor season in the Bundesliga, but I like the way they play. The way they press is brilliant.

“And they gave Arsenal a lesson when they played in Germany in the Champions League and chalked up a convincing 2-0 win.”

I am sure that Arsenal could get Klopp if the board really wanted him, but there is also a feeling that Wenger will have a big say in who takes over from him. He does seem to have a lot of respect for Klopp and the way he operates, so will the German be the next manager of Arsenal Football Club?

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  1. The way Arsenal fans and ex-players talk of Kloop, the football world will think we are tapping him up. But I am not complaining if its after 2 more seasons.

    Interesting news-
    Daley Blind today has picked up a knocked before half-time and was replaced. So that’s De Gea, Blind, Falcao, RvP(assuming he didn’t play Hollands last game) out. With Raphael, Rojo, out.

    And Ramsey score already.

    1. Right now is the best moment to beat them, even though i would have loved to beat them when they are at their best.

      Wenger is finished and he must be off as soon as possible. Dortmund is a mess. Show Klopp half of the money Wenger is earning and watch him conquer the Epl.

      1. Wenger > Klopp.. This is fact. As much as Wenger messed up, he won’t make the team sit at the bottom of the league.. Maybe Klopp has the potential to bring us further, but I’d rather have consistency over short term success.. Not at the expense of our boss’ head.

  2. The only man for the job as far as I am concerned…class actm with drive and ambition.

    Everything we have been missing!


    1. I’m afraid Klopp might not be this “Mr Ambition” that you paint; after all he allowed Gotze and Lewandowski to slink off to his arch-rivals, sounds like Arsenal in their transitional, stadium-funding years. All those fickle fans that give Wenger such a hard time will get a rude awakening whenever he does retire. Yes we should have strengthened defensively but nonetheless we are a couple of players shy of challenging for the title- we strengthened elsewhere and took a punt we’d be lucky with injuries in defensive areas. It’s not all doom and gloom and Wenger will get us in the Champions League again. I see us buying a top class DM and a good reinforcement at CB, and being in with a shout at the Prem next year.

      1. lol there’s no comparison between Klopp and Wenger. You talk about Klopp let 2 players go yet both of them had a childhood dream of playing for Munich. Wenger’s let a LONG list of players go that always wanted to play for Arsenal: Fabregas, Van Persie, Nasri, Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Clichy, Ashley Cole, Giovanni van Brongkhorst, Yaya Toure, etc.

      2. He denied Lewandowski to move to Bayern for as long he was still under contract with Dortmund. Kagawa was going to leave the club anyway, so when manure put 17.5(?) million pounds for him half a year before his contract went out, he did the only smart thing in that situation. What Götze concerns, his release clause was activated – and there was nothing Klopp could do. I really like dortmund and i dont really care who wins when they play Arsenal (or Real Madrid for that matter), but i dont know what’s happening in the bundesliga at the moment. Its an odd situation, but im sure he’ll put the team back up where they belong in the top 3.

        Klopp knows how to win tough games. Wenger doesnt, he just plays his same tactic and rely on the teams “mentality”. We will never win the league or CL with Wenger still as the boss. At best a quarter final and #3 in the league.

        In the last four years, Klopp has been in the semi finals in CL twice, final once, won the bundesliga twice and the german cup once. This while losing his best players each year.

        1. So top 3 is okay when its Klopp, but top 4 is not when it’s Wenger? They are both great managers no doubt, and you have made some points with the transfer dealings that I had forgotten about; but nevertheless- those players of Klopp’s did feel the need to move on to a different team in the same league, something Wenger’s detractors have often brought up in previous years, when we have had similar situations. I feel like there is progress being made with the two big-name signings in the last two summers, since the stadium debt was cleared, and we are only going to move forward. I rate Klopp. Wenger is still the man though.

          1. Top three this year is the best Dortmund can hope for. For the last two, they have been the best team in the league, excluding the titan of german football clubs – Bayern. The two before that again, they won the league. Lewa and Götze wanted to go to bigger clubs because well… Money and personal glory, i guess. BVB is not the biggest club in the world, and far away from the most attractive club concerning economics! Götze’s salary is more than tripled in Bayern, Lewas more than doubled, same thing applies to Kagawa and Sahin when they left for manure and Real Madrid.

            Whatever Wenger had 10 years ago concerning coaching skills, is gone or outdated. Dont ride a dead horse, and Wenger is a dying racing horse. For me, change is most welcome.

          2. “since the stadium debt was cleared”
            When was the stadium debt cleared?
            It was from day one around 34 million a year and will be for some time to come.
            Not cleared, ongoing payments.

            Transfers have been nothing to do with restricted finances, they have had everything to do with Wenger’s stubbornness, his refusal to spend and his inability to keep players.

  3. @ sumo…….and how does Losing all the manure players ensure Arsenal would beat em?……. They know how to rotate players or even play with 10 men…. We’d just play with d same weary players

  4. Arsenal have to get Klopp if we want to progress. We have been stagnant for 10 years now, Wenger has had money to spend and has spent very poorly (not strengthening our squad in defence is disgraceful). If Klopp can build a team at Arsenal and not lose all his best players to Bayern, then we have a great chance of winning trophies.

          1. He will, and i hope you will be around when the times comes. IF, we are lucky to have him as our new manager.

            1. @ks-gunner
              Still missin the point huh dude? I been “around” since 84/85. I ain’t goin nowhere, yet…

        1. @KS, I’d really love to see Maureen mourn after Klopp must have spanked her so hard while in charge of AFC.

      1. NY- ma man!!! Lol! If u do everything right and still lose, it’s very dfrent— and you’d hardly lose if u do everything right. Klopp will always do the right thing.

        1. @kickassfan
          No matter how hard you “try” to do the right thing. Murphy’s Law is always lookin over your shoulder…
          So either ML is f**kn with Jurgen and BVB at the moment, or he/they aint doin somethin right…
          But it’s all good…

        2. But, but… he messed up big time.. How can u do the right thing and still lose so many times in a much easier league O.o Dont understand why so much love for this Klopp dude.. We might have seen the best of Klopp for the last few seasons, but right now he’s shit;( Wenger messed up, Klopp messed up but everyone is calling for Wenger’s head for Klopp……

  5. Honestly, I don’t know why Wenger isn’t acting like a coach that’s earning such hefty sum of money? He’s always sit back with arms folded and eyes roaming from side to side like a cat stalking a rat.

  6. I worry whether there will be a club to resurrect after the infection of Wenger’s latter years has been disinfected.

    Whilst Kroenke remains at the club you might as well assume that Wenger will be offered yet another contract extension, god knows what will be left of our club once their money making, mediocre, unambitious experiments have finished.

  7. Klopp has everything a good manager should have. It would be our greatest invistment for our future to have him as our manager.

    He could also persuade good players ( mainly from the Bundes Liga) to join us. Right now i doubt that you will find many players who are Wenger fans anymore.

      1. … and money, dont forget money. They spent alot of money this window (€54M), but that was primarily on Ciro Immobile and squad depth (+ resigning of long lost sons Sahin and Kagawa) Immobile has been close to more disappointing than Balotelli in the league, even though two goals in nine games is far better than a butthole. If his form in CL transfers to the league (3 goals and an assist in 159 minutes), he will be a good replacement for Lewandowski. In addition, Reus has still to come back at a full force after his injury.

        BVB-fans shouldnt worry too much about their league position. Its only a matter of time untill they start skyrocketing up the table and put up a campfire right under Bayern for the third time in a row.

  8. Nah we don’t need Klippity.
    Look at Dorkman they all
    got the Klapp under Klopp
    The Romfart melee pfft.
    We must support Are-sin
    great Chinese manager
    not Arseho Parlour the spider
    eating his turds and wee 🙂

  9. kLopp and his team may be struggling at the moment …….. But really there’s something bout kLopp i so admire!…..his charisma, his hunger, his urge to instill fire into the belly of his players, He recognizes the efforts and triaLs his players put into every game and commends em, he’s not easily taken aback by a defeat ……. KLOPP or SIMEONE for me ….same passion for the game

  10. Bore Rat sings the Arsenal
    National Anthem to the tune of
    “The arse and tripe”

    Arsene Wenger is the greatest
    manager in the world
    All other Football Clubs
    are managed by little flies.
    Arsene Wenger is the greatest
    at saving money
    we only buy new players
    if they cost less than two quid
    Arsene plays all the am’s
    way out on the left wing
    because he has a socialist pay scale
    but pays himself 8 blo#dy mill
    May the fourth be with Arse all
    and the home of the free (transfer)

  11. I want Gadiola, he is a big player , big club manager, he is a winner. Klopp, I can’t say much abt him.

    1. @th14
      Looks like he was trying to do too much. Keep in mind, it was just him and Bale in attack. So he was the midfield as well as support striker it seemed…

  12. We should all the way to sign Javi Martinez. He would solve all our defensive problems. He can at centerback and defensive midfield. His presence and physicality is greater than Matic’s

  13. Time for Le professor to go.He has dragged the Arsenal kicking and screaming into the 21st century overseeing a new stadium and winning trophies on the way. His name iwill be along side Herbert Chapman and other great managers but now is the time to move on.It may take one or two managers to get the right one but that’s the way it goes in life and football. Au revour Arsene and thank you

    1. Arsene dragged Arsenal
      kicking and winning
      and screaming for joy
      into the 21st century 🙂
      But now we are just kicking
      and screaming because we are not winning.
      We need to rouse schnell und kick this
      losing hobit in the derriere vite vite .

  14. remember, Wenger hates wat d fans like. So forget abt Klopp because d moment Arsene knows u r clamouring for him to come to arsenal, he wil object it.

  15. Wenger does things anyhow, no fear of failure. He is full of himself, he hates what fans like, fans want trophy, he wants top four, fans want keldera, he want arteta, fans want higuain, he wants Ozil, fans want klopp, mayb wenger wants Moyes! Lol

  16. Wenger does things anyhow, no fear of failure. He is full of himself, he hates what fans like, fans want trophy, he wants top four, fans want keldera, he want arteta, fans want higuain, he wants Ozil, fans want klopp or Gadiola, mayb wenger wants Moyes! Lol

  17. Klopp is a great manager. In many ways he resembles the characteristics of Wenger. He is a man of his club and has seen them through highs and lows. He is borderline psychotic and could possibly be a danger to the public. He is keen for his clubs to have a presence of players that came young and were ‘moulded’.

    But here is what iI don’t get. He has even more in common with Wenger and those things annoy people about Wenger but they love Klopp? He is a man of principle. He plays one style only. His style was effective but he has been found out now and teams have no trouble countering his threat. He is also a manager that will absolutely not bow to public opinion and will buy whoever he wants to and not what everyone thinks he should.

    It is actually really funny. Gooners that hate Wenger admire him without realising that, other than a different implementation of attacking football, he is virtually a Wenger clone yet he is seen as a saviour.

      1. @ NY Gunner

        It’s ironic that AOBs chose such a similar manager to be his successor. Apart from a beard and pressing football it is actually the same guy. Everyone secretly loves Wenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. His tactics and style of play have been effective for years. I don’t know what is going on with Dortmund this season but if his teams style of play has been ‘found out’, will he continue to use it like Wenger, for years to come? I doubt it.

      He resembles a lot like Wenger, true. However Klopp’s record against big teams is quite impressive. They won with ease and I thought they’d be struggling without 5 starters back then. They also played well against Bayern the other week, much better than we ever play against Chelsea or even Man United. They’ve been bad this season and are 9 points behind the CL qualification spot, also known as the Wenger Trophy. I have no doubts they will achieve CL football by the end of this season (for comparison we are 8 points behind Southampton but I don’t think anyone here questions if we will finish above them come May).

      Dortmund is already out of the title race but so are we and we have been out of the race in November for YEARS. For Klopp’s BVB this is the first time since like 06/07 and they did win the title 2 years ago, Wenger won it a decade ago.

      So my question is; who are we to judge Klopp’s managerial abilities based on one, unfinished season when our dear manager has been repeating the situation BVB is in now, FOR SEASON AFTER SEASON?

      Yes, Klopp is quite like Wenger – the Wenger of 1996-2005 but not in any way like our current Frenchman.

        1. You have a blinkered view of Klopp. His team were brutally exposed in the CL last season. This season again he is being exposed. They led 1-0 at Munich and surrendered towards the end.

          Back to my original point, even the injury crisis excuse is a Wenger classic!!!!!

      1. @juhislihis
        Looks like a nerve has been truck.
        In a 2 team league BVB should not be struggling or out of the title race. Yeah, his teams show up for big matches. But where the f**k are they the rest of the time?
        RVP hit the nail on the head. Klopp is the German version of AW and a lot of you guys know it deep down…CTFU

        1. @NY_Gunner

          You actually succeeded to do what you always do here, d*ckraiding people with good points of view supporting your blind view on AW (like RVP, what he said was good POV in my opinion) but failed to answer any major points in my response.

          You asked “where the f*ck are they rest of the time”, what time? This season? After 11 games? How hypocritical are you? If some of our players would perform badly, I am 100% sure you would say something like “let’s see it by the end of the season”, which is correct. So how are you now critizing Klopp after 11 matches? You fail to see his achievements in the past 6-7 years, quite similar what Wenger did for us back in the day.

          RVP had great points of view IMHO to which you, as a blind AKB, of course agree upon. I hope RVP sees my message, I’d like a response from him as I think we can have a good discussion about this. NY_Gunner, don’t bother to answer.

          1. @juhislihis
            Why is it that you dudes get bent out of shape when someone comments on your posts.
            RVP did make some valid points and you came back defensive which I thought was f**kn hilarious. There was no need for it. Yet you also felt the need to swing an ad hominem attack my way. Also uncalled for.
            Be good youngster…

      2. @ Juhislihis

        Have a look at the facts. He was outclassed in the CL last year and this year he led against Munich until late when he surrendered. The reason given by pundits for his performances is even an injury crisis!!!!!!!!

        He is about as close to Wenger as a major manager gets. His principles and vision are exactly the same.

  18. Its a f@kin disgrace that club of stature, tradition & history has yet NOT won the Champions League!
    Bloody disgrace, the dunts running the club have aboslute no amibition or RESPECT For the club!!!

  19. NO not yet Klopp is not for us maybe in a few years time but not now, we need Pep Guardiola, how many top players Klopp managed to hold on to? They all leve his great with new talent but won’t be with world class players, Pep has been in charge with top players for over a decade now he gets respect which is a difficult thing to do with W/C spoilt children, his name is enough for players to flock to us.

      1. @NY-gunner He wants to come to manage in the EPL next season he said so why not us we are a big club and have some great players and some need help to reach greatness, Man-City are after him, we have the finances in place we play tiki taka footbal which is almost his invention from Barca days, he can bring big players, we are not miles away from being a great team just needs to be balanced and tuned a bit and new stadium in London which manager won’t like to come to us with the best salary.

  20. NY Gunner will support wenger even if we get relegated

    Only thing I’m sure of is will we win the PL with wenger NO
    Is Klopp the right man we don’t know, should he be given time to try

    1. @john0711
      I support AFC dude. AW is the manager at the moment. And since he is, I will support him until he steps away from the club. Simple as…

  21. i am glad all are interested in Klopp, who is another wenger , but i think better tactically and a very likable coach and he also seems able to find decent talent, so he is an interesting talent.

    For me however i feel the job must be given to one of our old boys, a viera, henry, berkamp or pires i think would be interesting coaches, all are quite respected and have a decent knowledge of the game.

    Alll being said and done i have a strong suspicion that Wenger will still be at arsenal not as a manager but some other role

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