Former Gunner believes Arsenal boss lacks hunger for success

William Gallas has stated that he believes Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger lacks that winning mentality needed to succeed as a top manager.

The former French centre-back has played under a number of top managers including Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, Claudio Ranieri and Harry Redknapp, and moved to compare the attitudes of two of those.

Gallas claimed that Mourinho has a distinct fight to win at all costs, while having failed to win a single trophy in his time under the French boss, insisted that the same hunger is not found in Wenger, and this is valid reasoning in his opinion to warrant change.

“I don’t know what Arsenal are going to do but they have to win trophies again,” Gallas said.

“Maybe it is time to change something at the end of the season.”

“You get criticism when you don’t win trophies, when you don’t win games, and that is maybe the difference between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger,” Gallas added.

“Mourinho wants to win every game and at the end of the season sometimes he has success but, for Arsene, Arsenal didn’t win from 2004 so everybody starts to criticise him because football has changed.

“Football is about victory, about trophies. Players want to lift trophies. If you don’t lift a trophy in your career, you will feel disappointed at the end of your career.”

Football has certainly changed immensely since Arsenal last won the Premier League title, with the whole English top tier having a large rise in income, and the level of all the clubs has increased.

There is now a top six clubs who are all realistically vying for the title, although Chelsea hold a nine point gap at the top of the table. Should the season start again with the exact same squads, I would expect things to go differently, as any of the top sides have the potential to be sitting in first.

As much as fans have turned on Arsene Wenger in recent weeks, the upturn in anger towards him has come whilst he has been sidelined due to a touchline ban, which could seem harsh, but he will need to make sure his side manage to win this weekend if he has hopes of a some let up.

Does Wenger still have the hunger to win?

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  1. RSH says:

    Yes Wenger still has hunger to win, he’s just so deluded to the point he thinks he can win anything. Guys a dinosaur, and hasn’t done anything significant in a decade. I can’t believe it’s even a debate whether Wenger should go or stay, but as long as his core supporters protect him, and as long as the board accepts top 4 as being good enough, nothing will change, and you can post all these same articles around the same time next year, because it’ll happen again. Because it has happened again, and again, and again, and again.

  2. legend Henry says:

    When some fans come out to say they pay their had earned money on watching Arsenal match , I simply laugh.
    Is it compulsory to watch arsenal match?
    To the fans who attend matches,it’s in your power to boycott matches to tell the manager and his followers that they are just useless.
    Attending matches always in itself tells the manager and the stupid good for nothing board members that we are satisfied with the way they are running the club.
    If you can’t do that then shut your mouth up and Don’t complain.
    If you do,you are an imbecile!!!!

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I think he has the hunger

    But he believes in a system and philosophy that doesn’t work and he stubbornly sticks to it to prove that he is right. He’s not dynamic. He does not believe in changing if things aren’t working

    When I started watching football. I didn’t understand the need for a defensive midfielder let alone a top defensive midfielder. I thought that defense is for the defenders and Gk. I wanted attack attack attacking football. Lol Now I am more educated.

    Wenger doesn’t see the need for a Top DM even though Vieira was an important part of the invincibles.

    Over the years important players have included Kante, Matic, Kompany, etc.

    He also keeps faith in certain players like Ramsey. Giroud is a good player but Alexis is better up front. Now I think he may not reach 20 goals if he stays on the wings. It’s more tiring there also. Giroud is a good striker and fantastic SuperSub. But Giroud is not the most reliable player. The sometimes he goes walkabout. Last season 12 PL matches in a row without a goal. If it’s not broken why fix it. We could have played Lucas, Iwobi, Ox on wings with Alexis up front. Wenger believes Ramsey and Giroud are of same quality as Cazorla and Alexis.

    Anyway, he has the hunger. He is set in his ways and a bit deluded. Also when Arsenal give him £6 to £9 million per year without condition of winning trophies then he can do whatever he wants

    1. bran99 says:

      everything is perfectly true but his hunger for trophies, he sees 4th as a trophy, and he could make a million excuses of why he missed 1st and settle for 4th. is that person really hungry for 1st? I don’t think so

  4. ger burke says:

    yes !!!, a former player that has the balls to come out and say what the vesy majority of us know . well said gallas, you were always an honest player.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @ger burke
      Bet you didn’t think so much of him when he sat down on the pitch and cried like a…

      1. ger burke says:

        actually nugunner, i did think an awful lot of him for that . he was the one player who stood up to wenger, or in his case , sat down . he was always an honest man , even for a former spud.

  5. Bobbyraz says:

    some fans will definitely be back as wenger minions if we beat hull, if loosing to lower teams loosing sanchez going out of the top 4 will make wenger leave then so be it, yeah am at that point

  6. Nat says:

    Arsenal needs new ideas.Wenger has done alot and thanks MR Wenger we need a manager with new ideas.Arsenal needs a coach with aggressiveness approach towards the game.

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