Former Gunner believes he knows the true reason why Aubameyang signed a new deal

Ex-Arsenal star, Lauren has claimed that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has signed a new contract with Arsenal not because of money or winning trophies.

The Gunners captain had entered the final year of his previous deal at the Emirates and it appeared like he would be leaving the club.

Arsenal feared for the worst and even Mikel Arteta admitted that he wasn’t sure if his captain was staying when he first joined the Gunners.

The Gabon striker eventually signed a new deal much to the relief of Arsenal’s fans.

With several top teams looking to sign him, some fans might think that he signed a new Arsenal contract because of money or winning trophies, but Lauren reckons there is a much deeper reason why the former Borussia Dortmund striker didn’t leave the Emirates.

Lauren who snubbed a move to Real Madrid to join Arsenal reckons that Aubameyang signed a new deal because of the family feeling at Arsenal.

He told “Arsenal is my family and it will always be my family because it’s the place I grew up as a person in so many ways.

“It’s not only about the trophies, it’s not about the money. It’s more than that. You see now with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: it’s not about money, you love the place, you love the people and the way they treat you. This is Arsenal.

“Arsenal give you everything necessary to make you feel like you are in a family and I really feel that Arsenal is my family.”

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    1. If it was for money He could have left the club for free at the end of the season and get a huge contract from a huge club

    2. If it was for the money, he could have signed for
      Baca who was offering more money than he signed for at Arsenal

      Lauren is right

  1. Did he not say, “I want to become a legend?” Which better club to become a legend apart from where one is loved sooo much, and played long enough? Longevity is not gained by constantly breaking contracts. A rolling stone gathers no moss you know.

  2. I believe Gily is right. Where else can you be respected by all players, become a legend within shortest possible time, achieve 50 EPL goals in shortest period, become a captain, fans favourite with over £350,000 weekly wages at 31.

    1. 👍

      He must have learned from what happened to other would be legends who left the club at a time the ovation was loudest.

  3. It maybe because of the family but it’s definitely about the money. If he didn’t care about the money (who doesn’t?) he should’ve signed without increase in salary or even lower his wages to help the club.

    1. HH
      Back in the day, however good you were, the contact diminished financially when you were over 30 so your point about money is valid but I doubt he would have chosen to take a cut to help out the club

      1. It might be excessive wages but that’s how football is nowadays. As long as clubs are offering such wages any player will be a fool not to accept.

  4. HH, come on now, that would be unfair now wouldn’t it.

    Fancy asking a player not to accept a salary increase and take a pay cut to help out a multi billionaire – that just applies to certain other people and your rational thinking is to clever by half🤔😊

    1. 😂😂😂

      I hope we will hear from club when he is omitted from the 25. Now I understand what it’s really like to want closure.

  5. I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to footballers and their ‘love’ for their clubs. An extra £100+k a week definitely made up his mind to stay he now has the best of both worlds. A lucrative new deal and he gets to stay on for another 3 years at a club where he is adored. This is not a criticism of the player, merely a fact of modern day football. That said he is certainly one of the finest and elegant goalscorers around and has been since his days at Dortmund where I first laid eyes on him.

  6. @Sue, @ken1945, @ozziegunner I have a feeling that Arsenal would surge back towards the top in the coming 3-4 years. And then we will look back at this season and feel it was pivotal to our success. These few months we have secured the services of Auba, Saka and Martinelli. Plus we have added Gabrial and may likely add Partey and/or Aurour. The foundation is being built this season.

  7. I was thinking about it [leaving], to tell you the truth, because I had good opportunities as well.

    “But this feeling to be here – the love from the fans and all the club – I’m not sure that by leaving I will receive the same love, so that’s why I’m staying.
    This is what Auba said. Don’t put more words in his mouth.
    If you are negative about his tweet, possibly you are not part of those fans that persuaded him to stay

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