Former Gunner cannot believe who Arsenal is about to sign

Paul Merson has revealed his disbelief at the news that Chelsea is about to let Willian leave as the Brazilian nears joining Arsenal.

Willian has been a summer target for the Gunners and they had been hopeful that he will not be able to reach an agreement over a new deal with Chelsea so that they can sign him.

That has been the case and the Gunners can now make their move for him and they will get him if they agree to the contract demands that Chelsea refused to agree to.

Merson was delighted at the news that the Gunners are closing in on signing the winger before revealing that he can’t believe that Chelsea will let such a player leave them.

He admitted that the Brazilian was old but said it didn’t matter because he is in fine form now and teams need results right away not in the future.

In his column for the Daily Star, he wrote: ‘Willian would be an unbelievable signing for Arsenal. I think Willian is a special player who ticks all the boxes. I can’t believe Chelsea are letting him go to be honest.

‘I know he’s 31 and wanted a three-year contract but football is all about now, and right now he’s a great player. No manager is thinking about what might happen in three or four years’ time.

‘They need results now, so it’s no surprise to me Frank Lampard doesn’t want him to go. Arteta won’t be Arsenal manager forever. He needs to win now. Willian can help him do that.’  

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  1. For sure there will be many who come down on either Merses side, which I do, (just, because of Willians age) OR who think Willian is too old. Though I take fully into account that he has, unlike Ozil, got bags of personal pride and character, though he’s still an older player. Motivation, character and a natural fitness are also key elements in risking any older player when buying. I cannot imagine these have passed Arteta by though.

    1. Incoming heads up Jon…. “chelsea reject” ” too old” “retirement home” blah blah blah

  2. Nah…. He’s a Chelsea reject… A football manager player on here called top gunner thinks he’s a terrible signing for 100k per week.
    More deluded how people think we should just go into next season with Saka/Martinelli/Nelson/Nketiah anf battle top four.
    The same delusional fans will come on here to insult the kids when the pressure gets too much.
    Lampard wants to keep Willian, Chelsea are breaking their own policy by offering him 2 extra years…but a deluded Emery fanboy will tell you he’s a Chelsea reject.
    Also this is the same William who’s accepting a pay cut to come play under the said “Inexperienced” manager.
    You gotta wonder why a player who has been to the top and had lucrative offers rejected them all to come play for an “Inexperienced” manager don’t you?
    Stick to football manager son, you’ll get you coaching badvesy on there.
    If you want to make use of it, you can go join Emery’s coaching staff at Villarreal

    1. Eddie.. have you seen news about Gabriel being left out of Lille’s squad and his usual number (4) is being worn by somebody else?!

      1. Yeah Sue… His number belongs yo someone else now.
        I think Arsenal may have gotten him.
        I had doubts we’ll pay the 30 million, but I think the negotiations are moving pretty well and forward.
        Hopefully we get this done.

        Personally: I think we’ll be getting Willian, Gabriel, Coutinho, Joelson Fernandez, and maybe Partey towards the ending of the window.
        Adding them to Ceballos and PEA.
        We need to move on some of our players though, their wage is the stumbling block

          1. Sue, You drive I’ll call shotgun, and we’ll drive some of our players to the airport ourselves😂😂

          2. 😂😂😂 love it!! Shotgun – brilliant!! Well I wouldn’t want Sokratis in the front with me haha!!

      1. Yup honestly mate they make me not even want to come on here anymore if it’s just to read the same waffle every article most of it just misinformation to push there own dumb agenda, cant see the bigger picture in the slightest. Honestly they would be a lot happier in the man city camp…

  3. If he can grab 10goals + 10Assists then wont be a bad freebie for 100k a week… personal best season stats wise last season for him also. Martinelli is out until new year so he is needed.

    Auba new deal, Coutinho loan and Gabriel signed will be the next moves along with a few outgoings like Torreira, Guendouzi, Kolasnic and Sokratis hopefully. Mustafi may be January before he goes due to injury.

    Partey will be the icing in the cake if we can raise enough funds to get him.

  4. Does the Willian signing definitely mean the end of Laca? Not sure how much Laca would be worth but based on stats, Laca scores more per game although Willian does pass more and is more successful with the passes. I know this is what we need up front!

  5. Although they don’t play the same numbers, Willian’s skillset is similar to Thiago Alcantara….

    Very skillful players who can advance the ball forward in lightning speed.

    This is utter robbery of Chelsea.

    This Willian…Auba….Pepe is even a better forward line than LMAO, LMAP whatever it is.

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