Former Gunner claims Arsenal more interested in fourth than first…

Paul Merson has claimed that Arsenal are more interested in finishing in fourth place, when reliving the 3-3 comeback against Bournemouth.

The former midfielder played for the Gunners for 12 years between 1985 and 1997 and is sometimes described as an ‘Arsenal Legend’, but he seems to do nothing but talk badly about our club in recent years.

Merson regularly praises Tottenham in fact, and has admitted to being a boyhood Chelsea fan, and these facts make more sense to his quotes bias.

Paul played down our chance of winning this year’s Premier League title following our draw with the Cherries, before adding that Arsenal are more interested in coming fourth in the table, than they are with winning it.

“Looking at their draw at Bournemouth, I’d say so [their chances are gone],” Merson said.

“The last 20 minutes covered over the cracks.

“If they didn’t score that last goal, you’re thinking: ‘That’s it, end of’.

“Bournemouth embarrassed them at times but that point could be vital for Arsenal in the end.

“The way they celebrated the late goal, it seems to me Arsenal are more interested in finishing fourth than winning the league.

“They ran over to the fans after making it 3-3! Draws are no good anymore.”

Yes Olivier Giroud did over-celebrate when grabbing that equalising goal, but the rest of our team, including Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, was quick to get back into our own half for the kick-off, with the former Saints man eager to get the French goalscorer back to the game.

This wasn’t our best performance by a long shot, but the festive period is famous for throwing up shocks, such as a small club like Tottenham managing to gain only their fifth ever league win over the league leaders Chelsea.

But seriously, we can’t seriously believe that we are more interested in the top four than we are in the title, but staying in the Champions League places obviously remains the minimum for us.

Should Merson finally just shut up?

Pat J

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  1. sanmi.marvellous says:

    truth bites hard; tastes bitter.
    Paul Merson is 100% correct. Our chances of winning the league is gone!
    We lost it @ Goodison Park and Etihad. But if we want the game of deceit, we should continue to call ourselves title contenders.
    Mark my word, if Southampton beat Norwich in FA cup, we are out too. Southampton we beat us again. The know how to do it..l

    1. Carbon-12 says:

      Yeah he is 100% correct because he is 100% as stupid as you are, if not hypocritical! Tell us in May if you are a sober Arsenal fan

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Spot on Gooner…

  2. Ks-Gunner says:

    Well we are spurs vol 2 now. lol. What else are are we supposed to expect from this club?

  3. Jim A says:

    I for one am pretty sick of seeing a player struggling for the ball with a keeper in the closing minutes when the scoring team is behind. Why doesn’t the clock stop at that second?

  4. citrenoogeht says:

    Chances are, we will not win the league. However, I could say that for 19 other teams. I generally think that it is the ultimate sign of lazy punditry when those in the supposed know discount a team’s ability to win the league instead of pinning their flag to a mask and stating who they think is going to win the league.

    Despite the improbability of the situation, as a fan I hold out hope in my team’s ability to be successful (every season), until it is mathematically impossible. After all, last season proved that miracles can happen in football. The following month may see a massive swing in the fortunes in those who are considered favourites in the title race due to the fact that each of the favourites will play each other and therefore deny each other points.

    Paul Merson was a great servant of Arsenal on the pitch. He needs to be a good ambassador of Arsenal off the pitch and tone down some of his negative punditry (and Chelsea love-in)…it’s embarrassing!

  5. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Many fans want Paul Merson to be diplomatic in analysing Arsenal set up and on the pitch display because he was once Arsenal.
    Diplomacy is soft way of harbouring truth.
    Until we start beating, home and away, beatable teams like: Stoke, Southampton, Swansea,.

    Stop playing 4-4 with Newcastle having gone 4-0 up.

    have a winning mentality that interprets 3-3 draw with Bournemouth as a loss rather than a comeback.

    Stop calling Capital one cup “Mickey Mouse Cup” because your Lord and Personal Saviour, Monsieur Wenger cannot and WILL never win it. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

  6. Trudeau says:

    To be fair, I was in a pub full of Gooners when that third goal went in and not a one of us was screaming at Giroud to stop celebrating and get back for the kick off. In retrospect of course that’s what they should have done but they are only human and putting aside what happened for most of the game, it was a great comeback. Dare I say, the kind we used to praise ManU for…

    As for Merson, I stopped listening to him ages ago. He does the schmoozy interviews well but don’t expect any insight. Even the quotes above are all over the place.

    1. bran99 says:

      Still, a winner should be celebrated not a draw against a mid table team.. it could have been ok if it happened vice versa , but we are a big club

  7. marty53 says:

    McLintock…George…Adams…Henry are Legends

    I’d hardly call Merson an Arsenal legend !! I think he plays up to cheeky chappie persona and says things just to be controversial and noticed.

  8. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Paul Merson is not us something New this has been the case for the last few years.Arsenal are stuck in Wengers web and can’t break free.

  9. Jansen says:

    Why should Merson put the good of Wenger and the owner ahead of the club?

    Are there not many of us Arsenal fans who fear our goal is 4th and not 1st?

    If 1st was our goal why didn’t we buy a single player other than Cech a season and a half ago?

    If 1st was our goal, would we be worried about the club not be willing to pay Sanchez (and Ozil) what he is worth knowing he is irreplaceable?

    We are out of the PL race and many of us know that. Why can’t an ex player be as frustrated as we the fans are.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if we had bought some goals last summer? Instead, we buy Perez and put him on the bench most of the time.

    Does anyone think we will replace Sanchez with a proper replacement?

    Merson is telling the truth and I am not sure why he shouldn’t.

    Do we really need another season of fake conversations about us winning the PL when we all know we are out of it? Only for the whole story to start again??

    Oh, let’s judge after the season!!!
    Season over: Oh shit we need a world class striker this transfer window.
    Transfer window over: Oh shit no world class striker. Let’s hope Sanchez can become our world class striker.
    Season over: Oh shit we didn’t win the PL
    Transfer window opens: Ah shit Sanchez wants to leave, no time to replace him.

    It is the same predictable story all the time and yet ex-players can’t mention the plain obvious truth that Wenger cares about 4th and pretends to want 1st.

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