Former Gunner claims Arteta and Ozil are ‘better fit’

Arsenal have enjoyed an upturn in fortunes since the appointment of Mikel Arteta as boss in December, with the Spaniard returning Mesut Ozil to the first-team.

The former German international had become a squad rotation member under Unai Emery, but Ozil has been selected to start in every one of Arsenal’s Premier League matches since Arteta took over.

The jury is still out on Ozil’s importance to our side where the fans are concerned, but for the manager and Podolski, there is no doubting the key role that he can play in our side.

Podolski stated: “There is no discussion for me, he is a great player.

“Sometimes there is a problem with a coach or there could be an injury, things that happen in football and you have to deal with this situation sometimes.

“I think it’s a better fit than before (Ozil and Arteta). They have played together and know each other. Ozil is back on the pitch and the games I have seen he is doing much better than with the former coach.

“Sometimes you have a coach and you cannot deal with him. He can have a different view of football. Arteta is back at Arsenal and you see the team is much more organised, more fight and discipline.

“I hope they can build a good team for the next couple of years. They can do it but they have to work together.”

There is no denying that Ozil has been playing better since the appointment of Mikel, and the midfielder no doubt still has much improvement to make to justify his monster salary.

Arteta clearly sees value in fielding the 31 year-old regardless of the fans stance, but will the German ever be able to convince the haters?


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  1. I don’t know any Arsenl fan who “hates” him! I knoiw many myself included who want him gone but using “hate” to describe merely not rating a footballer as effective enough in our- or any other teams shirt too- sets entirely the wrong tone for for younger football fans to follow.
    We badly need to eredicate wrong and harmful use of language, as young immature kids pick up on it and follow the lead that supposed leaders OUGHT to be outlining. I realise you are young and in a spirit of desperately trying to help you understand the importance of CORRECT language, I urge you and anyone else on this site not to confuse real spiteful, evil, deadly “HATE”, with a mere opinion on a fooballers usefulness. PLEASE DO NOT MISUSE “HATE” EVER AGAIN! What is wrong with dislike, don’t rate, etc? Sensational jounalism is cheap and nasty journalism.

  2. Why has my post been deleted please? I was trying to outline the importance of NOT using the word”hate” for a mere opinion on any footballers effectiveness, which I did at length, only to find my post deleted. I WOULD LIKE AN EXPLANATION PLEASE ADMINS!

  3. No goals, no assists, no defending, doesn’t do anything extraordinary…yes Podolski, Ozil clearly is a “great player”

    1. So let’s add to that list shall we
      Xhaka…… ditto every comment te Ozul
      Lacazette … Very poor this season
      Pepe………What a waste of money bearing his wages and fee is more than Ozil’s contract
      Willock…. ditto
      Ceballos ….. ditto
      I could go on
      AND YET. When Mikel Arteta came in he played these players, Some in EVERY EPL game. And how many of those games did we lose? NONE.ZERO.NOUGHT. Funny old game Football. It’s about ELEVEN players on the pitch if you were not aware of that. And seemingly Ozil is thought of by MA as one of those. FUNNY OLD GAME

  4. Well he clearly is a great player as far as Arteta is concerned, along with every player currently on the Arsenal books – now Podolski doesn’t have to SAY ANYTHING, but I guess the same old excuse of “what else would he say” to explain yet ANOTHER professional giving his personal opinion on the man’s worth.

    These damn pros know nothing!!!!!

    1. So Ken- I really must be missing something as far as Ozil is concerned. Up until THAT contract was offered by the Board of Directors, and not surprisingly signed by the player, we never had this discontent towards the player. Was he worth that much? Never in a million years. Only a very few players today would be considered worth paying that much in wages to each week.But the simple fact is, THREE successive managers felt the team was better with Ozil playing than not. Even Emery, who let’s face it ended up being the completely wrong appointment, eventually had no choice other than to play him because 1) there was certainly nobody better than Ozil within the current squad, and 2) The results eventually spike for themselves.
      With Mikel Arteta, Ozil has, in my opinion, been used slightly deeper in midfield. He picks the ball up more centrally than before and seemed to be responding to this position and tactical change producing better and more consistent performances than he did under Emery and towards the end of Wengers reign before his sacking.
      I agree plenty of pundits critisise his influence, but that dosent ever seem to be the case with both present and former team mates, with Podolski being the latest.
      Had any player other than MO10 ever been so divisive among the Fanbase? And who is right? The ones who want him out (along with the players followers in some cases) or those that simply realise that we have a very talented footballer at the Club who, it will be proved I’m sure, was never the right player got both the EPL and Arsenal Football Club at the time he played for them

  5. Phil, to be honest, I’m past caring about the divisive nature regarding the player.

    What this eternal criticism of Ozil shows and from a section of the fan base who take every opportunity to do it, is that it is THEY who are putting a player before the club….something that they accuse those who don’t agree with them are doing…they just can’t see it!!!

    I have asked certain posters on here if they would back Arteta, should he continue to select Ozil and they refuse to answer this straight forward question.

    On the other hand, if Arteta was to tell Ozil his services are no longer wanted, I would support him 100%.

    As for Podolski, he had no ulterior motive for saying what he has, but it cuts no ice.
    The hatred (and I use that word intentionally Jon) for a player who has always conducted himself with dignity and class, knows no bounds.

    I’m just sitting back now and have every faith that whatever Arteta does, is for the good of the club – if others aren’t prepared to see that through their blinkers, that’s their problem…it’s simple really…have an opinion, but support the coach and the club or don’t.

    Ozil is here for at least another full season, like it or not.

    1. As always on this subject Ken, I’m in total agreement. What I would add is that Arsenal would miss him with this current squad, as Emery eventually realised.

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