Former Gunner claims Mikel Arteta could be replaced this year

Paul Merson has claimed that Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira could well replace Mikel Arteta at Arsenal early into the 2022-23 season should they enjoy different starts to the new campaign.

The Frenchman has been a surprise success story since taking over the helm at Selhurst Park, taking what looked to a weak squad and making them extremely difficult to beat, proving to be a thorn in the side of many top 10 sides this term.

While his experience of the division clearly cannot be discredited, his previous experience as a coach gave minimal reason to believe he would be such a hit when taking over from Roy Hodgson last summer, but he done an incredible job, with many having them tipped for the drop after losing a number of key players for nothing last summer, and with one of their stars in Eberechi Eze ruled out for much of the opening months of the campaign also.

Paul Merson is so impressed by his work this term that he can even see him potentially taking over at Arsenal in the near future, claiming that he could well get the chance early into the new campaign depending on the two clubs results.

“Could he be the next Arsenal manager? Merson discussed with SportsKeeda. “It all depends on timing, for me. When Sir Alex Ferguson was about to retire in the early 2000s, a handful of names were reportedly in the running to replace him but none of those links came to fruition.”

“Arsenal have given Mikel Arteta a new contract but if he starts the 2022-23 Premier League season with a series of underwhelming results and Vieira does so with a string of wins, he could well be the next Gunners boss!”

As much as Arsenal did start the current season in dreadful fashion, that can largely be blamed on some painful player absences which were sprung on us last minute, and there is no reason to believe that such a scenario would repeat going into the new campaign.

While nobody can predict the future, it isn’t incomprehensible to believe that Vieira would be on our radar should we consider a change however, although I am not expecting us to be considering a change in management any time soon.

Ha Vieira already shown enough to be considered for a role as head coach at the Emirates?


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  1. Nope don’t want him here, he will be ripped to pieces like Wenger in the end if doesn’t compete for the league, which we won’t….and he deserves more respect than that….

  2. You want reality? Then you may not have noticed but there is no vacancy. Nor will there be one for at least several years to come.

    THAT is reality, PATRICK! Why not try it sometime!!?

    1. Do you honestly think Arteta is immune to sacking Jon? If Arteta continues to struggle next season having spent another kings ransom, he’ll be gone, the infatuation fans have for him will soon disappear make no mistake about that.

    2. It was apparently Paul Merson commenting, not Patrick Vieira! You would probably find that “ Patrick” knows nothing about this piece.

  3. Respect Big Pat, but wishful thinking. It’s his opinion and it doesn’t matter. It’s the Kroenkes’ opinions that matter.

  4. It’s funny how some think Viera has done great at palace 😂😂😂 and Arteta has been abysmal at Arsenal. Anything to disparage Arteta.

    Well, let Viera come. I give him two months before y’all start your hating on him 😂😂😂. It’s the only thing that the fans here seem to be good at😂😂🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱.

  5. Viera was an incredible player for us but has he really done an incredible job with Palace? Really?

    They spend 75m this season in transfers, not a small amount for a mid-table team and, depending on tomorrow’s result, will either finish one point or four points better than last year.

    Doesn’t scream huge upgrade to me.

      1. You surprise me Kev82. Not that I would have taken Vieira but I honestly think that whilst Potter is a sound manager I wouldn’t consider him to be at the level most supporters would want in a post Arteta era

  6. Honestly I like Graham Potter like the writer above.

    The problem is a can’t see a vacancy anytime soon,

  7. Arteta has 1 complex that’s hindering progress in the squad: there is no midway to solving disciplinary issues. He doesn’t understand that his players are human beings that could have their own peculiar problems. To me Torreira and Gouendouzi are clearly upgrades to all the other midfielders except Partey.

    He has fallen out with too many players and his only solution is showing them the door. Those are the signs of a poor administrator, and this creates fear in all the other players which in turn affects their performance.

    My suspicion is that there will be new recruits next campaign, but we will still be struggling

    The project is taking too long because of Arteta’s personality which negatively impacts the squad members

    1. Agree with this post. Also IMO Arteta did not clear out the so called ‘deadwood’ he just got rid of players with attitude he couldn’t handle.

    2. 110% agreed. MA destroyed an otherwise better team than he has now. The guy has too much, very arrogant and misplaced pride. He was supposed to manage the players with somewhat difficult personalities. That’s what a good coach does. You can’t fire the whole team and start all over again. That’s horrible management.

      This guy feels threatened by his own players. It’s pathetic.

      The truth is Arsenal should have never taken a coach who has no experience and proven coaching track record. From assistant to manager. Our board and owners are to blame for the mess we’re in right now.

  8. Vieira schooled Arteta over the home and away games vs Palace. Arteta must know he is there waiting to take over if Arsenal slip down the league again. 8,8 and 5th with the same amount of games lost as last season. Some people arent capable of accepting Artetas limitations and rookie mistakes he keeps making. Edu is not absolvent of blame either. He allowed several players to leave in Jan putting great pressure on the squad in a season when no European football should have worked to our advantage. Instead we have a crocked ESR qnd Saka amongst other players.

  9. Given one more season at Palace, why not? He has already pl experience and a good eye on player recruitment, knows what Arsenal and winning is all about. Look at Artetas buys and do you remember their performance at the Emirates this season. I hate to say it but they outplayed us.

  10. Its the same problem as when Spurs sacked Mourinho, namely firing a a manager is easy, replacing him with a better one is hard. In the end Spurs got very lucky with Conte but I don’t see many outstanding candidates out there. Any replacement for Arteta will be a gamble, no way around it.

    1. I take your point – it would be a gamble. Having gambled on Arteta first of all and then on him again after finishing 8th for a second time, his replacement would have to hit the ground running. No easy task. That assumes MA struggles next season and we won’t know that until several games in.

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