Former Gunner claims players must be allowed to opt-out of return

There is continual talk about how we are going to prepare to return to action, with Project Restart supposedly tasked with figuring out the safest way in which to do so, but what about what the players want?

Club chiefs are said to be in regular contact as they seek to come to an agreement on the above, while it is claimed that the teams closest to the bottom of the table have the biggest reservations.

Whilst that is the thinking of those who will be watching from the safety of their homes most likely, or at least at a social distance, it is the players who will be sent onto the playing field who will be at risk of contracting, or worse, passing on the virus.

Ray Parlour has claimed that players must have the option to say no to any plans to return to action, reiterating the fact that people lives are ‘more important than football’.

“You can’t put pressure on players like that,” said the former Arsenal midfielder.

“If they’re not 100 per cent, you don’t know what their lifestyles are like, they might have a pregnant wife at home, they might have older relatives living with them and they can’t put them in jeopardy.

‘We’re talking about lives here, this isn’t just a football match. You can go and play football, yes, but it can be an absolute nightmare for families.

“30,000 people have lost their lives – that’s more important than football.”

While the clubs chiefs and the pen-pushers are all working to find a solution for a safe return, I’m yet to hear that any players are being asked about their opinion on the matter, and ultimately the country has been let down by the government’s reaction to the virus, and agreeing a return to action for footballers could turn out to be the biggest failure yet.

Will players come together to defend their rights? Is there any way that football can return safely when the number of cases remain so high?


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    1. if players are willing to take a pay cut of give up their wages …..

      then they should not be forced to play

      players are human too…..if they get infected …it would hamper their careers especially mild and above symptoms…….their lungs will never function the same again

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