Former Gunner claims that Man United have the advantage in top-four race

Martin Keown has claimed that Manchester United are more likely to finish fourth, blaming Arsenal’s inconsistency for his decision.

The Gunners currently have the advantage in the race to finish fourth, sitting just one point behind the Red Devils with two games in hand at present.

Our win against Wolves on Thursday could also have been major, giving us a four-point gap over the Wanderers whilst having played once less than them also, while Spurs and West Ham also remain in the hunt also.

While the bookmakers have us as the most likely to clinch the final Champions League spot, former defender Keown claims that United appear more consistent and are more likely to finish in the top four.

‘I do because it’s about consistency,” Keown said live on TalkSport.” I see [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang has scored four goals in two games for Barcelona. Arsenal are still having a problem in front of goal.

‘I don’t think [Alexandre] Lacazette has scored a goal in open play since December 12th. It’s a long time ago.

‘I do feel they’re showing some great character, [Nicolas] Pepe coming off the bench [vs Wolves].

‘Let’s see what happens, but Arsenal are still in the mix. I think that’s all the fans need right now – that hope and belief that they can maybe go on and do it.’

I’m not quite sure I’m seeing any form of consistency from the Red Devils to be honest. If anything, Wolves and West Ham have been the most consistent. Bruno Lage’s side have maintained a strong defence throughout the campaign, and have made themselves hard to beat even by the best of teams, and the Hammers have salvaged points off a number of the top sides, s well as maintaining European football also.

It is European football for both United and West Ham in fact that should give us more of an edge in the race for the top four, and at present, none of these teams are playing as a unit more-so than ours.

Do you think that United are the team to beat in the race for fourth?


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  1. From the position we are in, it would be an absolute disaster not to finish 4th or higher come to that but 4th is attainable.

  2. I definitely think manU is the closest competitor for arsenal top 4 finish, but still with no to other cup to play, and gunner with game in hand advantage, manU will only overtake us when some drastic downturn in form happen with the gunners

    i dont think spurs, westham and wolves will go that far

  3. There is no Maths with so many games left. The squad is thinned down and we only pray there shouldn’t be too many absences.
    For now we look to have the advantage but a downturn for fortunes is possible if we lose just 2 games. I hope that doesn’t happen.

    However, the manner in which we won the game yesterday clearly indicates that we are on the good foot. A team that believes in itself can get wherever it wants.

    It’s a blessing to have Odegaard and Saka in the team. They keep creating but we need finishers.

  4. I think the games against our top 4 Rivals are they key. Away at spurs , away at Westham and home against Man U. If we manage to Win those , specially spurs and United then we will make it to top 4 . Those are real 6 pointers .
    Scoring goals is a problem for us but I have hope on Pepe now to do the job and Laca will surely chip in few goals . He is a striker not in form . But still he is a good striker and will slowly show his worth . We have to keep our defence resolute as we are scoring less

  5. Remember we let go the advantage we had against ManU in first leg? That is why we’re 1 point below. We must beat them in the return.

  6. at this juncture it’s definitely an exercise in splitting hairs, but the only reason I would favour ManU by the slightest of margins is that they have several more players who can create their own scoring opportunities, which sometimes allows you to win games that you didn’t deserve, from a balance of play perspective…now of course, we managed to do that very thing the other night, which is why that could be a crucial 3 points, but that hasn’t been a very common occurrence during MA’s reign…of course, if we’re able to get maximum points against our closest competitors, especially against the Spuds, the Hammers and most importantly United, the advantage would undoubtedly shift in our favour

  7. Keown must be drunk as manu and consistency do not belong in the same sentence unless he is talking about their consistency to underperform. Manu easily have best squad of the top 4 chasing pack so if they were somewhat consistent there would be no top 4 chase.

    1. Agree, we are both as inconsistent and that for Keown shows a lack of faith. Truth is we are in a better place than utd.

  8. Well, the comment could as well mean it is in our hands. He clearly says there is no consistency in united which will be key

  9. United are surely the team to beat for the top 4 position but I feel they are not the only team. WestHam cannot be underestimated specially since they have Bowen and Rice in their team, real game changers. That said, I still feel Arsenal has an edge, considering our team spirit, unity and fighting attitude. I hope we maintain our consistency and go all the way.

  10. Nothing to do with top four. Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich is a Russian oligarch and the pressure for Chelsea to be stripped of his ownership is really cranking up. It’s an absolute disgrace that our government haven’t done this as yet.
    Chelsea the football team would only be 2 points in front of us should we win our games in hand. So there should also be talk of top three for all the chasing pack!
    Love to the Ukrainians.

  11. There is little difference between the form of the two teams. Man Utd have more players who can make a difference in an instant which is what has kept them going and means they will always be dangerous.
    Arsenal simply need to focus on one game at a time. Goals will have to come from various sources.

  12. The games against spurs West ham and United will be very important to getting top 4,

    3 wins would be lovely but don’t think it’s going to happen so a win, draw, a loss could be realistic so if that do happen I would like it like this win v United, draw v spurs, loss v west ham…

  13. As always the most important game is the next one, away to Watford

    We can’t afford to get too far ahead of ourselves, after Watford we have Leicester, Liverpool and Villa in very quick succession, those games could set the three London Derbies and the ManU game as crucial to top 4, but only if we get some points from them

    Fun to speculate but cliches become cliches for a reason, “one game at a time” and “there’s still a long way to go”

  14. As ever, Patrick is long on rhetoric but short on facts. He talks of United not having any consistency but they have 11 points and no losses from their last 5 Prem games. West Ham have just 5 with only one win. Wolves have 9 and lost(to us) twice. We have 10 points from the last five with one loss. That says to me that we and United are the most recently consistent with Wolves close behind. Spuds have lost four fromfive and have 3 points. Goodbye then Spuds and, probably before seasons end, Conte too!

    Bearing in mind the current Prem positions, it clearly shows us and United as the TWO PRIME 4th place candidates and the two most consistent in recent form.

    Exactly the opposite of the wrong so called “facts”, misused as they so often are, by Patrick!

  15. I think it’s too soon to speculate. I’m writing this after Spurs won and ManU only drew.
    It’s likely that, on current form, we are in a very strong position to take 4th but there is still a long way to go.

    Self belief is high and the never say die attitude is a welcome relief from the previous incarnations of rolling over and giving up. That could make a real difference come May.

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