Former Gunner demands more from Arsenal ‘circus’

Bacary Sagna has been talking a lot this week, with a number of interviews seeming to have been had, and his latest comments describe the Arsenal hierarchy as a ‘circus’.

The Frenchman left the Gunners to join Manchester City on a free transfer back in 2014, but still claims to be an Arsenal fan, and is regularly talking about the club.

Sagna called the club a circus previously, and this week was asked to elaborate on his comments, at which he insisted that he was not talking about his former team-mates nor the players themselves.

‘When I called the club a circus, it was not about the players, the performance or their quality,’ he said. ‘It was about the club.

‘How you can be in London, which is probably the most attractive city in the UK, have a great stadium such as the Emirates and not be doing more?

‘Basically, the club is able to bring in any player today because every player loves Arsenal. If you are any player in foreign leagues, their beloved team along with [Manchester] United, is Arsenal. The club could be much more higher.

‘Obviously now with big spenders like City coming into the game they have tried to have an ethic, which I respect a lot, but you have to make some choices.

‘Don’t expect the players to perform like teams who have maybe two squads.’

He moved on to admit that he has no idea who makes the big decisions within the club at present, with us currently under our third manager this term.

He added: ‘As a player you want the club to show some desire. Not necessarily in spending money, but someone needs to run the club properly and you don’t really know who is leading Arsenal. Who is taking the big decisions?

‘Back in the day you knew Arsenal were taking decisions through Arsene Wenger. He was the leader. Since he left, you don’t know who is leading.

‘For a club like Arsenal, I thought there would be more leadership. That’s why I said that about it being a circus. It’s because I love Arsenal. When you love something it’s like having a relationship with someone.

‘Whenever I’m critical, I’m not critical in a bad way. I just can’t understand what’s happening.’

Fans have been critical of owner Stan Kroenke in recent seasons, although Arteta is currently getting him off the hook with a new philosophy giving hope to fans, but should he fail to back the new manager in charge this summer, questions could be asked of him again.


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