Former Gunner dreams of a return to Arsenal

Jack Wilshere has revealed that the dream scenario for him at the moment would be for him to make a return to Arsenal.

The midfielder was released by West Ham this summer after two injury-ravaged seasons at the London Stadium.

He left Arsenal in 2018 and had arguably the best time of his career at the Emirates Stadium.

As a West Ham player, he played only a few times as he struggled for fitness. Despite playing a cup game for them in September, the club decided to terminate his contract this year, and he is now a free agent.

As he keeps fit and searches for a new team, the midfielder has been speaking to the media, and in a recent interview, he claimed that the dream scenario will be for him to make a move back to Arsenal.

He admitted that he was an Arsenal man, before adding that he knows that such a move is almost impossible at the moment.

Wilshere told the ITV Football Football Show: “Listen, you never know. I’m an Arsenal man.

“I’ve not spoken to anyone or anything but that would be the dream.

“I’m not stupid to know that there’s probably no chance of it happening but I’m an Arsenal man, I love the club and want to see the club do well.”

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  1. Such a sad thought to hear! So hopeless a task but so heart wrenchingly sad a plea! This shows how cruel life can be as Wilshere is at heart a good man who matured too late in his career but the lifestyle he chose earlier on did for his chances of being a a lasting legend.

    His “bad luck” with injuries was partly lifestyle induced, partly lack of understanding that a shrimp, such as he, diving into 40/60 tackles is a hopeless and one sided task. One can admire his courage but lament his lack of maturity until, sadly, too late!

    Desperately sad though, as he remains a Gooner through and through.

    1. This is what being on the senior side of life brings. Wisdom that as youngsters we never had

      Shame that even at a mid term point in his career that the options are so limited

  2. I would take him back without hesitation. What does Ceballos, AMN, Willock offer to the team that he can’t? While we are at it I will take Alex Awobi as well.

  3. I would take him back, give him a base 40k pw and pay as you play deal for 2 seasons with an option to re-negotiate after a season.

    Let him train with the club in the meantime and then the club can assess his overall fitness.

    If he’s fit, hes 100X better than anything we have currently and could fill a gap

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