Former Gunner gives his opinion on whether Arsenal will win the FA Cup

Alan Smith Backs Arsenal to go all the way in the FA Cup.

Arsenal should be able to go all the way in the English FA Cup this season according to Alan Smith. The former Arsenal star was previewing the FA Cup games this weekend with Standard Sports.

He admitted that some upsets are on the cards for Premier League sides, however, he believes that Arsenal can lift win the FA Cup with the Gunners visiting Bournemouth in their next game in the competition.

Arsenal hosted Leeds in the last round in what was a very tough game, the visitors were the better side in the first half but Arsenal came out of the break vastly improved and they managed to nick a 1-0 win.

Smith believes that Mikel Arteta has them going in the right direction and they should do very well in the tournament.

He wrote: “Whatever the result, the Gunners, in terms of attitude, are much more reliable under Mikel Arteta. I could see my old team going all the way.”

Arteta will be without Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and David Luiz for their game against the Cherries but they should have enough in the locker to prevail.

I agree with Smithy here, I also reckon Arsenal could go all the way. Of course, a lot depends on the draw, an away game at Man City for an example would make it very difficult.

However, with a favourable draw, I reckon Arsenal have as much chance as any other team of lifting the famous trophy in May.


  1. Forecasting who wins the cup is impossible, simpy because we do not know the FUTURE cup draws, which impact the odds completely. The clear favourites ought to be Liverpool but actually are City(narrowly) which I find strange, as Liverpool are unbeaten and virtually unbeatable while City have lost five times in the Prem. If Liverpool get through to the quarter finals with a weakened team, which they will surely use, their HUGE PREM LEAD WILL ENABLE THEM TO FIELD STRONGER ELEVENS IN THE LATER ROUNDS, so I make them strong favourites. But my first sentence still applies. I think we will get past Bournemouth but will not be backing us for th cup. Our defence is too porous and that is the prime and ongoing drawback, which I will not overlook, being a realist.

    1. City are the holders though. I think everyone forgets this as they’re too busy drooling over Liverpool! Just meant in general, btw Jon.

  2. Once upon a time the FA cup was the much anticipated finale of the season.
    Now it is a minor irritating distraction for big clubs
    already overburdened by PL CL,EL, Euro, Nations cup, and World cup qualifiers and finals.
    Spurs and Southampton going to a replay is bad for both clubs but
    specially for Spurs as they also have CL to play.
    Burnley won’t mind mind losing at home to Norwich. PL survival is far more important.
    Arsenal losing to Bournemouth would be much better for our PL and EL seasons.

    1. stevo , your last line is nonsense. We are not going to make top four, nor top six and fans are putting all hopes on an FA Cup run, as will Arteta, despite your odd comment. We also hope for a run in the EUROPA BUT DO NOT EXPECT TO WIN IT, UNLESS WE ARE FANTASISTS, WHICH I AM NOT.

      1. jon; Top 6 is eminently gettable.
        Do you not realise Arsenal is four points off 5th?
        With 14 games to go we can finish strongly.
        9 wins, 4 draws, one loss 61 points in a low scoring league will see us get 5th place.

        1. Top 4 is asking too much, top 6 should be well within this groups reach. I we dont get top 6, i believe this season is a failure. Unless we can get the EL, no European football would be terrible for our club and the finances.

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