Former Gunner Jack Wilshere regrets Arsenal exit

Jack Wilshere has admitted that things haven’t worked out for him since leaving Arsenal in 2018, with injuries continuing to hamper his career.

The midfielder made his debut for our club at the tender age of 16, and looked like he was going to be the next big thing for club and country for a long time.

He bossed matches against Barcelona, and was expected to be a future Arsenal club captain, but Jack just had no luck with injuries.

He left our club on a free transfer in 2018, signing a three-year deal with West Ham, but has had to accept that the move hasn’t worked out as he had planned.

“It hasn’t worked out for me, I’ll be honest,” Wilshere said.

“It hasn’t gone the way I wanted it to, I’ve missed too much football, I haven’t played enough games.

“I want to get it back on track, get my career back on track, get playing games week in week out and start to feel like a footballer again.”

“The last couple of years have been frustrating,” he added.

“I obviously started [my career] really well at Arsenal, I was enjoying it, I was loving it, almost taking it for granted.

“Then I picked up an injury and I sort of started to understand my body, started to understand that this happens in football.

“I enjoyed my time at Arsenal and obviously I went to Bournemouth, had a good year but picked up another injury.

“Came back, was told that I could leave but I managed to stay and fight my way back into the team and had a good year.

“Then I made the decision to leave Arsenal and join West Ham.”

Wilshere will always be admired and respected by Arsenal fans, and we all wish that he can get some luck in the near future and get to a point where he can see out a full season, but unfortunately that time is yet to come.

At 28, his career is far from over, and you would hope that he could possibly enjoy the next 12 months and get himself into contention for the England squad for the European Championships, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

Could Jack ever get a hold on his constant woes? Has he just had too many problems that there is no getting away from?


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  1. Such a talented guy! What a waste though, spending most of his career injured. Those bloody glass ankles!!


    1. Most players who have left Arsenal end up regretting… Flamini ,song,fabregas, Alexis,nasri, to name but a few …. Warning to the likes of auba,saka and gabo stay put or else ………..??????

      1. Their bank balances and trophies cabinets tell a different story, sorry to say.

        Money isn’t everything just playing devils advocate.

  2. A real shame for Jack
    Perhaps he played too much football too young and became susceptible to the injuries that have blighted his career
    West Ham took a punt on his fitness and it didn’t work out either

  3. His life style did not help him. He is not that intelligent in my opiion and should have known far earlier than he did, though the penny HAS at last dropped, that if you live a non athlete lifstyle and have the additional handicap of being a shrimp, even a battling shrimp, that he SHOULD have been far more mature, not smoked , not hung around with the wrong crowd. HAD he choseen a more sensible lifestyle he mat have been more able to wirhstand those injuries. MANY WERE BROUGHT ABOUT BY HIS OWN BATTLING QUALITIES but a refusal to see his own physical limitations in tackles against stronger tougher opponents. He has also been unlucky but in life you need to maximise your luck by living right.

    It is commonin football to ignore the fact that a shrimp against a giant is an physical unfair contest and the are times in evry game when an INTELLIGENT shrimp avoids direct battes with a giant. HE CHOSE NOT TO DO THIS.

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