Former Gunner Merson slams Wenger stance on Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Arsene Wenger claimed he was not interested in signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic currently, and Paul Merson has been angered by such a response.

Wenger was asked if he had an interest in signing the Swedish superstar this summer, when he will be allowed to leave Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer, and he implied he was shocked with the link.

Club legend Merson is furious with his reaction, with the pundit claiming Zlatan would be a huge signing for the club, filling a void the team currently holds.

“He’s got to play the game with the fans sometimes,” Merson told Sky Sports. “He gets asked about Zlatan Ibrahimovic. All you have to do is turn around and say ‘I’d love to get him, if he wants to come to London I want him’ – and the fans would be happy. If you don’t get him, then you don’t get him – but don’t say ‘oh, I’m not sure’.”

“Ibrahimovic is a winner. He’s won 13 trophies in so many leagues,” Merson added. “Of course, Wenger isn’t going to sign him because he’s going to question him.

“He doesn’t want someone sitting in the dressing room questioning him. He doesn’t want people to come in after the game and start tearing it up. He just wants people to come in and recover.

“Last year (Karim) Benzema didn’t come in and he said (Olivier) Giroud’s going to get more goals then Benzema. Seriously?”

You have to agree with Mers, we need another striker, despite Danny Welbeck’s return from injury.

We can afford to offer the Swede a nice pay package to join us, having the chance to sign him without a transfer fee, and what reason could you overlook that option.

Zlatan has scored 35 goals in all competitions for PSG this term, including four in the Champions League, and has been the most consistent goalscorer in the world in recent years, excluding the records of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi alone.

He has a huge 102 league goals in his four year spell with PSG which is stupidly impressive, yet Arsene has no interest in signing him? Are you mad or stupid?

Yes you are used to having it your own way in the dressing room, but you need a certain type of character who can help you push for titles, and Zlatan is exactly as Merson said, ‘a winner’.

As our former midfielder also added, the French boss should at least give us fans hope of signing such a big player, instead of sweeping it under the rug, as we have all been frustrated with his recent transfer windows, and need some hope that we will be challenging for the title (as we should be now).

Would any of you seriously not try to sign Zlatan, in hope of keeping an ‘easy to control’ dressing room? Or Spice it up by bringing in some real talent, and hope he can give others the winning mentality to create something special?

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  1. It is known that Zlatan doesn’t like Arsenal/Wenger after Wenger only offered him a trial, in fact Zlatan publicly said that. So it’s not really a shocker that Wenger said we aren’t interested – because Zlatan himself is not interested either.

    1. in wenger’s delusional universe:
      1. in summer 2015, we don’t need to buy striker bec giroud/walcott/welbeck will be enough to win PL.
      2. there wont be many injuries in 2015-2016,
      3. flam/arteta are good enough to fill in for coq (who wont get injured anyway)
      4. ibrahimovic needs arsenal more than we need him (since arsenal is so awesome, all the top world class players want to come to arsenal)
      5. being 11 points behind the leader with 8 games to play does not mean we cannot win the PL (despite most of our last 10 games being crap)
      6. we’re hugely surprised there were so many injuries in 2015-16: its unprecedented
      7. AFC does not exist because of or for the fans: fans are just plebians who should be glad to give their grubby money to untouchable luminaries such as kroenke, wenger, hills-wood and other fantastic human beings
      8. fans should be satisfied with players who give it a good go, there is no need to get too upset about defeats (they are not disastrous)
      9. arsenal is so great, we dont need to adjust our style of play for any opponent, including barcelona.
      10. i’m better than anyone at finding cheap (or preferably free) talent (sanogo, flamini, chamakh, djouro, santos, gervinho) and i know better than they do what’s their best position.
      … on and on…

  2. “Look, at the moment, no,” Wenger said when asked if there was interest in Ibrahimovic. “We are not on that case. We have other worries at the moment. It’s short-term. We are not on Zlatan’s case. Even at 34, he’s had a great season at PSG.”

    “At the moment you can understand my priority ahead of Everton is not the transfer market on signings next season. I’m just surprised by the name you’ve thrown at me. We’re not thinking of signing anybody at the moment.”

    Wenger as quoted in the Guardian. If the writer of the article had bothered to check what Wenger said he would not have embarrassed himself by writing this article.

    1. The Analyzer….glad to hear from you again, been a while loll….so then, we are now 11 points behind the league,remember my post from when we were leading the table when I said soon as the pressure starts mounting we will begin dropping points? You were nit having none of it them, jumped right down my throat talking about me been negative and I should stew in my negativity….so what’s your opionion on our moat recent implosion, because you were confident this squad has the mental strength and character to win it, what happened to that school of though then? Lolllll

      1. And why do you omit the fact that we have a game in hand, which puts the gap at 8 points if we win? There are 7/8 games to go before the season ends and over this period so much can happen so do not pop the champagne too early. Leicester plays Everton, Man United, Chelsea, Souton, West Ham, Sundarland, and another team I cannot remember. If they get their 1-0 wins then they become deserved champions. But as we have seen throughout the season things can horribly go wrong for them in those matches.

        Arsenal plays West Ham, Man City, Crystal Palace, Sundarland, Norwich, West Brom, Watford, and Aston Villa till end of season. The first two away games are pretty difficult but winnable so all the team needs to do is to show recent commitment, belief, and balance, of course hoping Leicester slip. The Tots Play Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Stoke City, West Brom, Souton, and New Castle, five of which are potentially difficult for them.

  3. This manager is past it and it stops there….that was just a taste of what we will be expecting come the summer tranfer window.leicester are tightening their hold while Tottenham are matching on and the best we can secure whether we like or not is ‘our top four trophy’,get into the champions league and exit it at round 16 for the 7th successive year.This club is a big Joke!

  4. Paul Merson must have gone nut for talking against the Boss in the manner he did.

    Incoming recruitment transfer of players is the least of the priorities on the Boss’ table at Arsenal at this time. The Boss wants to see Arsenal improve on their standings in the table by going on an 8 BPL winning run to push-off Leicester City who have been sitting tight on top of the table for too long now.

    Even extension of deals for some Gunners at Arsenal is put on hold until the season is over. Arsenal will have a whole 3 months to do whatever transfer deals they want to do in the summer window. And not to start a speculative panic transfer of Ibramovich at this closing stage of the season.

    I hope Paul Merson will calm down on his Arsenal transfer agitations untill the summer window is open. And keep supporting Arsenal to win their remaining 8 BPL games.

  5. OT: Leicester not winning title. Too much money involved. Huge betting payout at stake. Bookies will not let this happen

  6. Yeah! We all know that Zlatan is a winner. But is Wenger a winner?! I definitely would say NO. He had chance after chance to sign such incredible players in the past few years but he just bottled every opportunity glazing his idiocy with utmost lies and blames. If Arsenal is to move forward and sign world beaters then we need to get this dictator out of this club.

  7. Generally, Arsene said that it’s not his concern to talk about next summer transfers at this time. He wants to focus on all fixtures remain. The press misquote the points, Merson misunderstood the news, and you combine those missed together. Ibrahimovic for free? Who don’t want to sign him? If you willing to pay him 250-300 K per week then you’ll get him (See, now who’s shocking?)

  8. @ the Analyzer WENGER is absolutely right when he states “We are not on that case. We have other worries at the moment” CERTAINLY the OLD FOOL needs to worry of not loosing OZIL and SANCHEZ both by now know they will win nothing while this man is in charge…..and why I am not surprised Merson shouldn’t be either, the deluded one is firm with his stick it to the Fan Policy, I am cashing anyways

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