Former Gunner missing one BIG thing in his take on Arsenal

He is not exactly the most popular person with the Arsenal fans, although there are still one or two former players who would come above Emmanuel Adebayor in the list of folk we do not like. And we have no real reason to take much notice of what he says about Arsenal as he showed in that crazy over the top goal celebration when he ran the length of the pitch to taunt us that he has no love for the club or the Arsenal fans.

But his comments reported in The Mirror this week do echo a theory that has been put forward by other people than our former striker and so I thought it was worth trying to answer his words about the Gunners squad lacking the depth of our EPL rivals and being too reliant on Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

The former Gunner and Spud said, “Arsenal have a good team but if Sanchez gets injured I don’t know who they’ve got.

“If you look at Chelsea, when Hazard gets injured they’ve got Willian; if Willian gets injured they can still play Moses further forward.

“Arsenal’s problem is that today they are just Ozil and Sanchez. If one of them gets injured, it is a problem.”

Okay so I have to admit that he has a point, but saying that Arsenal would miss our two best players is pretty much stating the bleeding obvious and I do not agree that Chelsea would not miss Hazard as much. Arsenal have already had to cope with lots of injuries this season while Chelsea and our other rivals have had it easy.

What if Tottenham lost Kane and Alli, or Man City lost Aguero and De Bruyne, or United lost Ibrahimovic and Pogba. In fact I think that Arsenal have more options in the squad and are more of a balanced team, but I will leave you with the one BIG flaw in adebayor’s argument, namely Olivier Giroud.

The 32-year old Togolese forward clearly had a very high opinion of his own abilities but the stats show that Giroud’s record for Arsenal is much better. The Frenchman has 91 goals from 206 games while Adebayor got 62 in 142 and the fact that he is ignoring Giroud despite the big striker being on fire just proves that he does not know what he is talking about when it comes to Arsenal, wouldn’t you agree Gooners?

Sam P.


  1. Incarnate says:

    Adebayor? Is that the name of a person, animal, place or thing? “If Real lost Ronaldo, I don’t know who they’ve got”

  2. otunba_007 says:

    Ade what? hehehe he should be thanking Arsene and Arsenal for his career.. That’s what we say about Arsene as regards putting too much trust in all this fringe players, because at the end of the day they end up betraying him after molding them to a top player,if anyone is going to criticize OG it’s shouldn’t be Adebayor, I mean the guy didn’t even score 80 goals for us in over 4-5 seasons if i am not mistaken. His career has ended and he just needs attention,i mean crystal place even told him he’s surplus to requirement, that shows what a bad ass striker he is lol

  3. Taiwo says:

    At first i thought the writer intended to write about Emmanuel Petit as he is a pundit for SuperSport but when i discovered it Adebayo his real name (Source from Nigeria and not Adebayor) it becomes even clear the more reason i should care less about whatsoever he’s got to say about Arsenal but trying to compare his stats is the height of ridicule i can imagine not forgetting his goal ratio to chances on goal at the service of Cesc etal. If Adebayor has gotten no Togo…

  4. Taiwo says:

    Remember the Arsenal vs Derby County game? Adebayor is a prolific waste of a striker.

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