Former Gunner named as best Premier League full-back ever

Former Arsenal and Chelsea defender Ashley Cole has been named as the best fullback ever to grace the Premier League.

Match of the Day’s Gary Linekar has been meeting with Micah Richards and Alan Shearer to do a segment on the all-time best Premier League players with different descriptions, as shown on the BBC.

The first episode was about the best players to return to their clubs after a spell away, before the former PL stars were asked to list the best ballers to grace the division.

This time around however they were tasked with naming the best fullbacks to grace out wonderful league, and Ashley Cole was named by both of the pundits as the all-time best.

I wish I could disagree to a point, after the way in which he left the club back in 2006, although considering the direction of the club at the time, maybe he knew that our club’s ethos was no longer concentrated on winning titles due to the building of our new stadium.

Cole was already the best by the time that he left, and continued to be at the top of his game for a number of years in West London. Interestingly a number of players were ranked very differently by Micah and Alan, but one position they both agreed on was for Cole to hold onto top spot.

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  1. Unlike the Prem league Arsenals best ever players did not ALL come since 1992!


    My late father thought Eddie Hapgood in the 1930’s better even than Sansom and who am I to disagree, as I was not even born for ages after he retired.
    These best ever lists are of interest but cannot possibly be any more than mere opinion, mostly by fans who are far too young to have even seen Sansom and many too young to have even seen Cole.

    We go back to 1886, so if you want an informed opinion you need to be around 150 years of age to have seen them all and be old enough to remember them.

    Which renders “best EVER ” as meaningless of course!

    1. Reggie,I am fully aware of the restriction to the Premier League era, but to me it does no harm to spread the net to include two left backs who I consider to be superior to Cole.The best left back I have ever seen was Maldini of AC Milan.Who is the best you have seen?

      1. Ok Grandad but the article was about Premier league. Stuart Pearce was as good as anyone ive seen but Ashley Cole was exceptional.

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