Former Gunner names the team Arsenal should learn from

Nigel Winterburn says Mikel Arteta has to instil a lot of confidence in his players for them to reach the next level just like Liverpool has done under Jurgen Klopp.

The Gunners have underachieved for several years now, but they have made Arteta their manager so that they can become competitive again.

The Spaniard is meeting a similar situation to the one Klopp met at Liverpool.

The German eventually turned the Reds into European and English champions.

Winterburn doesn’t think Liverpool bought very talented players, instead, he thinks that Klopp instilled confidence in the options that he had.

He says getting to the next level that Arsenal wants to require a lot of confidence and that’s what their team needs.

He also calls for more consistency from the Gunners if they are serious about taking the step to the next level.

“A lot of making that next step is confidence,” ,” Winterburn said as quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

“It doesn’t matter what type of player you bring into your football club. We are seeing that with Liverpool this season.

“Yes, they’ve had some injuries, but they’ve got a very, very strong squad, but they are struggling with lack of form and I think people don’t realise how that can affect your performances.”

“They’re going to have to play with a lot more consistency than they have done to get back in to the top four. 

“They started the season okay, then they had a dreadful run. I think if you’re challenging the top four, you can be off the boil for a couple of games, but then you’ve got to be right back up there winning them.”

Although Arsenal remains plagued by inconsistency, Arteta has shown that he knows what he wants to achieve and can be trusted.

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  1. Full stop with the Klopp and Arteta comparisons, it’s insulting to Klopp. League title & Champions league and never sat in 13th.

    Didn’t buy talented players Winterburn claims? Well if you don’t consider Alison, Van Dijk, Sane, Salah, and Robertson talented then Nigel is right.

    Foolish comment to say the least. VVD was a stud at Southampton when pool paid a fortune for him. They were all highly talented; Klopp sharpened them and were a great fit for his system.

    At least the biased blinders aren’t only on fans regarding Arsenal. Winterburn clearly drank the Kool-aid with his nonsense.

    1. I remember when it was being reported that Wenger had scoffed at the 15m price tag Celtic had placed on the then 24 year defender…he eventually went to Southampton for 13m, whereas we bought Gabriel Paulista that winter for roughly around the same amount(11.3), then the following year we paid 35+ for Mustafi…that is indicative of why we are where we are right now…funny things is Paulista has actually performed markedly better than Mustafi since we chased him out of town…just another Wenger “what if ” story to add to the pile

      1. Well, Wenger was correct then, if Southampton paid less than the asking price wouldn’t you say?
        Of course, hindsight is a wonderful gift and just like you and I, Wenger didn’t possess this, as the signing of Mustafi proves.

        What is really puzzling though and you need to ask yourself this, as you continue to link AW with everything negative… why did he end up at Southampton – hardly the top team at the time were they?

        Perhaps, like The Arsenal, the big clubs were not convinced enough at the time?

        Of course, we have many fans who do possess hindsight, but only after the event!!!

        I stand to be corrected here, but didn’t we go back in forVVD and he elected for pool over us?

        1. Besides Kos, can you tell me one defender Wenger recruited since 2006 that turned into viable regular starter that would have started for any top 4 club

          or could you tell me any defender that he developed from the academy that either turned into a regular starter or was sold off for a substantial profit

          or could you name any defender, minus Vermaelen, who we bought for 10m and sold for 15m, that he made a profit from in his last 10-12 years…this ain’t hindsight, this is just the horrifying facts

          btw the way here’s a quote from your overlord from January 15, 2015, two days before he rejected advancements from Celtic regarding VVD as he wasn’t willing to meet them halfway between their 15m valuation and his 10m lowball bid…“We are out on the market and we work very hard every day. All our scouts, all our people are working very hard to find a defender.” this was likewise 11 days before he spent more money than he felt VVD was worth to get Paulista in the 11th hour

          when VVD went on to shine for Liverpool and we still hadn’t figured our sh** out, members of the press, who were clearly sick of Wenger’s continued misplaced arrogance, questioned his failure once again to sign the right defender, the following story miraculously emerged out of thin air…“Wenger had the chance once to sign Van Dijk and the chief scout at Arsenal said that he was too nonchalant. So, they didn’t do it”

          1. VVD played for Southampton before moving to Liverpool don’t forget. When Wenger did not sign him for 15M he ended up at Southampton not any of the big 4 or 6 so that tells you he was not that good at the time

        2. Well Ken, if you are asking why VVD did NOT end up at Arsenal, perhaps you could explain exactly HOW Mustafi was allowed to arrive at the Club. And for £35mibelieve,.

    2. He was not comparing Klop and MA, he said MA can learn from the work Klop is doing at pool, even the title of the article says clearly “learn” and NOT “compare”. Allison was a secod choice keeper for roma when Szechny was first choice on loan the and he just had a good season before pool bought him although he was highly rated. Roberson was bought 4for 8 mill from relegated Hall city and was playing behind moreno in his first season. We know the story of mane and sallah before the became the palyers they are today at pool

  2. Well said Duran and let’s not forget how long it took Klopp to win a trophy.
    Completely different owners, club, players, ex players and (unfortunately) fans.

  3. Arteta has to sought 3 key areas 1.goalkeeper issue, Leno???? 2.with Louis arsenal is going nowhere,Gabriel is the only center defender we have
    sign a new center defender
    3. Get Thomas an attacking midfield, Xhaxa can’t compete for top 4
    If funds available then think of other areas like right back, and others

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