Former Gunner on top transfer that can make Arsenal champions again

Even better than the idea put forward by the former Arsenal defender Johann Djourou that this one player has all the ability to take Arsenal onto the next level and become serious contenders for major trophy glory in the coming years, is the fact that the player Djourou is talking about is already a Gunner.

Because it is our first, and hopefully not our last, transfer acquisition of the summer, Granit Xhaka, that our former star is talking about in a Sky Sports report this week, and Djourou should know what he is talking about as the pair have worked closely together in their respective roles for the Switzerland national side.

The former and future Arsenal players will be trying to help the land of the cuckoo clock enjoy a successful summer tournament, where Xhaka will come up against a few of his new team mates as the Swiss have been drawn in the same Euro 2016 group as France.

From listening to the high praise of Djourou for his young team mate, though, the French with Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny could have a really tough task on their hands, as Xhaka is said to be so good that he is in the same league as the great Italian central midfield star Andrea Pirlo.

Djourou said, “”He’s got this ability to play very long balls, very precise balls, and I always say he reminds me a bit of Pirlo, the way he plays.

“He’s got the ability to play the Arsenal way. He’s got this aggressiveness about him that will help him in the Premier League, and he’s a great ball player and ball winner as well.

“He asked me a lot of things about London, the club, and I could only say great things about it because I had a great experience there.

“I think that the people at the club are just amazing, and those who run the club as well. I think he’s going to have a great time.”

I hope so, and if our former player is right about Arsenal having a new Pirlo on the books then I reckon us Gooners are going to have a great time as well.


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  1. Perfect. A DMF with a sense of deep lying playmaker. This kinda player is rare to find. Santi Cazorla will have next season in peace way, because when he has to rest, Xhaka will take on his duty. In fact, with his duality function, Xhaka will bring more competition for starting places, for both Coq and Santi. I hope we’ll get advantage of it. COYG!!!!

  2. The more I think about the Vardy signing I like it. We know Arsenal has quality, the silky moves and the tricks and flicks. What we don’t have too much of is a kinda gritty desire. We brought in Xhaka to help us with this, a hungry player who likes the fight. Vardy too could be this for us, and the fact he didn’t buckle under pressure also speaks volumes. And I don’t know why, but I feel if we get this player we may be thinking on adding another one with him. One of the project types who can also play out wide. Of course I don’t know if that will happen, but what I do know, is that we need some brawlers.

    1. Personally I would not complain at all if we bring Vardy on board.. The boy can finish.. and that is all we have been crying out for.

  3. Vardy is ok with me but if it is the end of rebuilding the attack it won’t be enough to deliver top honours … It’s basically a relatively cheap way of keeping fans on board … If wenger brings in a world class option such as griezman or gotze or phaps the Belgian at athletico then I think we would have a serious forward option but Sanchez vardy Walcott/Campbell/ox won’t be enough

  4. I think the vardy rumour is genuine but Vardy will listen to our offer, leicester will offer him improved terms and he will stay at leicester.

    1. I forgot to add that wenger can then say he tried so everyone is happy except leicester who will have an increased wage bill and us fans who will still want a new striker.

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