Former Gunner opens up on what inspired him to never lose a NLD

Former Arsenal star Lauren has opened up on always being at his best during the North London derby when he played for the Gunners.

Lauren faced Tottenham approximately ten times during his Arsenal career and notably never experienced defeat in this fiercely contested fixture. His tenure under Arsene Wenger coincided with Arsenal’s dominance in the North London derby.

Lauren is widely recognised as one of the most iconic players from the Wenger era at Arsenal, and his dedication and top form were especially evident when facing Spurs.

The North London rivalry has deep roots spanning decades, and it remains one of the most highly anticipated fixtures in English football. Both teams have had promising starts to the season, adding to the intensity of the upcoming clash.

The current Arsenal players understand the significance of not losing this match, and Lauren’s insights into his own motivation shed light on the passion and determination that fuel these derby encounters.

He said to Talk Sport:

‘The person that really pushed me to play well against Tottenham and beat Tottenham, was my English teacher.

‘She was a big, big Tottenham fan, so by the time we were having English lessons, she was always, “now we’re going to beat you”, I said, “OK, we’ll see”, so we had that kind of argument between us.

‘So she was the one that pushed me forward in order to play well in those games.’

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Beating Tottenham is one of the most important results for Arsenal every season and the players know they cannot afford to drop points in this fixture.

We have to focus on our game plan but must be determined to do whatever it takes to win.

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  1. I would prefer losing to spurs and win the league rather than beating them twice and lose the title in final few games. We should have only one rivalry and that should be title itself. Our greatest competitor should be ourselves and take challenge to get better than ourselves every day.

  2. The matches between top clubs in a league maybe the most anticipated ones during a a season, the derby marches are the ones that matters the most to fans of any team.

    Traditionally forms goes out the window in these local encounters, these games always provoke the emotional, religious, cultural and historical backgrounds of any two teams

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