Former Gunner reckons absence of key Arsenal stars means something is being hidden

Kevin Campbell insists that something more is going on behind the scenes after Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang missed Arsenal’s opening match of the season against Brentford, because they were ill, according to the club.

They made the announcement just hours before kickoff and haven’t given any further explanation on the matter.

It was a terrible way to start the new season for the Gunners who were toothless upfront with Folarin Balogun and Gabriel Martinelli partnering Nicolas Pepe in a front-three as they were beaten 2-0.

Aubameyang was ill at some point last season and Arsenal explained that he had malaria, but this time, there has been no such explanation from the club.

Some fans are wondering what sickness it is this time and Campbell says the fact that they are not saying more about the illnesses is a sign that there is more to it than meets the eye.

“You start with the striker fiasco,” Campbell told Football Insider.

“On the day you find out they are ill and you know there’s more to it because all of a sudden the club are keeping quiet about it.

“Here’s the great thing about football, it has a way of repeating itself.

“Aubameyang was ill last season and the club came out and said it was Malaria straight away.

“All of a sudden, first game of the season your captain and his strike partner are out of the team and there’s nothing.

“That’s where it starts and it’s a really bad sign, something is going on in the background.

“Whatever it is, it’s not good.”

Fans will hope both players return for their league game against Chelsea this weekend.

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  1. I read a rumour that it was COVID and the club just didn’t want that to be the opening day headline. But that would have been better than the headlines we’re seeing.

    1. likely just part of the cover-up…if you read carefully they simply spoke of a supposed covid scare that could have jeopardized the game, but didn’t of course, yet never mentioned those specific players, as they had hoped fans would connect the non-connecting dots

      1. The cover up is the ‘MOST LIKELY’…….????

        what is most likely is covid or another illness as said. Your theory which you accertain as windy fact certainly isn’t.

        1. try reading between the lines, albeit based on your posting predilections, that’s way above your pay grade

    2. According to the Athletic the covid “situation”involved people in the Brentford camp nothing to do with Arsenal.

  2. Duh!!! said it from the first time I saw Arteta’s smarmy expression when he spoke of their mysterious “illnesses” in the pregame interview…it’s like the Sanchez gig all over again…I just wish he had learned his lessons from the 1st generation Wenger, not the 2nd

  3. on a side note, we just spent a considerable sum on a player who’s a mid-level luxury purchase for a team flush with cash, who aren’t looking to fill a position within their Best 11, but trying to identify potential bench/depth options…Ode is a poor mans’ Shaqiri, with considerably less grit and goals in his boots…he wasn’t just a Real afterthought, he was an afterthought to their afterthoughts

    don’t even get me started on the Xhaka, Saliba, Willock, Leno, Willian and now Auba debacles…I dare anyone to find me a team in the first 3 divisions of English Football that are more positionally unsettled or tactically inept, considering their respective personnel, than our club…we’re the footballing equivalent of Waldo if everyone else was wearing black and white

      1. maybe someday you’ll graduate from the kid’s table, put on your big boy pants and actually provide something more substantive than simply calling upon other adults to do the dirty work you clearly aren’t capable of handling on your own

      1. why? his CV is vastly superior, partially for obvious age related reasons, and was a highly-touted player for several years, which is why he ended up at Pool, filling the exact role I was speaking of

  4. So now we know that Kevin Campbell is baffled; so are we all. There’s a theory that they are both about to be sold, but Arteta says they are both staying, even though we know he would like to sell Lacazette. We are told that a striker will be sold to raise funds, but apparently not one of that pair, so who could that be? Given that Eddie Nketiah is out for a month, it probably won’t be him, so will Arteta look to offload Martinelli, or even Balogun? All our other strikers would only raise peanuts if sold together. This is very worrying.

    1. What is worrying is your need to believe anything you read. To the point you believe they are going and staying. Theory sold, arteta said staying but ‘YOU KNOW’ he wants to sell Laca…… Even though you believe he said he wants them. What is this nonsense? Where are your sources? Quotes? Facts?

      Just wait and see what happens like an adult.

      1. I believe very little of what I read until it becomes fact, but what I do believe in is simple common courtesy and good manners. From your final comment I can only assume you are much younger than me. Everyone here is expressing their own opinions, and what they don’t need are little oiks being rude when in reality, nothing written here matters at all.

  5. Conspiracy theories and just bog standard theories abound.
    What is the point of stressing until it goes t*ts up immediately after the transfer window shuts?

    1. Right! Ultimately they were probably in contact with a positive case but shouldn’t have been so careless socialing… Hence the two best friends being the sick ones.

      Which is more likely the reason for artetas frustration. He doesn’t know if they’ll play, depending if they test positive during the next week or not.

      Maybe not true but the most likely scenario instead of made up news about falling outs, pretend illnesses and whatever else the papers decide to phrase something the following day

  6. If this is not a CRISIS, then I don’t know what is! Two strikers, on a combined income of more than 500pw, unavailable to play in our season opener! And even worse, the fake, flimsy explanation given by the manage who was clearly not convinced and comfortable playing the “sick” game. So let me try: get well soon Auba and Laca; my sympathies to the families.
    Hope to see you soon, in the Barcelona shirt.

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