Former Gunner reckons Arsenal will land long term target and he is excited

Ian Wright is delighted by the progress that Arsenal is making under the leadership of Mikel Arteta and he thinks that Arsenal is still working towards signing Houssem Aouar.

The Gunners have just broken both their away day at a top-six side and Old Trafford curse after they beat Manchester United 1-0 at the weekend.

It was a tight game, but the Gunners were the dominant side and they earned an important win against a United side that had beaten PSG and RB Leipzig in the Champions League before that match.

Wright was pleased with the Arsenal performance and he claimed that Arteta has been doing a good job of improving the players at his disposal.

He then adds that if Arsenal finally lands Aouar to partner Thomas Partey in midfield, then Arsenal will know they have a player who is able to create chances for their attackers.

He told Premier League Productions via Sun Sports: “It is [important] because it’s something that’s continually labelled towards Arsenal, that they can’t beat the big-six teams.

“I think that was something that was a little while back now, not since [Arteta’s] been there.

“I think the mentality has changed, the culture in what he’s doing has changed, the intensity and the way he wants to play.

“It’s all changed, it’s a new Arsenal in what they’re trying to do going forward.

“If he can continue to improve, like players improve with his coaching, and then he’s then able to add to that with Aouar, who they’re trying to get in the midfield alongside Partey, then you’ve got someone who can create for the forwards.

“So it’s all looking good and winning games like this will only stand you in good stead and give confidence to the team.”

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  1. legends and managers endorse Mikel’s vision and acknowledge his hard work, except for the miniscule Ozilites masquerading as AFC fans.Good their idol and them will be gone in a few months for good. Get rid of Laca Xhaka and hire Aaour to compliment Auba (and Martenelli in future)

    1. LC Miniscule? I am reliably informed that they are BOTH quite fat and one is tall. So don’t tell lies!

      1. And of course Jon, you know this how exactly? You never go to games and haven’t for quite a while now. So your facts are proven how? By this site? What you read in the press? By your imagination?
        For a realist ( as you continually inform everyone ) who only deals in fact ( again as you are forever spouting ) I would be very keen as to how you actually know the fact that Ozil has such a low support in the fanbase. Because as I have continually informed you, as someone who misses very very few games, I have never ever witnessed supporters in their masses not support the player as you suggest. And trust me PAL, that is not only REALITY it’s a FACT.
        And if you ever do get round to actually going to a game in the future yiu will ding the very vast majority of supporters are there to do exactly that- SUPPORT THE TEAM. Try it someday PAL.

    2. @Loose Cannon
      Might I suggest you change your title to Loose Marbles.
      I’m a self confessed Ozil fan. I would also say I’ve been an Arsenal fan since my first game in 1962.
      I’ve seen the team play EVERY SINGLE GAME in a total of SEVEN SEASONS. That’s league, cup and Europe. HOME AND AWAY. I would say that makes me a supporter. And you feel I will just up and leave when Ozil finally leaves the Club? Or you feel, as you state, that you will be glad I go when Ozil leaves? Pretty pathetic PAL. When you have supported the Club like I have, through more lean years than you will ever remember, then you may just realise how utterly childish you have come across.

      1. Sounding a bit sensitive there Phil?

        Ozil is done mate, so maybe its time to let it rest and go back to being an out and out Arsenal fan. This Ozil debacle is dividing the fans and giving a negative image to the club. Thanks for the memories Mesut, but it’s time to say goodbye.

        1. Maybe PAL- but the the issue I have with this diddering old Todger is that he is never ever able to offer anything that is realistic or factual to a simple question that’s been put to him dozens of times.
          Put a comma in the wrong place and he will scold you for degrading the Queens English, but that’s him. Ask him to ever explain half the utter crap he writes and he disappears.
          He lately dared someone to have a battle of words with him if he dared. It’s a football site. That’s what the old duffer ought to realise.

  2. Happy Birthday to the one and only Ian Wright 🙂

    I’ll be really surprised if we’re not back in for him in January…

    OT Game on between Real v Inter….

      1. I wouldn’t say I was a fan, Mohsan. I’ve always liked them though and watch them when I can. Love Ramos – that is some beard, I know it’s Movember and all, but jeez 😂😂 I also like Marcelo…
        Not overly keen on Hazard – still have nightmares of his wonder goals against us 😅

        1. Hahaha…but I must say he is what you call a leader. A good defender and scores goals like a striker but best of all he is a leader on the pitch. His display motivates all players n fans watching the match. With that beard he looks like a Viking who gave sexons the night mares.

  3. I think he is the missing piece of the puzzle to play on right in place of Bellerin. Will give us even more control and creativity from middle. Saka Eleny Partey Aouar…we are sorted. He was MA priority in summer window if papers are to be believed so pretty sure we will go back in for him but I don’t think it will be Jan as we are cash strapped.

  4. Aouar will be an excellent signing to complement Partey and Elneny. But the million dollar question is whether Arsenal will go for him in Jan and will he come to Arsenal in Jan. If Arsenal continue to win matches and Arteta continues to develop and motivate the team to greater heights as he is doing now, I am sure many good players will be attracted to arsenal.

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