Former Gunner reckons Maitland-Niles can earn his preferred role at Arsenal

Ainsley Maitland-Niles has always insisted that he is a central midfielder by trade, but he struggled to get chances in that position at the Emirates.

He is now spending the rest of this season out on loan at West Brom, where he hopes to eventually get to play more games and in his preferred position.

He has been a mainstay in their team since he moved to the Hawthorns and he put in a fine shift in their goalless draw against Burnley recently.

They played him in his preferred midfield position and he did well. His performances could earn him a place in the Arsenal team next season, but he has to perform that way consistently, according to Kevin Campbell.

The former Gunner says the midfielder needs to prove that he can deliver from the midfield while on loan at West Brom.

He insisted that his showing against the Clarets was the way to go, but he must do that regularly.

When asked whether Maitland-Niles proved his midfield credentials at Turf Moor, Campbell told Football Insider: “It is a case of don’t tell me, show me with Maitland-Niles.

“He needs to show that he is a centre-midfielder his his performances and against Burnley it was a Premier League level performance in the middle of the park.

“It is all about consistency though. If he can do it week in, week out Mikel Arteta will consider him in midfield for Arsenal next season. Arteta will think, ‘Actually, I will use him in there.’ He is only on loan.”

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  1. No he will not,, Artetta has his favorite plus Maitland Niles is neither spanish nor brazilian which further discriminates against him. He is a better player than Bellerin, Ceballos, Xhaka, and Soares, players who the manager has given chance after chance despite their continuous errors which has cost the team. Yet Maitland Niles who plays well above what is expected of him when given the opportunity is thrown out or left to shine Bellerins boots. It’s not fair and is obviously biased for some reason or other. If Arsenal continue to select teams based on personal favoritism and not the skill level of an individual player, the club will pay a very high price for that luxury by the manager

    1. I completely disagree with you. He is not better than of those you have listed. He has had occasional good performances but that is all.
      If he was that good he would play. It’s that simple. You need to encourage him to put in consistently good performances; not expect him to be played based on your own biases.
      If he was that good why is he at West Brom?

      1. Niles you can’t play for arsenal, arsenal fc is just too big for you I think you wish to go some were else please

  2. I do like Niles back to the team. His passing and ball control bypass ceballos. If he is trusted to play in the middle with Thomas, it will earn Arsenal more ball control in the midfield.

    1. Not yet man enough to fit in Arsenal’s midfield, though he is a good player yaah but with no midfield experience

  3. When he puts his mind to it he is one of the best but more often than not he lacks focus and disappears. Funny how his best position is being touted again as midfield when only a day ago fans on here were agreeing with Allardyce that his best position is left wing. Fans flip flopping based on the headline of the day.

  4. he is a mediocre player. he is a good athlete and can drive the ball forward using his strength and pace, and his one-on-one defending is good. other than that his other skills are pretty bad. his first touch is tribble, his technique and passing are below average. he can’t be a starting midfielder for a top-4 contender side.
    we might get 50m for him a Willock, and use the money to buy one good MF.

      1. @GunnerDev- I think he is saying £50m for both AMN AND Willock. That’s at least £30m more than we will get if they are both sold, which they will be.

  5. Is that why Allardyce has his doubts already, and moves AMN out wide when the going get tough in games ?

    AMN + “Big Sam” in a relegation battle at WBA …. you must be joking !

    And NO Ainsley is NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be at Arsenal Football Club.

    Kevin C, loved watching you mate – but you are so wrong here.

  6. AMN seems to me to have a concentration problem ingeneral He has a degree of talent andIMO is more talented than several of our regulars such as Bellerin and Xhaka. However, three of our managers have chosen, for whatever reason, not to play him as a midfielder and as they all see, or saw, him every day, they are better placed to make those decisions then any of us on here.

    I HAD hoped he would make the grade but have now decided to live with the reality, which is that he will not now make the grade at our club. Not that now he is no longer a youngster. His time has come and GONE!

  7. Then you must decide to live with Xhaka playing at Arsenal since all our managers are using him and as they all see, or saw, him every day, they are better placed to make those decisions than any of us on here.
    Your word, not mine

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