Former Gunner responds to Gary Lineker’s claim about overturned penalty against Arsenal

Kevin Campbell insists it was the right call after referee Anthony Taylor reversed his original decision to award a penalty against Arsenal after he consulted the pitchside monitor in their match versus Burnley.

Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale had taken out Matej Vydra after clearing a poor back pass from Ben White.

Taylor pointed to the spot immediately, however, after he consulted the pitchside monitor, he reversed the decision because Ramsdale had touched the ball first.

The decision caused controversy all over the internet and one of the famous individuals to react to it was Gary Lineker.

In a tweet, he claimed that although Ramsdale did get a touch on the ball, it didn’t mean that it wasn’t a foul.

Former Arsenal man, Campbell, however, disagrees with that and says it was clearly not a penalty.

He admits he isn’t a fan of VAR, but says if it is to be used in an instance like this, then he is ok with the technology.

Campbell told Football Insider: “Who thinks that is not a clear and obvious error?

“Ramsdale got the ball. It should never have been given as a penalty in my eyes.

“I’m someone who doesn’t like VAR but if you are going to use it that is an instance where you definitely use it. I don’t even think Ramsdale made contact with Vydra. He got the ball cleanly.

“It was the right decision, 100 per cent. The people who do not think that was a clear and obvious error are just haters. I have got to say it, they are haters. If it was against their team they would be up in arms.

“Ramsdale couldn’t have got more of the ball if he tried. It was a clear and obvious error.”

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  1. What do you expect from another spurs legend who probably didn’t win anything in his entire career aside goalcorer’s award?

  2. Vydra got off light. He should have gotten carded for simulation. Ramsdale didn’t take him out, Vydra lagged his leg and dived… The vid shows it clearly…

  3. Some people losing their muck because Lineker said “it didn’t mean that it wasn’t a foul”, that’s all he said, just like a few on here did, but because it’s GL he gets slagged off 🤫

  4. It just wasn’t a penalty, factually, empirically. Liniker is about as objective as a fly on shite. Spent too long offering his views, even his fellow pundits don’t get him.

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