Former Gunner reveals a time when Arsene Wenger lost his temper

Arsene Wenger has built a reputation for keeping his cool in over 20 years as a manager. The Frenchman was always calm on the touchline and that was an attribute that was widely admired.

However, Ray Parlour has just revealed that there was one instance that the performance of his team was so bad that even the Frenchman couldn’t help but lose his cool.

He claimed that it happened in a game against Manchester United, who was Arsenal’s fiercest rivals for much of the time that Wenger was the club’s manager.

The match took place at Old Trafford in 2001, a time when both clubs were looking to topple each other.

Arsenal went into half time of that game 5-1 and the Frenchman didn’t like what he saw and he made that known to the players.

Parlour claims that Wenger’s angry reaction was so out of place that he actually laughed at his manager while hiding his face in a towel.

“One game he really lost it,” Parlour told TalkSport as quoted by Mirror Football. “That was at Manchester United, Old Trafford, and we were 5-1 down at half-time.

“I’d never seen him lose his temper at half-time or after the game. This time he really lost it. You know when it doesn’t suit someone?

“I remember I was going to start laughing. He’s trying to swear, in a French accent. I remember sitting there and put a towel over my head and I was looking at my boots.

“David Seaman said he could see my shoulders going up and down because I was laughing.

“It was one of those where you couldn’t have eye contact. If I looked at David Seaman and he looked at me then everyone would have started laughing. He was very calm usually.”

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