Why Arsenal will not be signing Cristiano Ronaldo

Ray Parlour has claimed that Arsenal will not be making a move to sign Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo, in fear of upsetting current star Gabriel Jesus.

It is a fact that the Brazilian has recently lost his scoring boots in front of goal, but Jesus works so hard for the team by making room for his team-mates to score that his lack of goals has not stopped us winning games.

But still, we all know that Jesus simply cannot play in every single game this year so Arsenal are still in need of another top striker, but only to play as a backup to Jesus, not to take his starting spot.

Certainly, the Arsenal legend Ray Parlous has made it clear that he doesn’t arsenal should buy Ronaldo: “I don’t think so no,” Parlour told the Express when asked if he thought Arsenal should sign the Portuguese.

“He’s already said he doesn’t want to be sitting on the bench and that means you’ll leaving Jesus out.

“Jesus has been so good. Sometimes you can get a bit of friction, at the moment the team spirit at Arsenal is so good it’s top class.

“Look, if you want to sell loads of shirts around the world, you sign Ronaldo for the financial side of it.

“But you don’t want to upset Jesus. They do need another striker but I don’t think Ronaldo would be the right choice, sometimes you can upset things.

“If things are going well, you don’t change it.”


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  1. Tricky situation . PL title at stake .
    Should we take the risk which if paid off can give us PL title after 2 decades ?
    I think we can offer him 6 months contract if he accepts as a back up option to Jesus and some kind of behavioural clause .
    We are in a race with City the best in the world and having a player who scored more than Kane last season will not be the worst . The stake are so high that I want to take that risk

  2. Absolutely no chance Arteta would never entertain his antics and Ronaldo would not be able to put the kind of shift in that Arteta would demand he’s a luxury player that is not needed at Arsenal Arteta has already cleared out the players with big egos so don’t need another one!

  3. There is no doubt Ronaldo would score lots of goal playing for Arsenal maybe over a dozen before the season end, more shirts would be sold as well.

    What I can’t be sure about is the likelihood of we winning those games he scores in. Something special is building at the Emirates just now and it’s still work in progress.

    Signing Ronaldo would be a massive gamble almost sucidal if you ask me., one big question would have to be answered first. What will happen when Ronaldo starts throwing his toys from out the pram ?

  4. To me, Arsenal signing Cristiano Ronaldo will not upset things in the team. Which at the moment are going on well for the club in the EPL and Europa League Cup competitions this season. As they are on top of the League table leading with 5 points gap above their closest rival Man City team in 2nd place before the break for the Qatar World Cup commenced.
    For, if at all anything. Arsenal signing the ace top regular goals scorer Ronaldo now will not in my in own view and opinion limit Arsenal to commercial side of the game. As their signing him can potentially leads to the selling of millions of CR7 shirts. To thus see Arsenal and Ronaldo earned a lot of money from the shirts’ sales. And on the football side of things, his signing will not affect Gabriel Jesus regular starting role nor upset him. As Arteta can adjust the Gunners game staring to suit both Gabriel and Ronaldo by starting the duo strikers at the same time in a diamond formation playing style. But dp I have to teach Arteta the playing style he should use if Arsenal happened to sign Ronaldo? NO! He’ll know what to do if Arsenal sign him.
    But will Ronaldo agree to come to Arsenal now that he’s suddenly a free agent? Even If Arsenal can afford paying his high wages? Well, I wouldn’t know. But one thing that I do believe is Ronaldo if signed by Arsenal will bring top quality improvement to Arsenal terms of added high performance and higher goals scoring prowess for Arsenal in all competitions in the remainder of this season’s campaign as Arsenal look to seriously charged for a treble of titles win this season..
    But should Arsenal wait till after the World Cup break is over before they can try to sign Ronaldo? Yes! They should wait. So that they’ll see if he’s injury free and in top form to still able to score goals and gives many assists as he played in the World Cup for Portugal his home nation.

  5. I think Arsenal signing christiano Ronaldo will not affect jesus.do also remember that CR7 will increase arsenal chances of wininng EPL.he is good in goal scoring and that will help arsenal alot.pls grap the opportunity is a good one

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