Former Gunner reveals that the Invincibles were always fighting in training

Cameronian full-back, Lauren has revealed that there was a lot of fighting going on among the invincibles in training even though they would eventually fight for the same goal when they were on the pitch.

Arsene Wenger managed one of Arsenal’s best-ever teams in the 2003/2004 season as they won the Premier League title going the entire campaign unbeaten.

The team played like a band of brothers and even got into a scrap with opponents on the field when any of them was in trouble on the pitch, but Lauren has revealed that they also fought each other in training.

He revealed that he even had issues with club legend, Thierry Henry, and was thankful that journalists were never allowed into their training ground during that time.

He claimed that if the press were allowed to report on their training at the time, then they would have had a lot to report on after every training section.

Speaking to the Arsenal website, the 43-year-old said: “Of course there was fighting. I love at Arsenal that the journalists didn’t go to the training sessions.

“In our time if the journalists were to attend training there would be history every single day.

“How competitive we were – all fighting between ourselves. I had a fight with Thierry [Henry], Thierry with Martin [Keown], Patrick with Freddie [Ljungberg].

“We were all very competitive and we were all fighting because we all had big egos, big personalities but by the time the games arrived, we were fighting for the same goal.”

This makes perfect sense, the invincibles had to be that passionate at every level, including with each other to maintain the momentum until the very last game of the season.

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