Former Gunner ridiculously claims Arsenal has improved under Arteta

Ex-Arsenal star, Kevin Campbell has claimed that the club has improved under Mikel Arteta even though it is hard to see the improvements.

Arsenal has made their worst start to a season in over half a century and enter the international break on the back of a 5-0 mauling at the hands of Manchester City.

That loss was their third consecutive loss in as many league games this season and they have conceded 9 goals while scoring none.

It is a shocking start to the season and comes when their fans expected them to do better.

They failed to qualify for European competition at the end of last season and that means they now have the chance to rest well enough to win Premier League matches.

But their start to the season has revealed that there are more problems than meets the eye at the club.

Campbell says even though it is obvious to see that they are a shambles now, things have got better under Arteta.

He told Football Insider: “Listen, I understand how things go in this game.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about results and if they don’t go your way you will get sacked. That’s the harsh reality of it.

“But I think there has been some improvement under Arteta.

“There is a problem at Arsenal though that is legacy driven. There has not been the money there to spend in recent years.

“Yes, Arsenal have been the biggest spenders this year but they have not invested wisely enough in the past. We are still playing catch-up. All of the others have consistently recruited well. It is always difficult playing catch-up.

“The signings we’ve made this summer are just players who were needed to allow us to compete.”

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  1. Yes all the records being smashed..
    No European football..
    Can’t score for shiz, but yes things have improved 🙄

  2. “The signings we’ve made this summer are just players who were needed to allow us to compete.”

    Compete? We are not anywhere close to competing!

    I too was over the moon excited when we last won the FA cup. I really did believe it was the beginning of something……. It wasn’t

    We need to cut our loss, the fanbase is suffering from loss aversion.

  3. Just watched Sophie Nicolaou on Sky Sport News; everything she said about the club/manager/performances etc were spot on!!! 👌

    1. When Arsenal have a big win they are rarely as good as us fans think they are. The opposite is true too – when we lose we are rarely as bad as fans think they are. The truth lies somewhere in between.

      Arsenal has lost three in a row before, obviously when it is at the start of a season it magnifies everything.

      I don’t totally agree with Campbell as I think a lot of Arteta’s problems are his own making, but I do think Arteta has been able to resolve some of the legacy driven problems (underperforming highly paid, ageing squad with a sense of entitlement largely replaced with younger more reasonably paid, hard working players). This will hopefully put the next manager in a stronger position if Arteta is unable to turn things around.

      1. Arteta was in charge when Willian and Cedric were purchased on big wages and long contracts, has extended Xhaka’s contract and given him a pay rise despite him throwing down the armband and giving fans two fingers and then flirting with Mourinho looking to move to Roma.So despite the changes in recruitment Arteta is part of the problem.

  4. Arsenal is bringing me shame&ridicule all because of Arteta&kevin campbell seems to be the only one seeing any positive from the depressing football we are currently playing

  5. “Even though we are a shambles, things have improved” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. One thought Reggie strikes again, suppoted by his child like addiction to emojis! Incapable of EVER saying anything else but MA out. How sad!

      1. Now you are trolling Jon, No mention of Arteta, are your glasses dirty? My post was a reply to Cambells quote as above. I found it funny but Mr angry decided to do his usual. you are embarrasing yourself now jon, imojis are for fun and effect, nothing childlike in that. The whole world uses them jon except you.

  6. Arteta ego is wat is killing him, u can’t control everything in football, he actually knows how e want us to play but he doesn’t no how to execute it, he wants to take credit wen non is giving, he’s too full of him self, he should learn from the early days of Wenger how he lets the player mocks him to love him, sometimes the elephant in the room he’s ain’t always the biggest or the loudest but the smallest one that takes the shot for others like a true leader, I think he lost it wen he was prioritizing Europa than top 4 last season, a good coach has to aim at all spot, if arteta can’t execute his plan means he can’t coach but the biggest problem lies In edu, alot of sack has been going on and junior coaches r living on their own term cus they don’t trust the process anymore n whose fault is that edu, that is were the real problem lies cus u can’t buy expirence, imagine sacking a physician n replacing him with another means the treatment of the patient changes n that’s were arsenal problem really lies cus they r sacking backroom staff alot, to many impact of knowledge r corrupting the club.

  7. This season has started badly, but injuries, new faces, and the horrible attitude of media and some fans are strong reasons, if not excuses, for the team’s fragility.

    It’s fine to talk about the final poor standing last year, but that ignores the actual fact that the side improved a great deal after its terrible start. Over the final 2/3 of last season, AFC had the second-best record in the league, after only Man City. That recovery has to be credited to Arteta’s coaching.

    I think the hatred for Arteta is misplaced. I may not think him the greatest coach in the world, but that change in fortunes last year — ultimately unsuccessful as it was — is a great testimony to his skills.

    Gooner fans may have a sense of entitlement that prevents them from showing the patience they will need if the club is to return to its glory days. That return can’t be accomplished overnight. It requires patiently building a strong young foundation, then topping it off with key signings in years to come.

    That seems to be Edu and Arteta’s plan. They have to be given time to show they can make it work. At least until Christmas, if not longer: there’s no sense firing someone if you don’t have the ideal long-term candidate in hand.

    And don’t expect Conte if you can’t give him a larger transfer kitty than any Arsenal has shown yet.

  8. He is confused. He don’t know the meaning of improvement. Improvement means you move from worst situation to a better one. I don’t believe giving Xhaka a 4 year contract is actually an improvement. Remember this guy has failed to mentor Guendouzi a young promising middle fielder far better than Xhaka. But this guy is telling us Arteta has improved the team. Funds have been at his disposal but he fails to sign competent players. So how is the team improved if we have failed to qualify for Europe cups. We have not scored even just scored one goal but conceded 9 in the league.

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