Former Gunner says Arsenal should re-sign Sanchez for free if he is willing to work

Kevin Campbell thinks it is okay for Arsenal to bring back Alexis Sanchez on a free transfer if the Chilean will do the required work.

Sanchez left the Emirates to join Manchester United in the winter of 2018 after rejecting Arsenal’s contract offers.

The Gunners were forced to swap him for Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who was a target of Arsene Wenger at the time.

Since he left Arsenal, he has struggled to recapture the form he showed in north London.

He is currently on the books of Inter Milan who he helped to win the Italian league title last season.

However, he has fallen down the pecking order this season and The Mirror reported earlier in the month that he has been told he can leave for free by the Italians.

This has opened the door for him to be reunited with Arsenal and the question is whether he would be useful to the Gunners now or not.

Former Arsenal man, Campbell believes the club can give him another chance if he is available for free and will work hard, but concedes it might not happen.

He told Football Insider: “Alexis Sanchez was incredible when he came to Arsenal but personally, I cannot see him coming back.

“Is he talented? Of course he is. But he has not been the same since he left.

“The Manchester United move was a disaster for him. He has gone to Inter Milan and it has not quite worked out there either, even though they won the title.

“I don’t think we’ll take him back but if you could get him for nothing and he is willing to graft… Who knows what Mikel Arteta will do.

“It is a fantasy and a nice thought but I think the club have moved on. I doubt we will see that happening.”

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  1. Even Campbell admits it is a fantasy, not mine of course but his and maybe some other Gooners too. But fantasies are just that , fantasies, and they do not happen. THANK GOD FOR THAT TOO.
    In essence then a non event but, like most non events, certain JA writers will still find them worthy of an “article”!

    1. Thomo, I do not agree with you actually. I THINK THEY HELP CREATE A VOID in real debate about serious issues.

      This thread is not worthy of serious discussion – what is there to sensibly discuss when a former player who was, btw, far from being remotely a legend, says something that he himself acknowledges is not going to happen. It is all about nothing and I simply say that!

      Waste of a thread and far from filling a real void. It IS filling space but that is all it does.

      Space is not a void (except in a technical sense of that word).

  2. In all fairness, when he was with us, dude practically carried the team. He, Santi and Ozil were on fire. The rest of the team, not so much. It was fun to watch though. U do think that he still has some fire left in him…Might be interesting to see if playing with our “Young Guns” could ignite that fire once more.

  3. He was a star at Arsenal, a leader plus the key point to our attack and flushed it all away down the toilet for money and look where it got him! He would of became a legend here if he had stayed and showed the same commitment like he did when he 1st arrived.

    Our starting 11 is already set but with Xhaka now injured Sambi gets to come in and Battle with AMN. Could be interesting!

    Taveres, Holding, Pepe, Laca, Martinelli
    All ready to come off the bench.

    Next Summer is when this squad will be 90% complete. Laca, Leno, Elneny, Kola & who ever else is going to be leaving/Sold, leaves spaces again to add to this young team all on long term deals, plus the Academy players who will defo come through or come back fron loan like Patino, Saliba, Moller, Ballard, Azeez & so on.

    We have moved on from the golden oldies to the talented youngsters and boy we have quite a few on our books.

  4. this subject matter stirs a lot of bad feelings about how Wenger chased him out of town due to Alexis’s desire to raise expectations and his unwillingness to abide by Arsene’s increasingly ineffective tika-taka offensive scheme, which discouraged any one individual from being on the ball for too long…furthermore, it’s difficult to forget or forgive the absolutely despicable way in which we dealt with asset management-related issues that season, which saw us get functionally nothing in return for Alexis, as we let Miki go for squat, Ramsey’s free transfer to Juve and the bargaining leverage we supplied to Ozil’s management team, which ultimately led to his ludicrous contract…what a shite show, that sill effects us to this very day

    1. TRVL, YES, OF COURSE the vast amount of money just WASTED on bad business, stupidly large and long contracts to simply average or poor squad players and letting players who should be sold while they have some value run down their contracts to zero, have all contributed to our present position financially and in personnel. We have thrown away at a conservative estimate at least £200million inthe last five years alone and more still the further back you go.
      It sems now to have stopped, though we still pay the price for those like LACA whose value has shrunk to almost zero if sold.
      Others too but few are thee direct fault of present management. Willian was for one but most were pre MA. BELLERIN FOR EXAMPLE AS WELL AS SANCHEZ, RAMSEY, OZIL AND OTHERS.

      Also the many duff CB’s that AW brought in throughout his time here, esp aftr Campbell left but many before than too, going right back to Senderos and Cygan.

      Mkhi was never worth much, either to us when here or to any would be buyer. He was lazy and largely a passenger through his whole time here.

      1. I fail to see how you could say we’ve fundamentally learned from our past mistakes, considering how we’ve mismanaged a plethora of players/prospects since MA’s arrival, like both Laca and Bellerin, as you’ve suggested, Guendo, Lucas, Eddie, Chambers, Reiss, Balo, Elneny, Xhaka, Leno, Mavro and potentially Saliba…I don’t care if many of these individuals were acquired under former managers or not, as that’s always the case when any manager is hired on…for far too long, this club’s hierarchy has excused and/or ignored the willful irresponsibility of it’s administrative branch and until accountability becomes a valued trait again within this organization we will be hard-pressed to turn the proverbial corner

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