Former Gunner says he is ready to fight for his country

Former Arsenal star, Oleh Luzhnyi, has revealed that he is putting his UK coaching ambition on hold to help fight for his country, Ukraine.

They have been invaded by Russia in the last few days and have held firm against Kremlin.

Russia is struggling to overrun the country partly because the Ukrainians have remained resilient.

Their president is calling on able-bodied men to join the fight, while women and children have been allowed to leave the country.

Luzhnyi was a part of the Arsenal senior squad between 1999 and 2003 and he played as a right-back.

He is now looking to make a name for himself as a manager, but the most important issue for him now is liberating his country from Russian occupation.

‘The situation is horrific,’ he has told Sky Sports. ‘I want to come to coach in the UK but before anything I will stand firmly and fight for my people, for my country and for democracy.

‘We all hope this will be over soon as innocent lives are being lost and families are being torn apart. A country being invaded and destroyed is all for what? We need to stand together as one and bring to an end this criminal warfare.’

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Sadly he has to put his career ambitions on hold to defend his country in a senseless war.

However, sometimes you need to fight for your freedom and we can only wish Luzhnyi the very best, and hopefully, this invasion ends soon.

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  1. Probably a bad idea to post politically based articles here…there’s enough politics in sport as is.

    My opinion anyway.

    1. Politics have been in sport for as long as I can remember, and even before, especially in the 1930’s.

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