Former Gunner surprised by Wenger’s spending!

There has been plenty of talk surrounding the transfer of Shkodran Mustafi from Valencia to Arsenal this week, because whilst the transfer itself was only completed and announced a day before the deadline, since then people also haven’t been able to stop talking about Arsene Wenger’s spending spree this summer.

Wenger brought in a number of big money signings this summer in the form of Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez. All three transfers would have broken club records back in 2009, when Wenger spent what seems to now be a measly (but a club record) £15 million on Andrey Arshavin. Now Le Prof is quite content to spend almost €40 million on a defender and it’s safe to say his actions have surprised a few.

Speaking after the Arsenal Legends game, Arsenal great Jens Lehmann couldn’t help but give his say on Arsenal’s recent purchase of £35 million Mustafi, as well as Arsene Wenger’s financial proceedings at Arsenal football club. Lehmann said:

“It’s unlike Arsenal to sign a defender for almost €40m – I’m surprised. I think he’s probably the most successful manager in making money for the club. He’s always taken part in the Champions League, buying cheap and selling expensive. He was a major player in setting up the new stadium and at the same time always playing Champions League football.”

Lehmann isn’t the only person to have his say about Arsene Wenger’s big money move for Mustafi, after a spokesperson for FC Barcelona, ridiculed Wenger for spending such a high amount on a player of Mustafi’s quality. Now I’m sure this isn’t a dig at Wenger because we all know that Mustafi is a quality defender, although I also am aware that some still sit on the fence about the defender’s capabilities. In my opinion, although the price does seem a little high, who are we to complain about Wenger spending such amount of money, when all we wanted to see what a bit of ambition from Arsenal in the transfer market. Barcelona made the point that Arsenal had paid over the odds for a player, when there were more suitable targets available all summer, however Arsenal have that kind of money to spend and I think we have invested well in Mustafi.

In a transfer window that almost hit £90-100 million from Arsene Wenger’s spending spree, it comes as no shock to see that people are quite surprised with Arsenal’s transfer dealings. Although the summer window seemed to drag on and was tiresome when Arsenal looked desperate, I think overall we can say that it’s been a very positive window, in which Arsene has strengthened some key areas in the team.



  1. PRINCE AFZ says:

    Critics should understand that the injuries to 2 of our 3 senior defenders forced us to pay such amount on Mustafi. The same critics would have feasted on Le Prof if we had not done this transfer.
    What matters to us right now is that we got the player. Let’s see how the season goes.
    OT, I have this strange feeling that our major cause of losing the title and not exceeding 2nd round in recent seasons is injuries to key players during crucial parts of the seasons. I think this current squad look promising as there is no much gap in quality between the 1st 11 and the bench. We only need to be patient with this squad as some of the combination will need time to gel.

    1. bran99 says:

      “Critics should understand that the injuries to 2 of our 3 senior defenders forced us to pay such amount on Mustafi”, but the critics also understand that we needed reinforcements in the defense even without the famous ” injuries to 2 of our 3 senior defenders”. you reap what you sow

  2. Wilshegz says:

    Mustafi is a brilliant signing and by the end of the season many ll see £35m paid for him as a bargain.
    but I still have doubts over Perez capabilities and if Wenger ll give him the game time he needs

    1. muffdiver says:

      for us to see a defender being a bargain at 35 million he would have to be better than ramos or thaigo silva

      your being very optimistic

  3. muffdiver says:

    i will never forgive jens lehmann for the champions league final- yes he was great for us.
    every time i see his face or hear a comment …i see him walking off and almunia getting his gloves on …


    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Hahaha Yes, but don’t forget that Henry missed a sitter from a yard out ( he probably still had his mind set on that Barcelona shirt with his name on it, that was given to him by some fan who ran on the pitch before kickoff) and there’s also that tactical change from wenger that was at fault, subbing off Flamini who was doing a great job covering at LB.

  4. Tas says:

    Mustafi is a good buy because not only he has spent time here in the EPL to know what to expect from long and hard season which makes him a good buy but also he is a great defender over the coarse of a season,

    like the legend Platini ( i hate him ) once said EPL players are like Lions before Christmas and are Kittens afterwards meaning we play to many games and no break where the rest of Europe rests and recovers

  5. Incarnate says:

    Talk about confounding your enemies lol. The favourite amo aimed at Wenger iver the years has been ‘he doesn’t spend’, now he goes gung ho in the market, suddenly everyone is confused. The knives are concealed for now but not for long, he has to get the best out of this team and make a killing machine out of these boys or else ze boys are coming back stronger and louder

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