Former Gunner tips Arsenal to offload key player to fund midfield replacement

Ray Parlour has claimed that recent reports have him believing that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will extend his deal, which will lead to Alexandre Lacazette leaving to raise funds for a goalscoring midfielder.

The two forwards have both been linked with the exit door this summer, but fresh contract talks are believed to be on the cards for the Gabon international, which could well see Lacazette moved on the the coming window.

Some reports have claimed that both goalscorers could well be moved on, but Parlour doesn’t believe that Arsenal would let both leave at the same time.

“Well I don’t think they’ll lose both,” Parlour told talkSPORT.

“It’s a situation where I don’t think you can afford to lose both.

“At the moment it’s very positive, the talk from the club itself looks like Aubameyang could be signing a new contract which would be brilliant news for Arsenal, and that could mean Lacazette could be on his way.

“There’s been lots of talk about him, Juventus has been mentioned for Lacazette with a player coming to Arsenal, I don’t know what sort of player is going to come to Arsenal that way.

“But I think Aubameyang is so important, he’s the one who scores you the goals.

“If you took him out of the Arsenal team now, who scores the goals?”

The former midfielder goes onto claim that the money raised from the sale will have to be invested in midfield, with not enough goals coming from our current options.

“I mentioned it last week, there’s no goals from midfield, that’s the big problem Arsenal have,” he added.

“[Bukayo] Saka scored a really good goal against Wolves, he was playing in the right position on that right-hand side, but that’s where they’ve really got to address in this transfer window.

“They lost Ramsey to Juventus who is probably the only player who can score goals from midfield and they didn’t really replace him with anyone.

“[Lucas] Torreira won’t score you goals, [Matteo] Guendouzi won’t score you goals, [Granit] Xhaka, [Dani] Ceballos doesn’t score you enough goals, [Mesut] Ozil isn’t even in the team.

“So that’s where they’ve really got to look at in the summer.

“As much as they really need a good centre-half as well, I think an attacking midfielder.

“But they’re hard to find and they cost a lot of money, the good ones.

“Whether Arsenal have got the money to spend, we’ll have to wait and see.

“That’s why they probably have to let Lacazette go and maybe get some money in to buy a midfielder.”

Will Arteta be prioritising a goalscoring midfielder this summer? Could we see our side part with a striker in order to add an extra dimension from midfield?


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  1. No need to sell but Swap

    Laca fir Partey

    Xhaka + Rowe & Nelson loans for + 40M for HAVERTZ.

    Torreira + Kolas + 40M and Martinelli on loan to get Koulibaly.

    Sell Mustafi, Sokratis, Mikki, Elneny, Holding and get 60M.

    Means we spent 20M out of the 50M average budget in Kroenke era.

    We still have 30M to get a young talented replacement for Kolas and a young mudfielder. Said Benrahma be perfect with a young talent LB on loan be real smart business.

    Keep pointing the lack of creative in our board and coach to make things happen.

    We can land Koulibaly & Partey for 2 past windows…. Mater of making smart moves…

    Chelsea or Man U will take those players in our knows as usual., when we have what it takes to make these deals happen.

    Sell a top player is to lose it, if you can offer what his club needs to reinforce team, they are thrilled.

    You all do agree that Torreira & Kolas wanted by Napoli, add Martinelli loan and money will shut down this deal more than PSG or Man U paying 70M.

    They have 3 players to help team+ 40M to replace Kouli. A win win!

  2. Mogunna
    I love your posts and passion
    Whether the board or Arteta lack in creativity I’m not so sure!

  3. If we go after Havertz, Bayer will listen to an offer, they want 80M. Give them 40M upfront, add Xhaka part of the deal, and Rowe + Nelson on loan who are highly rated in Germany. Bayer is playing Europe football, better than Herta Xhaka was heading to…

    We have a dumbo’ard, can’t blame kroenke but replace these idiots dlie worms

    Arteta must sit with him end of season and be straight, won’t be no game with Partey coming in and youggsters.

    For now board should be on Havertz start talks, Chelsea and other teams are doing so…

    Arteta Is not creative minded at all to think this way nor his job but dumbos to make it happen.

    1. Mogunna
      Why not Xhaka and Rowe direct swap for Havertz plus maybe some money. If you want one of the top talents in Europe to come to Arsenal, then we should also be prepared to part with our youth. We can’t have our cake and eat it…

  4. Mogunna it may work that way on fifa or football manager but unlikely in the real world my friend.

    1. You right, we a laim club with a dumbo’ard and assistant coach. That’s real world. no game and cheap talk.

      Torreira was and still is Napoli priority as Kolas loved by coach. add 50M and it’s a deal in Napoli for past 2 windows!
      , it is no video games, it is a deal…

      Athletico wants Gendouzi or Laca for ages so bad, swap Partey who wants Arsenal.

      I’m not going to repeat. We have no money, need to do get creative in order to compete Koulibaly should be there already.. Kolas and Torreira ended up injured instead of out a here.

      Of course we need to build a team to compete or we will remain midtable. We went from EL to midtable in 2 years time, got lucky last year, other teams messing up…We could have finish out of EL, after 7 the spot we are today

      Half of season or more we are fighting to not stay above 12th place, in between 8th & 12th in average…

      Partey will Neve be enough without a top CB in his back, just as any team’s midfield. Nor you can have attacks without that midfield covering up your back ..

      We play with 5 in the back for that or we be destroyed. Wenger was doing so already…

      Ifou have something relevant to say, do so, break it down, this is no video games mate but real talk.

  5. I don’t understand why Lacazette is paid so much. Xhaka has probably the most powerful shots in the world. His shots can literally break goalkeeper’s hands. Shame he is not using it to our advantage.

  6. Mogunna may be passionate about the Club but are his wishes attainable? Is it feasible to move on those many players? What would be the impact of such drastic moves? A few examples will help illustrate my concern. See how long it has taken Pepe to adapt. Tierney is just beginning to show his class. Torreira is on and off. The players who hit the ground running are those from within the PL or those who had ever played for a Premier league team before like Pablo Mari and Mustafi. Much as we wish for better players this should be phased and not done at once because it takes long for players from outside England to get acclimatised to English football.

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