Former Gunner unimpressed with Arsenal transfer window branding it a punishment

Arsenal transfer window not great declares Charlie Nicholas.

Former Arsenal striker Charlie Nicholas is less than impressed with the transfer business done by Arsenal in January.

Arsenal brought in defenders Pablo Mari from Flamengo and Southampton’s Cedric Soares, both on loan, however, Nicholas speaking on Sky Sports was hardly complimentary.

“It’s not exactly Hollywood… but Arsenal spent the wrong way for the last two and a half three seasons,” Nicholas told Sky Sports as quoted by the Star.

“Now we’re getting a punishment for it. At least Arteta has identified that the big problem we’ve all known for three or four years is defenders.

“It’s not a great window for Arsenal but it’s a reality check.”

Nicholas is never slow to have a pop at his former club and I usually call him out on it but it has to be said, he does have a point.

This is no reflection on either of the new acquisitions, they could easily turn out to be decent players but two loan players when you are struggling down in tenth place when the window shut is hardly inspiring.

Arsenal needs quality in quite a few areas and while the youngsters are doing grand the squad is not one that looks like it can challenge for the title anytime soon.

Obviously, this is just the start and Mikel Arteta is doing a great job all things considered but when a club of Arsenal’s stature is reduced to bargain basement business, something has gone horribly wrong and Nicholas is absolutely correct to put the blame on past mistakes.

The rooster has come home to roost.


  1. It all rests with the Kronke’s. Band-aids and patches rather than solutions. Years have passed and defense had not been properly addressed.

    Sorry owner breeds sorry results. Perfect example is his precious LA Rams. Reach Superbowl and lose; does he bring in missing pieces, or pocket his wallet and hope for the best?

    They didn’t even make playoffs this year, while a losing San Francisco team last year addressed problems and surpassed Rams this year.

    Kronke is poison to a franchise, a parasite sucking it dry. Spent hundreds of millions on a ranch, but won’t spend half that to sort our defense for the next decade.

    1. Very true my Brother Stan kroenke is sucking the fans ..the club..he is a killer no more Arsenal imagine fighting fr 10 position it’s a shame we call fr his resgnition and entire board. ..

    2. You are absolutely right
      Liverpool had poor owners but new owners Fenway slowly but surely invested in a good manager, gave him time to weave his magic and all with being sensible in the transfer market BUT making funds available for top quality when needed
      Not an instant fix but what a fix!!
      Kroenke is the very worst form of owner

      1. 49’rs are the equivalent of the Spuds on here. Until they moved to Las Vegas we are Raiders all day long, so take your heathen 49’ers and stick it where. oops, will get myself banned. Come on the Chiefs.

  2. I have no time for Charlie Nicholas, he was a big money signing and did nothing for us. Only played in the league cup final before George Graham sold him. I wonder why? His achievements afterwards? Nothing! Talking and being a past player does not make his view relevant. He is no Gooner.

  3. Old Charlie Nicholas need to shut up and make up his mind where he really belongs. With Arsenal Football Club or with the enemies. You’re either a fan or you’re not. He doesn’t talk like a fan at all.

    All this rubbish about being ‘objective’ and you’re eternally looking for something negative to say on the media, about the club you claim to love is, exactly what I called it, rubbish.

    You find relevance only by pointing out the problems (real or imagined) and generally criticize other people’s efforts in a destructive and dismissive way, and that is all you have to contribute? You are part of the problem. Sorry. For me you are not a fan.

    You really think you’re the only one that sees all that you’re seeing what is wrong with the club? Really? Others don’t see or know what you know? Or you think they are less courageous than you. Think again.

    It takes way more than the average level of boldness and courage to support a team when it’s not doing well and things are not going okay. Way more.

    Sticking your neck out for the club you love, when it makes you look stupid to do so, is what makes you a real fan in my book. Some of us would rather look good and politically correct in our own eyes than shut up or put up when things go south for Arsenal.

    You can never look good to the enemy once you decide to be an Arsenal fan. Let that sink in for a minute. You are their enemy. Sometimes you need to choose where you belong.

    Right now, if you’re vocal about your support for Arsenal and you still holler your support in the face of clear deficiencies, you’re my man (or woman).

    1. So if a former player criticises (which is his job as a pundit btw) Arsenal management then he is an ENEMY of Arsenal according to you

    2. @Gunnerphilic.Bravo mate! You represent for me the true fan.Defending our club from attacks from people who proclaim themselves to be Arsenal fan.Your courageous words also may be applied to some of the commentators in this block who persistently are trowing negative rubbish into our players and personnel of our club.We need unity in these difficult times,there will be time at the end of this season to judge how good or bad have everyone performed.

  4. its only Jan window not the summer window

    not many players are available and want to move in the winter window

  5. I’m glad that the club is not too concerned about impressing some has been that has gone and sold his soul to some daily rag. F this guy and f what his paid opinion is about Arsenal’s transfers.

  6. OT: I know a lot of people may disagree but in my opinion if mustafi can cut out his silly mistakes he will be one hell of a defender.
    His attributes are plenty:
    He can pass a ball
    He is quick
    He has worn the most aerial duel out of our defenders when played or should I say his headed clearance and jump power is up there with the best defenders in the league..and I tell you these attributes are what Mikel Arteta sees that made him say he believe mustafi has a future in Arsenal.i just wish he could concentrate more because I believe lack of concentration makes him committ the silly errors he usually committs. And yes I can never fault his willingness even when he is having a bad game he just continues…

    1. I also believe Mustafi could benefit a lot from Arteta’s system, because it’s more advanced and more organized than Wenger’s and Emery’s

      Just need to find a more combative and more creative no 10, then it can ease the DMs’ and the defenders’ burden

      About Nicholas’ comment on our new recruits, nobody knows whether they would flop or not. That’s why Arsenal chose to loan first, to avoid another 72 M flop

    2. Its not just lack of concentration but lack of confidence as well which leads to his mistakes,under MA he seems to be getting that back…

  7. If we win today we can move up to 9th,just below spurs and if spurs lose today which i hope they will,the results this week have been pretty good for us.


  8. Charlie is a idiot like Paul merson. When you about the transfer window positve comes to mind we gain 3 players even if it be on loan but we can now asses and see if they’ll be assets or liabilities and decide to keep them on or let them go so well done. Paul claims arsenal is no longer a big team cause we sign players that other teams don’t show interest in and he himself didn’t even know about Cedric being available. So Paul did you know about martineli before we signed him so no you a nobody and the people doing the scouting at the club is somebody cause you clearly pass your sell by date enough said too all those losers that have bad things to say about the club especially old players that use to play for arsenal.

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