Former Gunner urges Arsenal to bring Wenger back

Arsene Wenger left his role as manager of Arsenal Football Club in 2018, and his former player Martin Keown has called for him to return to the club as a member of the board.

The Frenchman is our longest-serving manager after clocking up 22 years in charge, and is considered a legend of the club.

His achievements are talked about every season, having led our side to complete the 2003-04 campaign without losing a single league match, earning the title of ‘Invincibles’.

Despite insisting that he was open to taking a new job after leaving the Emirates in the summer of 2018, no club managed to persuade him to take over the reigns, and he has since joined FIFA in a role that concentrates on the progressions of youth.

Martin Keown however insists that he should be given a new role at Arsenal, especially given the manager reiterates his link to the club regularly.

“Wenger was a visionary. He should be in the board room,” Keown stated.

“The alternative is what he’s got now – no official link to Arsenal Football Club when he should be sitting proudly in the board room.

“When I hear him talk, he still says ‘us’ and ‘we’. Have Wenger on the board and put his expertise to use.”

Despite the criticism’s that Wenger received in his later years as head coach, nobody can doubt the impressive job that did over the years, including guiding us through the expensive building of our spectacular new stadium whilst still keeping us very much competitive.

Our former defender Keown then moved to insist that a statue should also be built in his memory outside our new ground.

“Before him, we finished 10th, fourth, 12th, fifth in the Premier League. Then we won three titles with him,” Keown said .

Wenger will always be rated amongst the best managers to ever grace the English game, and a place on our board could only move to help our club, with many worries over the direction of the club at times.

Should Arsenal bring Wenger back to the club as an honorary board member? Or would a statue in his memory more than justify his time at the club?


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  1. His statue is long overdue. I would also havehimback preferably as owner, next as CEO and lastly even as honoured guest in the directors box eack week. But on no account should he be involved directly in team matters.

    1. Jon, looking at how relaxed he looks now, I’m pretty certain he wouldn’t want to be – he looks years younger and looks so relaxed.

      What an Ambassador he would be for our club, not only in the world of football, but outside of it too.

      Agree with your post completely – hope you are both safe and well.

      1. Thanks a lot KEN and our best wishes for you and your family too. I have no doubt at all how greatly Wenger elevated our clubs repution worldwide, despite the dragging chain of Kroenke and Gazidis in his last approx decade.

  2. Sorry Martin, but we’re still cleaning up the absolute mess that he left!

    Do we really want Wenger back, advising the club to only buy attacking midfielders? Haha!

  3. he should not return at any capacity

    he should move on to other roles or manager other clubs

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