Former Gunner urges Arsenal to keep star man, by signing top players

Robin van Persie has urged Arsenal to sign world-class players in their bid to persuade Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to stay with them beyond the expiry of his current contract.

The Gunners have been in talks with Aubameyang over a new deal for some time now, but progress has not necessarily been made.

The Gunners are keen to keep hold of him, but he hasn’t committed his future to them as he considers whether he can achieve his career goals with them.

He has been the club’s key player since Mikel Arteta became their manager and he scored all the goals in the semi-final and final of the FA Cup as the Gunners won the competition for the 14th time in the just-concluded season.

Van Persie was speaking about his former side this season and he claimed that a top player like Aubameyang will want the club to sign top-class players because he will want to play with players that are on his level.

Van Persie told Stats Perform News as cited by the Mail: ‘Arsenal would like for him to stay, he hasn’t really come out yet with his opinion. He got asked the question after the FA Cup final and he didn’t answer so I don’t know.

‘I don’t know what he thinks, I don’t know what Arsenal have offered him and I’m not really talking about money, I’m more talking about players because players like him want to play with world-class players. He is a world-class player in my opinion, and he wants to be surrounded by world-class players.’

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  1. I was so heart broken when RVP divorce us, and now this he should know better or is he a hypocrite.

    1. I’m really tired of you fans getting on RVP’s back. A man went for what was good for his career, achieved it and fans like you are keeping grudges. Like RVP owed y’all nothing, and how can you say he’s an hypocrite when he’s saying the truth??
      You want the club to sign world class players, you say it and it sounds good to you, but when RVP says the same truth, he’s hypocritical??

      Who’s the real hypocrite between both of you?

    2. Had he advised Auba to stay, I would have then agreed with the hypocrisy stuff but he did not so I see no hypocrisy in his comments because it was exactly the same reason why he left. He wanted to win laurels with us but realized we were not ambitious with the team. I believe he can see himself in Auba and is only telling Arsenal fc to do the needful in order to keep our star man.

  2. Robin Van Persie is not a hypocrite in his advice regarding support for Aubameyang.
    The story always was (never denied) that Van Persie, as Club captain in 2011/12 and having scored a club record of 35 goals in 2011, went to see Arsene Wenger and put to him a list of players he thought Arsenal should approach to strengthen the squad. Van Persie going into the last year of his contract, wouldn’t sign an extension, unless he was convinced that Arsenal had the ambition to compete for trophies.
    Wenger, to his credit obviously didn’t lie, that the squad would be improved by even offering alternative players. RVP announced on 4 July 2012 that he would not be signing a contract extension at Arsenal, after 8 years and 132 goals for the Club.
    Arsenal didn’t want to lose RVP on a free, so he was sold to Manchester United and pushed them over the line with 26 goals and the “golden boot” to win the EPL in his first season in 2012/13.

  3. RVP is correct when he is suggesting that Arsenal should sign world class players to keep Auba. Auba is our most important player, a messiah for us, and Arsenal should sign at least 1/2 players who are top class, to convince Auba of the Arsenal project, and the target should be at least to play in the CL, which Auba clearly deserves. Auba should feel that the Arsenal project is genuine otherwise we will lose him if Barcelona decide to go after him.

  4. RVP may be correct, but is he totally stupid or naive Is he aware of the Global recession and the fact that this particular former Club of his simply does not have the resources to buy “world class” players, whatever they are.Am I correct in saying that Ozil was once considered “world class” which to me should be applied to only a few current players of which KDB is one.

    1. Grandad, it could also be argued that thefinancial fallout from the global pandemic will impact on all clubs revenues, and top class players may need to be moved on.
      The most important thing is to target scarce funds to buy quality players to address the known deficiencies and imbalance in the Arsenal squad.
      Arsenal must avoid players just because they are a lower price, when they don’t meet that criteria.

  5. Obvious and honest statement from a a player who joined early and stayed committed to this club until as many realized the lack of ambition and chance to win titles. Not talking about Cup but EPL or CL.

    For him to say this shows that his heart is still a gunner & for life.

    Same for Henry, Viera to only name 2, Kos left for that beyond BS offer they made him, he asked at Top CB for years and they refused. Brought Luiz, extended as we know.

    We are not at all able to compete even for EL unless Cup win. Not in EPL where we are midtable. 10th before last game , fortunate 8th in the end is midtable.

    Just look at other clubs in market. Wolves won’t let Traore go but bring players to keep him or sell him over 100M and strengthen their team anyhow…

    Spurs about to splash and complete their team to compete for title, forget about Chelsea, no mention 2 Manchesters, City 300 millions are to sign Koulibaly and top players.

    Chelsea let Luiz go and now Willian to get Havertz tells it all but not to Arsenal portion of spoiled fans living in dreamland in a total nightmare that midtable represents to some of us as Van Persie…

    This portion of fans are helping Kroenke to ruin this club & our image mainly. Shameful spoiled brats who thought top 4 with a minimum and failure because used to it. Now all hyped up for Cup for EL!

    We would not win Cup in a full stadium nor be midtable but bellow 10th…

    In all reality, sad to say so but Covid may has saved our season!

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