Former Gunner urges Mikel Arteta to offload this one Arsenal player

Ian Wright advises Mikel Arteta to get rid of Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi.

Arsenal has enjoyed some resurgence under Mikel Arteta as the Spanish manager begins his spell at the Emirates.

The Gunners have played two games under Arteta. They drew at Bournemouth on his debut before Chelsea came from behind to beat them on his home debut this weekend.

There have been marked improvements in the team’s performance and their morale, however, Ian Wright still believes some players have to go and he has pointed to a defender that Arteta has to get rid of next month.

After watching Shkodran Mustafi in the game against the Blues, Wright insists that Arteta has to make selling the German a priority after another poor showing.

“Mustafi was absolutely petrified of him [Tammy Abraham],” Wright said on Match of the Day 2, referring to Chelsea’s winning goal.

“You have got someone like Arteta coming in but there’s nothing you can do to coach a defender of his experience now, those are the type of players he’s got to be looking to get rid of.”

Mustafi has been Arsenal’s worse defenders for some time now. The German was never in contention except every other defender was injured under Unai Emery.

Arteta has given him a clean slate to start with, but he has shown that he probably doesn’t deserve it.


  1. Jim will fix it says:


    All the above are in the same boat and all should be sold on in Jan and better reinforcements should be bought in! These guys are mid table Bundeslige type players at best, that is the equivalent of a Norwich City in the Premier League! If you want top 4 then push to get better players then we currently have! If you want 10-15 league position, keep going as we are!

    1. Will says:

      Leno, ok mate 🙄

      1. Jim will fix it says:

        Most errors leading to goals in the premiership since 2017! Stats don’t lie and we should not ignore them either! If that was Ospina we would be crying out for another keeper…just saying 😏

    2. Dun Mutono says:

      I keep reading posts of ‘good players, good players’. What do guys mean by good players? Good players are just made. If I give the example of Leicester City, who of those players would you say are World class? None for me. But they have pushed their team to top four.
      The other example is Liverpool. I personally do not think that Mane, Salah and Firminho are the best in the World. These guys are just hard working. In fact the reason Arsenal lost to Chelsea on Sunday was hard work. If Arsenal had been as hard working as they were in the first half, we wouldn’t have lost that game.
      Liverpool players like Alexander-Arnold, J. Henderson, Robertson, Milner to mention a few are just hardworking players. They are not the best in the World. Arsenal needs hard work now, not so-called good players, because the World has run out of talented players.

      1. Lanert says:

        @Mutono…Your just stated my mind. Good point man👌. There are less than 30% world class players in the world right now, clubs just do with the materials available while it’s personal to the players to work up to the mandate.

      2. ozziegunner says:

        👍 👍 Character with a capital C, workrate and commitment.

    3. Jonm says:

      According to gimme sport In an article dated 29 December, Leno statistically is the best goalkeeper in the premier league.

      Here is a link to the article

      This is what they said
      “ The best goalkeeper in the Premier League this season, statistically speaking, has been Leno.
      The Arsenal stopper has conceded 28 goals and kept just two clean sheets from his 19 games.
      But he’s had a lot to do. He’s second in the Premier League with 76 saves this season (behind Dubravka). Leno is also yet to make an error leading to a goal.”

      Obviously the last part is no longer true but he has been excellent. He makes one mistake and the other 76 saves in the PL are forgotten and he should be out. Apply that logic and we will be changing our goalie twice a season.

      1. Jim will fix it says:

        Incorrect stats! He is leading the charts for errors leading to goals!
        Also how can Lloris be number 2 when he hasn’t played much this season lol

  2. ken1945 says:

    Whether one agrees or not, it backs up my opinion that the squad is not full of mentally frail, weak dross.

    Rather, now we have a competent coach, players are responding again.

    I do agree with Wrighty, but let’s ensure we have better replacements for him and xhaka (?) before weakening our squad further.

    As for letting Leno go, what is that all about?

    1. Reggie says:

      Ken, leave the dross bit out but that is exactly what our squad is because thats why we are in the position that we are. You only have to look at the antics of some of our players over the last few years to see that they are mentally frail and weak. Its funny that nearly everyone outside this club view us that way, so lets not kid ourselves we have a squad with no balls and not a lot of fight when the chips are down. If i was in a war, i wouldn’t want many of this lot fighting with me because they would let me down. We have a few flat track bullies but no fighters when we need them.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Reggie, then I’m afraid we don’t agree again.

        What I saw against chelseawas not mentally frail and/or weak players. Neither would those types of players got us to a europa final, fifth in the league, or going further back, win a fa cup final.

        There has been a marked improvement in just three games under MA and I am judging the squad on that, not what UE did to this squad of players.

        Just as so many of our players have been written off by some on here, so those players have responded to proper coaching and a man who installs confidence in them will get the best from them.

        Only time will tell, but I’m not going to crucify players who have been mismanaged, played out of position and judged to be dross, when I saw the performance against chelsea – the crowd sensed it, let’s see, before judging once again.

  3. Liam says:

    Why are you letting Leno go ? First real glaring error of the season and been our player of the season without a shadow of a doubt. If we get good money for Saed then yes but if not it would be stupid too sell with Tierneys injuries and form. Xhaka and Mustafi Elneny(Milan) will all likely leave in January. Sokratis in the summer and Luiz likely too see out his two year deal. If we can replace with better quality I would add Chambers, Lacazette and Bellerin too your list.

  4. Sean says:

    Leno – stays. Put a better defence infront of him and he will be fine.

    Bellerin – needs competition as he isnt ready yet. Rushed back.

    Luiz, Papa & Mustafi all need to go. They arnt good enough at all or have lost it along the way coming to Arsenal.

    Leaves Chambers, Holding, Mavrapnos and Saliba. 2 experienced heads to replace the 3 above is needed 1st a foremost. Teirney in injured so jury still out but we need a LB and can see kolasnic maybe moving on.

    Xhaka is leaving, needs replaced as soon as he leaves the Emirates and can slot in along side DM Torreira.

    The defence and holding midfield areas is what needs to be focused on as attack we have until they leave (Auba, laca) a great forward line. Ozil will not be going anywhere on that wage and nobody will pay that much for him. Cabellos there too until the summer.

    It wont happen properly until the summer but if we could lighten the load in Xhaka, Mustafi and replace them what would be a great window. Then the rest in the summer.

    1. David Braithwaite says:

      Trying to sell the number of players some people are calling for mid season is asking for trouble. Certainly if we can find players to replace poor performers such as Mustafi then by all means we should.
      However to attempt to replace 5 first team players in January with better players is unrealistic.
      Leno has been one of Arsenal’s best players this season and some people are asking for him to be sold. Do these fans honestly believe that this is what a reasonable and responsible manager should do?

      1. ozziegunner says:


  5. Mogunna says:

    Non sense, first player to be sold in defense is Sokratis!

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