Former Gunner urges Saka to do ‘hard thing’ and reject Man City

Theo Walcott has claimed that it is ‘such a hard thing’ to turn down Manchester City, but he believes that Arsenal youngster Bukayo Saka should do just that.

The 20 year-old has enjoyed an amazing three years in the first-team in north London, earning the Arsenal Player of the Season award in just his second year with the senior side, and is in the running for PFA Young Player of the Year for his most recent campaign also.

His consistency since breaking into the first-team is almost impossible to overlook, and while there was reported interest in his signature last summer, he is now reported to be of interest to Manchester City ahead of the upcoming transfer window.

Former Gunner Walcott is keen to see him continue at Arsenal for a number of reasons, not only because the club is better off with him in the side, but because he will enjoy much less football should he make the move to the Etihad also.

“Well, there is obviously a transitional stage at Arsenal, that Mikel is part of, and Saka is massively part of it as well,” Walcott told talkSPORT.

“The younger crop of players at Arsenal coming through, I feel as though the club need to keep hold of him, simple as that.

“Obviously, when Manchester City coming knocking on the door, it is such a hard thing for any player really to turn down.

“He is very young, but I feel that he likes the area of London in Arsenal, the fans have been fantastic, and at the Emirates, which is one of the best stadiums I have ever played in.

“He has great support, and I will be intrigued. My heart says he will be at Arsenal next season, and we will see after that.

“He needs to understand that the playing opportunities will be limited at Manchester City. He will, of course, be more likely to win things, but it is not saying Arsenal won’t win things.

“I think they are in that phase, they are slowly starting to get there. They would have taken fifth at the start of the season, given how it went.

“I am hopeful he will be at Arsenal next season, I am pretty sure of that.”

While I agree that he has to stay, I’m not completely convinced that he would be ‘limited’ to few minutes in the first-team at Man City. In reality, he has played a little too much football this season, due to his importance in our side, and that has left him jaded at times and playing through it. At City he may not have such a weight on his shoulders, but he appears to thrive at Arsenal where he is loved, and now would certainly not seem the right time to be looking elsewhere personally.

Do you think Saka could be tempted by a move away this summer?


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  1. I miss Walcott with Jersey number 32.that guy had pace to burn.the way he destroyed maldini at sansiro.

  2. City are not even interested in him and we are here talking about it.And walcott should tell that to the anti MA troops that we are in transition cos they seem TOO THICK to understand when real fans explain to them.

    1. Most fans will understand once the transfer window closes and we sign the players we need also if we sign the players needed to move forward.

      I mean we’ve finished 8th twice where MA put us then blew 4th and celebrate 5th where Emery was sacked for finishing. Then the fact MA has been given more money than Emery. And continuing with Emery the player Nkunku comes to mind after Emery came from PSG he wanted nkunku but the board knew better and now look at him. IJS a lot of fans are frustrated but if that’s being “TOO THICK” then no problem

        1. As I’ve also stated Emery wasn’t backed like Arteta was. Wanted zaha got pepe wanted nkunku for between £12m to £17m didht get him either and now nkunku valued upwards of £70m

    2. So those who don’t support Arteta are not real fans right? I think you should stop making such remarks cos it makes you appear as one who knows absolutely nothing and would therefore resort to saying anything no matter how horrible it sounds just to make up for your lack of ability to properly make sense of what you’re saying to your audience

      1. We all have an opinion on Arteta but the season is finished if I recall correctly! Can’t there be a truce for a few weeks? We have next season to have a verbal punch up over the rights and wrongs of this coming transfer window and a possible lowly league position come September. Perhaps then, Jah son’s rants about Arteta being gone by the end of September last year will come true this time around. I’m sure he’ll be back if it all goes wrong.

        I hope not of course, not because I’m an Arteta fan girl but because I want the last 2 plus years to have been worthwhile in going through a difficult transition from one very long term manager to a new one. In many respects the whole executive management was rotten and fortunately they got culled as well as some of the players. The Raul’s of this world have a lot to answer for. I’m hopeful that the club is at last moving in the right direction

  3. “Tempted”? Of course he will be tyempted with the chanc eto play undr Pep or Klopp(who is also rumoured as interested in him). PLAYING IN A SIDE LIKE THOSE TWO WOULD TEMPT THE DEVIL HIMSELF.
    But I believe Walcott reads it correctly and that he will not leave this summer. The season after though, depends almost entirely on what happens at Arsenal THIS season.
    IMO. i DO NOT SEE HIM SIGNING ANY NEW CONTRACT WITH US WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE A GET OUT CLAUSE . I predict that get out clause will be , most reluctantly, offered to him , under pressure from his agent and that he will then sign it. But it is really dodgy , from our point of view, even so.

  4. If I was Arteta ,I would jus let him go but with swap deals..I’ll get Jesus and zinchenko for free.and then buy more players after that

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