Former Gunner writes off inconsistent Arsenal chances of qualifying for Europe

Former Gunners striker Kevin Campbell is not confident that Arsenal will qualify for Europe next season.

Kevin Campbell has admitted that he doesn’t trust Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal to deliver European football this season because of their inconsistency.

The Gunners have been struggling to put together a run of wins this year even though things have turned around for them at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal crashed out of the Europa League at the round of 32 and that means they now have to secure a European place by winning the FA Cup or finishing inside the Premier League’s top six.

They have the chance to move up the league table but they haven’t shown enough consistency for them to be backed to make the top six.

Campbell admits that there is the opportunity for Arsenal to finish the season in a European place, but he reckons that they don’t have enough consistency to achieve that.

He told AFTV: “Do you trust Arsenal? Because I’ll be honest, I don’t.

“It’s not negativity, it’s what I see.

“Let’s be honest, it’s what’s been going on for far too long. They’re not consistent.

“When the pressure’s on, they can’t rise to the occasion.

“I’d love to be proven wrong, I’d be the first one singing their praises, but I just don’t see it.

“Can they do it? Yes, they’ve got the ability. But the trust? It just isn’t there.

Arsenal has continued to get better in the Premier League and a win against West Ham this weekend could see them move further up the Premier League table, depending on the results of the teams above them.


  1. His opinion but bad energy.
    When the pressure was high on at Stamford bridge, they rose to the occasion.
    True that we have been inconsistent but Arteta’s Arsenal gives me the hope that we can make it.
    So far as there is an opportunity,
    We never say die!

    1. Not sure how the truth is “bad energy”? I also cannot see how we qualify for Europe, unless Arteta does something radical and permanently drops 4/5 of our consistently underperforming senior players (which won’t happen).

      I also like the direction we’re heading in under Arteta, but the poor guy hasn’t got a lot to work with.

      1. The truth is Arsenal can make it for Champs league soccer. He agreed that there is the opportunity. He will therefore not write us off especially if he really had analysed MA’s Arsenal well.
        Sticking to negative over the positive is bad energy and we are going to prove him very wrong come June.

  2. I wonder how some people analyse football. Before Arteta took over we were almost 15 points if not more than behind top 4,today it’s just 6 points and a game in hand, when you say they can’t turn it up when there is pressure I will also remind you to go watch all the games since Arteta took over because probably you might be watching from the back of your television. I love you kelvin Campbell but don’t make me hate you as I hate Merson

    1. “Hate” is a strong word to use concerning people you disagree with. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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