Former Gunners discuss Liverpool almost going unbeaten, Arsenal fans will not like what Ashley Cole said

Arsenal hasn’t had the best of times in recent seasons, as a matter of fact, they haven’t won the Premier League for over a decade.

However, the last time they won it, they went unbeaten the entire campaign and that remains a record.

It took around 100 years from when Preston North End first achieved such a feat for Arsenal to repeat it and the Gunners almost lost it last season.

Liverpool won the Premier League and Jurgen Klopp’s juggernaut was in inspirational form.

They swept teams aside and went 28 games into the season without tasting defeat.

Fortunately for Arsenal and unfortunately for them, they were beaten 3-0 by a Watford side that had spent the whole season fighting for their lives.

The Reds would still win the Premier League, but to Arsenal’s relief, they didn’t have an unbeaten season.

Ray Parlour, Sol Campbell, and Ashley Cole recently spoke about Liverpool almost beating their unbeaten record in a video titled “Invincibles reassembled”.

Parlour said: “Where were you when Liverpool lost to Watford? I didn’t see that coming, Liverpool were very close. I certainly celebrated.”

Cole responded: “History is there to be broken, I want somebody to beat it.”

Campbell then stepped in by saying: “Really? Coley, come on Coley.”

Before adding: “We beat a record that stood for over 100 years.” Before adding: “Give us 100 years.”

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  1. Why would I be surprised by what Cashley Cole said?
    He was never a proper gunner.
    He’s always yapping about how he’s a Chelsea fan and easily praising Chelsea above Arsenal, so why would you think we’ll be surprised?

    Sokratis-out (should finalize next week)
    Kolasinac- Out soon (Should be around 10M, he has several offers)
    Bellerin- Arsenal want 35M upwards.
    Let’s hope PSG don’t back out.
    Lacazette- Could be heading to Athletico.. *(Could).

    The club apart from raising money for transfer needs to free wages of players that are ineffective

    1. Eddie,

      Always appreciate your opinions
      and transfer updates.

      IYHO what is the probability that
      this will be Arsenals starting 11 by

      Leno (Mart)

      1. There’s a high chance that line up would be it… IMHO… I see 85% chance of that happening, because Partey remains priority right from day one, and Arsenal are trying to raise funds for his transfer. So there’s a high chance Bellerin would be part of the sacrificial lamb.
        There’s a high chance of seeing that line up next season, very high

        1. Sue, the positivity just keeps coming – never doubt it, class is permanent and those pictures prove it!!!
          In Mikel Arteta we trust 🙏

  2. I do wish Ashley Cole and our fanbase called a truce.

    He was, without doubt, the best LB I ever saw… Tierney does look like he could be on par of course.

    1. Maybe Cole (being the “professional”) should stop antagonising the situation and keep his mouth shut? After all, he knows what he’s doing and the fans will always grow a deeper hatred against him!

  3. Yes, but we are talking about a professional who should be a role model for fans to look up to, not down. By saying things like that he obviously knows it will not go down well so why say it in the first place?

    1. If you were pilloried at every opportunity, called Cashley Cole etc etc why would you not react, especially when one set of fans treat you so differently to another.

      Once again, it seems fans think they can do or say whatever they want (aka Xhaka) but become complete snowflakes when players fight back in the same way.

      I said both sides should call a truce… what’s the point anyway?

      1. Very difficult when emotions come into it. Football or otherwise

        By the way
        If Ozil finds his way back into the team then all the doubters-which as you know includes me – will be pleased for Arsenal. Such unpleasantness has upset the balance between the fan base

  4. What is it with Ashley Cole & Arsenal Football Club, many years after leaving to join Chelsea, he still this bitter emotion, one hopes he doesn’t carry it with for life, whatever may be the cause of his bitterness ought to have dissipated by now after all, he once called Arsenal home. Grow up Bro.

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