Former Gunners insists Arsenal ‘badly’ need a signing this month

Paul Merson insists that Arsenal have ‘got to get someone in’ during the current winter window.

The Gunners have so much uncertainty surrounding their current crop of strikers, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s role in the side an enigma, while both Eddie Nketiah and Alexandre Lacazette have just months remaining on their deals.

Merson insists that we cannot afford not to bring in another forward given the circumstances, while he also predicts that it would be unlikely that Auba works his way back into the first-team this season.

“You’ve got to get someone in,” Merson stated. “Arsenal need a centre forward badly next season. No (I can’t see him playing again for Arsenal) not for me. I think Arteta has already laid that one out, he’s chopped his nose off there.

“He’s hung him out there to dry, it’s going to be some going by the lad to come back. It could do (impact their top four hopes).

“Not saying Aubameyang is going to get them in the top four though but they do need a centre forward.

“Aubameyang on form could get them there. I always think pick your best players but what’s gone on between the pair of them the manager and him needs to be sorted out first.”

It definitely seems like there is a lot that needs to happen before the Gabon international can walk back into the first-team, and with no guarantee that him and Aubameyang could potentially repair their relations, and a new arrival has to be the most reasonable option, although time is running out on our hopes of bringing one in.


Watch Mikel Arteta talk about Arsenal v Burnley and the pressure on the race for Top Four

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  1. We are now 7th with Wolves only 1 point behind us.

    Yes we do have some games in hand but Spurs are also ahead of us with a game in hand themselves.

    If we draw or lose to Burnely that will be very close to writing our season off

  2. Top 6 has always been the goal.
    Westham lost and have played 3 games more.
    I have always said Spurs and Arsenal will fill the 5/6 spots behind City Pool Chelsea and Utd.
    We are exactly on target.
    A EL spot wil mean we have a successful season.
    Vlahovic would make top 6 certain and top 4 possible.
    Trust the process

    1. If 6th is the goal then why was Wenger and Emery sacked ? It seems your continuously try to wind people up with your endless over the top positivity! And the trust the process statement has well and truly been played out!

      1. It’s not positivity kev, it’s closer to delusion. In fact it is negative to set a target to finish outside the top 4 for a club of Arsenal’s stature and history. Anything short of a top 4 this season and it’s a terrible season. Arteta has to go. Emery and wenger weren’t given a leeway to such low standards, I don’t see why Arteta should.

  3. Glass half empty, we lose tomorrow and we will be at worse 4 points out of fourth place with 17 games to go. Not exactly ‘write the season off’ territory in my book.

    Of course the glass half full perspective is that we win and move back into fourth. I know for some folks there is no point in looking at the glass half full because they are adamant that pretty soon Arteta is going to spill it.

    Fairfan I gotta hand it to you. You are consistent. Annoyingly consistent some might say but I must admit I get a chuckle out of the reactions your posts provoke in some.

    1. @Voyageur.
      The negative narrative run by the Arteta out brigade is annoyingly consistent also :).
      Remember at the start of the season no one was predicting top 4. Nobody. At 0-3 no one I swear no one on this site predicted let alone demanded top 4. Nobody. Even top 6 was dismissed some went as far as to say we were to be relegated. So our preset league position is way above any ones expectation after the 0-3. But the Arteta out brigade won’t admit that none of them expected top 4 after 0-3. As we climbed the table they kept raising the bar, up to 7th then 6th then 5th now 4th. if we get 4th they will then say if Arteta does not win the league next sason and make the CL semi final he has failed. They won’t stop till he leaves so they can say see I was right all along. Remember nobody predicted top 4 at the start of the season. Nobody. People now demanding top 4 after never saying that at 0-3 are just delusional hypocrits.

          1. “I swear no one demanded top 4 on this site “
            What are you on about
            I wasn’t predicting top 4 I was saying top 4 was the minimum so yes I have been saying top 4 all season and I’m not the only one ,plenty of others as well .
            F…F…. Or should I say Wyoming.

            I could put up a few older posts of yours if you would like just to show your trolling .

          2. Yes he did, and so did quite a few others like myself. Hold up your hands and admit you’re wrong when you say nobody expected top 4. Some of us did say if he didn’t make top 4 after 2 woeful seasons in charge, he had to go. Normally, we wanted him gone after the villa real game but clearly the board and owners are still as deluded as some ffans

  4. Wherever we finish, on one point I agree fully with MERSON. That Auba is finished forever at our club and our wise manager has correctly decided never to use this idle, self centred player ever again. Thankfully too!

    1. Soon as xhaka’s game ban is over, the “wise” manager will slot him right back in the starting 11. How about that?

  5. Wolves are looking good.

    Spurs have games in hand, and are playing better.

    Aston Villa look a better team under Gerrard, and are still in the market for one or two more players.

    The topic states that Arsenal badly need A signing in January.
    I totally disagree, Arsenal need TWO players in the Jan window.

    We also need that DM to help Partey shore up the middle of the park.

    Our defense needs to get back to keeping clean sheets again.

    As for the rest of you, debating how many angels you can get on the tip of needle……

    We need a top four finish to attract better players in the Summer window, and to keep hold of our young talent.

    Kroenke, forget giving Arteta a new deal, give him a top class midfielder instead!!!!!
    A place in next seasons UCL will help keep him more surely than a new contract!!!

  6. Is top 6 a progress from 8th+ FA cup ? Arguable
    Is top 6 a progress from 8th +community sheild? May be
    We can argue. You can add the FA to the 1st season to show a decline, it does not matter.

    Situation is that we are out of local cups, knocked out even by a championship team from FA cup, we have no European football and we invested significantly in the summer.
    Yes, we are fighting for top 4-6, and yes we had some good games.

    It is nonsense to say Arteta out now, while we are so close, and fighting for something, and fans should support the team until the end.

    But if you sum up all the facts, with due respect, I do not think top 6 is enough at the end if the season but it is important to have and we cannot give up or sack the manager mid season.

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