Former Invincible picks out this Arsenal defender for fault in Leicester goal

Ashley Cole has singled out Shkodran Mustafi for criticism as Arsenal gave away the lead against Leicester City last night in the 1-1 draw at the Emirates.

The German international along with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are the only players to have started in every single match since the restart, and is believed to have worked his way back into coach Mikel Arteta’s first-team plans.

Earlier in the campaign, Mustafi was labelled as at fault for a number of defensive lapses, something you haven’t heard of more recently, but Ashley Cole claims his decision making last night needs questioning.

Mustafi allowed Jamie Vardy, who has now scored 10 goals in 10 Premier League matches against our side, to cut across him into space for the goal.

‘I just don’t understand at times, you know Vardy wants that space,’ Cole told Sky Sports (via the Metro).

‘Yes he is good even with his back to goal, he can swivel and shoot, but you can’t give players like Vardy – who thrive off that little space in behind – chances to get across you.

‘They’ve got to all be compact, balanced and cover each other. And you know you’ve got to block that space. It’s too easy. It’s a great cross, but…’

Ashley then responds that if he was in the position, he would be seeing both issues.

He adds: ‘I’m seeing both of them. If I’m Mustafi, I’m maybe getting my arm out, I can see Vardy but I’m also covering David Luiz and then that will give Bellerin a little more time for cover. Now look at that, there’s five of them all on the same line.

‘There’s too much space between the six yard box and the penalty spot. There’s too much space for somebody like Vardy that thrives in getting in front of the goal.

‘So I’d be like, “Okay, let him cross it, I’ll cover the space. Anything that comes here, bang, left foot, it’s out of the park”.

‘But you’ve got to cover the danger. They don’t cover the danger and that’s what happens.’

Could Mustafi’s mistake be blamed on the lack of rest since the restart? Will Arteta have to be careful to consider using the German as a key player going into the new season?


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  1. Perhaps Mustafi could of done a little more to
    snuff out the danger but the German was once
    again one of the best players on the pitch, putting
    in a hell of a shift.

    Can we say the same for Auba?

    How many golden scoring opportunities does
    Laca need to put the game to bed and justify
    his $53M price tag?

    I would prefer if Mr Cole would continue to make
    comments on his preferred London team that,
    his legacy in the Red and White is forever

  2. Ah yes Cashley Cole ,like anyone actually cares what this bloke has to say .
    Go back to banging women behind your misses back ,that’s about your talent these days ,and leave the football to the professionals .

  3. A bit harsh on Mustaffi, he is much improved and gives his all but it is Mustaffi and he does and will have brain farts, just like a few others around him.

  4. He played in top clubs for top coaches, can see what coach used to point and repeat to him in training and wtaching videos. Spot on

    1. How was it a wrong change ?
      Laca cost us by not finishing quite a few chances .
      Only thing that cost us a bad refereeing decision.

      1. Spot on Dan, Laca and Auba were two of
        Arsenal’s worst players against LC.

        I guess ol Cashley fails to take into
        consideration the abundance of time Gray
        had to survey the scene before supplying a
        scintillating cross for the tying goal.

        Why point fingers of blame at whoever failed
        to close Gray down when the usual suspect
        Mustafi is any easy target for blame.

  5. Shameful. Ashley Cole should know better. Mustafi has been our most improved player under our current manager. Mustafi can teach him a thing or two about hard work and commitment to the Club.

  6. May be he could have done more, and so does Bellerin, but Vardy is super talented in these situations, credit where due. pointing defenders like they are main cause to goal is harsh, because they did well in 90 mins and that was a tough moment.

  7. and then there was Bellerin ball watching and not tracking Vardy = Mustafi mistake hmmmm

    sod off traitor!

  8. Ashley is a legend of the game, his take of the circumstance leading to the goal is spot on. We as Arsenal fans are too sentimental to accept facts. Commenting on Ashley’s personal life shows the character of some fans.Here the man is discussing football.
    Arsenal fans are too obsessed and sentimental with the players. Remember there are three types of players – Good, average and bad attitude types. Bellerin, Mustafi, Socrates, Luiz, Xhaka, Laca, Eleney, Mkhi fall in this category. They can take you somewhere in the table, do not count on them to win you silverware. A few good games do not make these guys world class. A short circuit blown off fuse decision is waiting to happen anytime. To challenge for trophies, we need better than these players. Ozil & Guendozi are players with limited abilities and a bad attitude. These need to change or get changed as they are the worst of the lot. Bad role models.
    Finally, I do hope Mustafi is well and his scars heal. And I do like Arteta expressing himself to the press, this will start making the officials think twice when officiating. Putting pressure like SAF used to do.

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