Former Italian player fires back at Aubameyang in defence of Arteta

Former Italian striker Antonio Cassano has fired back at Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after he said Mikel Arteta does not like to work with big players.

The striker had been a key player for the Gunners when Arteta was made the club’s manager.

However, he fell out with the gaffer last season because of his poor discipline and it eventually cost him his place on the team.

Aubameyang was banished from the senior squad towards the end of last year before he eventually secured a move to Barcelona.

Now back in England as a Chelsea player, his comments about the Gunners’ gaffer recently surfaced online.

The Gabon star has since clarified he didn’t make the comment now, but when he initially left Arsenal and the tension was high.

That didn’t stop Cassano from firing back at him. 

“Now Aubameyang is speaking as well. He dares to say that Arteta doesn’t know how to handle champions. When Arteta took Arsenal, in a general disaster, there were many players among that, and he was there too,” the former AC Milan man told Bobo TV, as relayed by Area Napoli.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Most people can see that Arteta has done a great job as Arsenal’s manager and his decision to cut off Auba has been vindicated by the transformation of the team after he left.

Arteta speaks ahead of Bodo/Glimt game in cold, wet Norway
“We have to find a way to win!

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  1. Being African has nothing to do with those players as individuals. Saka is of afrizan Decent. Thomas party a player who left athletic who at the time was in a much better position that arsenal. Past players like kanu, toure, Lauren.

    The continent you were born has nothing to do with your personality and professionalism as a player. Don’t be ignorant

  2. I completely agree with the section called Just Arsenal Opinion, the other part being just a report, which we already knew.

    Further, on the theme of players who leave under a cloud as Auba did, I do not share the often held views of other Gooners, who commonly wish players who were a harmful influence on our team AND our club, farewell and good luck!

    I love the club FAR MORE THAN ANY SINGLE EMPLOYEE IT HAS EVER HAD , WHETHER MANAGER DIRECTOR , OWNER , COACH OR PLAYER, NO MATTER WHOM and I only love those players who fully earn the soubriquet of legends; ie Bergkamp Henry Adams, Vieira etc.
    I have no time at all , never have , never will, for those who work against OUR clubs and team interests, by either coasting in games, or by being trouble makers, or doing the dirty on us IN ANY WAY AT ALL.

    It seems to me that SOME Gooners, a minority of course, seem to have more fondness for certain harmful influencing players than they do for the club itself.

    That seems to me to be a very muddled way of “supporting” a club which they claim to love. Just my take!!

  3. That Auba comment about how Arteta can’t deal with big superstars says it all. You can now clearly see the mindset Auba was in last season. He had convinced himself that he was this massive superstar that was too big for poor old Arsenal. And that he couldn’t take any command from Rookie Arteta.

    That’s the mindset / attitude that Arteta was dealing with behind closed doors while we had Arteta Doomers on here piling on with their personal dislikes / grudges / agendas.

    I am so glad that Arteta has had a very strong personality that takes no bullcrap from primadonnas that have bought into their own egotistical hype..

  4. Auba is not fair. Big players don’t talk like that. Your new bosses pick lines in your words. What if they see you the same way. Shut up.

  5. Both are doing well with their respective clubs ( Chelsea and Arsenal)
    I think Aub has a point . Arteta is doing well now with novice .

  6. let Auba focus on his Chelsea career and leave arsenal and our coach in everything we do in our life we have to always be disciplined but he feel because was making higher salary there was no respect for the coach so let him go and do that to Chelsea and he will see if that can be accepted

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