Former Italian star says Vlahovic was wrong to snub Arsenal

Former Italy international, Antonio Cassano has blasted Dusan Vlahovic for snubbing Arsenal to join Juventus.

The Serbian striker has just completed a sensational move to the Old Lady, becoming the latest player to reject the Gunners for the Turin side.

Manuel Locatelli had also said no to a move to London before choosing Juve in the summer.

Vlahovic is the leading striker in Italy in the first half of this season as he scored consistently for Fiorentina.

Arsenal needed a player who will score goals for them as a replacement for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

They identified Vlahovic as their ideal next top attacker, but he rejected their advances to the dismay of Cassano.

The former Italian international insists moving to the Emirates was the perfect next step for the former Partizan man.

He blasted via The Daily Mail: ‘In my opinion, (Vlahovic’s decision) is sensationally wrong. For the type of player I think he is, he needed to make an intermediate step to a team like Arsenal, Tottenham, or Sevilla, who signed (Anthony) Martial.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Sadly, we lost out on Vlahovic, but we need to become a stronger club to attract top quality players.

Every talented player will want to join a club that plays in the Champions League and challenges for titles.

Until we reach that level, we cannot compete with the likes of Juventus for the same players.

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  1. that was certainly not a complimentary statement directed towards us, albeit sadly spot on, but it did explain exactly why he didn’t choose us, as he didn’t want to go to an “intermediate step” team

    1. Not much to concentrate on is there?
      At least not for the next 30 hours.
      We now have a first team squad of 21 players two of whom will never get any where near the first team.
      What a joke. Arteta and Edu are a joke…

  2. I think this is a prime example of agents mentality, they wanted the big money now. Potentially putting a career at risk, as long as the get their payday they don’t care. The same thing happened to Ramsey, Rabiot, Dybala, Kusulevski and De Ligt at Juve. Fabregas, Coutinoh, De Jong and Dembele to Barca and Isco, Odegaard and Jovic to Real.

    They all made the jump to top top European clubs too soon only because the agent sees the pound signs flash before their eyes. There is simply too much pressure to enable a player proper development at these clubs now.they should be thinking of these clubs at 27 onwards. Don’t get me wrong some to hit the ground running but in the case of the examples above, they are not hitting the heights that saw these clubs go for them.

  3. But surely Arsenal should know before window starts whether player and his agents are interested or not ? They couldn’t be spending 3-4 weeks to hear no at the end. Most of this looks like media creation and Arsenal were never in the running. Only 1 day left and it is not looking like Arsenal will sign anybody. Probably mgmt is happy to take 6th place this year but for that too team looks short in some positions.

    1. Arsenal just got played in order to force Juve’s hand in January rather than the Summer.

      Chased Dusan like a jaded ex-lover despite being ignored by his agent and player never showing interest in “the process.”

      “The process” does not equate with ambition the last 2 years, and I doubt we’ll see any goal of top 4 mentioned next year either.

      Hear plenty of “patience” “process” and other excuses, enough to float a battleship.

      Before long we’ll be fighting to keep hold of our best players instead of asking for the last 2 or 3 key pieces.

  4. All we’ve done by chasing after this muppet, is show our desperation. Any player we go after here on, will be priced double.

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