Former Liverpool boss hails Arsenal’s record signing

Gerard Houllier has come out in the press to hail Arsenal’s signing of Alexandre Lacazette.

The former Liverpool manager is currently working as an advisor to Lyon, and has watched the French striker’s progress closely over recent seasons.

Lacazette has scored consistently over the past three terms, notching up 76 league goals alone, and has finally sealed his move to Arsenal, after a number of years under their watchful eye.

Houllier has now moved to praise the Gunners capture, giving an incite into his key strengths and what he will bring to the team.

GH said: “He is very mobile, very quick, good in short spaces, has good skill and he scores goals.

“He was the top scorer in France in 2014-15, the best player in the league in 2015 and has been the best French scorer over the last three seasons.

“He scores more than 25 goals every season. One thing he will bring to Arsenal is goals. His main asset is to score goals.

“He has good technique, is good at using short spaces and is a hard-working player. He can attack, he can defend quickly. I’m not surprised Arsene fancied him.

“He will fit in their game. He will suit their passing game, the way they build up, their approach. He is very good near the box.

“He is a bit like Ian Wright really. You don’t seem to see him and then suddenly he moves.”

The shadow striker praise is an exciting comparison, likening him to club legend Ian Wright, and he most certainly looks our best signing since Alexis’ arrival, and looks a worthy club record signing.

You can guarantee that Lacazette will score a large number of goals, and his fitness and style of play will only compliment our side.

Will Lacazette break the 20-goal mark in his first season? Does anyone doubt his ability?

Pat J

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  1. Needed a striker that can finish very badly, great buy! If we keep Ozil (and it looks like we will) then those two should have fun next season.

    1. lol Ozil and Xhaka rubbing their hands like birdman. Finally we have a striker who won’t miss tap-ins or sitters.

    2. You want a striker that can finish badly? We already had one of those before spending £50m+

  2. It doesn’t make sense

    He is very mobile

    You dont see him and then suddenly he moves

    What is he? To me it sounds like the guy described Henry at the beginning and Wright at the end. He sounds confused. I hope he is ok.

    1. This doesn’t happens in the same sequence.
      In general the guy “is very mobile” in his game.
      But sometimes when he looks like he is not in the match he can be just deadly, you don’t expect him and “then he suddenly moves” and scores…
      you don’t need rocket science to understand that…

      1. Really? Because a good striker is a good striker but it seems like you can’t get that.

  3. One apparent thing is that Wenger doesn’t break transfer records for nothing. He is extra careful before spending big and well experienced at that!! Laca is the man, be ready for great moments with a different kind of striker in Laca…..what are we gonna be singing in the stands for Lacazette when he tears defences apart??? LA LA LA LA LA Lacazette!!!!

  4. Arsenal have to sell Alexis fast and use the cash to get lemar and cavalho. Clearly Alexis doesn’t want to stay anymore. As much as I want him to stay, we got to concede defeat here. Let’s fit the missing pieces to complete the team early enough.
    Am confident Lacazette will score 25+ league goals next season

    1. unpopular opinion, I’d rather him leave for free next summer. Arsenal need to stop giving in to players and letting them go to rivals. If they want to be a big club, then you don’t help your rivals by giving them your best player. You’re saying this now, but I bet you’ll be complaining about Wenger and the board the minute Alexis is banging in goals for City, while we lag behind. If he goes for free next summer, so be it. We got some great seasons out of him, and he’s one year older now. We clearly don’t need to money desperately since we are already willing to hit 100mill in spending this summer. Arsenal should for once NOT choose money. Isn’t that the criticism the board always gets, and now people want the opposite. And since when did we need to sell Alexis to buy Lemar? And Carvalho is not so good tbh.

      1. I think.Carvalho could be very good on a different format ….. however I think Xhaka is playing that deep lying role and with 3 at the back and 2 wing backs working hard in tracking back we should not need a defensive midfielder… unless re sell Coquelin and Elneny and bring Carvalho on for both of them.. but seems Ramsey and xhaka are the main pairing now

        1. I don’t like Xhaka-Ramsey pairing either. Get a midfielder to replace Ramsey would be more ideal. We don’t need Carvalho anyways. Goreztka would be most ideal, but idk if Schalke are willing to sell. And Lemar is also capable of playing in midfield, but we have to see where Wenger will play him.

      2. There are no guarantees that if we keep Alexis we shall win the league. Neither are there guarantees that whichever team gets him will win the league. We had Alexis and Ozil and the Foxes won the league. We retained them and added Mustafi and Perez and Chelsea took the league. Arsenal’s successes and problems lie beyond Alexis’ departure or stay.

          1. Also Giroud Walcott Ozil should never start together. Two out of three is also bad. No purpose, Giroud has the most purpose of the three, but unfortunately he has the least legs for backing it up.

            I’d keep Ozil, and if Lacazette gets a long injury, I wouldn’t want Giroud stepping in. We know it’s not league winning results when it happens, so we’d have no-one to blame. But Giroud solely as a way of mixing things up could work, but again he should not be starting each week over a lengthy spell.

            One of the reasons why our issues run deep, is because these styles of players do not work together, not if we insist on ourselves being a title challenger they don’t.

    2. I actually agree. Sanchez’s attitude wil have a negative effect. Get Lemar then we have LOL up top. LACAZETTE OZIL LEMAR!

      We need to be more ruthless with people. No more of these situations where we are held ransom by players. The club is bigger than the individuals.

  5. Latest Rumours
    … Lemar has agreed personal terms/ contract with Arsenal but Monaco haven’t seemed to accept our bid yet.

    … Shakespeare said they haven’t received a bid yet for Mahrez. £50 million stumbling block

    … Alexis wants City move
    … Bayern still interested

    … Barcelona bid for Bellerin

    …. Szczesny to Juventus within days.

    …. Ozil says he can’t wait till linking up with Lacazette which implies Ozil is staying.

    1. As much as i love Sanchez no one is bigger than the club. If he wants to go keep him till his contract runs out he loves playing, he wants to win at all cost and he will want to show how good he still is which helps to command a huge wage wherever he ends up…remember what happened to Suarez at Liverpool…. he was sent to train with the juniors ….ended up aplogising playing well that season then sold to Barcelona……
      I wouldn’t want him to go to city next year but if he goes he goes. Just help to win the bloody PL before you go. ..on another note things seem to be genuinely heating up with Lemar. …..great news great team if we pull that off

  6. Some are comparing his game to Alexis!. I looked up his defensive stats (tackling & interceptions) ..he’s no Alexis Sanchez. He could work well with him but that hounding thing Alexis does – is mostly either in you or it ain’t. Stats don’t always tell everything – so I’d be happy to listen if some wants to differ slightly.

    Seriously!! looking forward to seeing them play ..with this guys shots to goals ratio, you’d expect him to do all right at the Arsenal!!. His creativity needs to be improved upon, and I think it will a bit – working with Arsene and better teammates you’d expect as much.

    Hopefully this signing will help us bag other French based players. It’s no secret that Arsene was at his best! when he involved fellow Frenchmen in the spotting/recruiting/playing areas of expertise. If Lemar comes – we’ll have himself, Lacazette!, Koscielny, Arsene, and Coquelin who already helped persuade AL to move. I could see similar future deals on the horizon.

  7. .. Well we all seem to be on the same page if Alexis wishes to go then it’s with shame and disregard that we say adios Amigos!!!…. But wait what if we’ve been fed with crap all the while and Sanchez comes around and say he’s accepted a 280k deal for 3yrs coz believe it or not there are two rumors coming out of Chile one saying he’s accepted tother stating otherwise and obviously the latter is been well propagated by the media

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