Former Liverpool star names Arsenal’s Cazorla over Gerrard

Florent Sinama-Pongolle has claimed that former Gunner Santi Cazorla had more talent that Steven Gerrard.

The former striker who was a part of Liverpool’s Champions League winning campaign of 2004/05, has played for a range of clubs since his early days at Liverpool, and has named those who he believes are the best he has played alongside.

While Gerrard has been named as the most complete player, he believes two others had more talent, and both played for Liverpool’s league rivals.

FMP said: ‘As a man, as a footballer, in terms of mentality, as a leader, yes he {Gerrard} had everything.

‘But in terms of just talent, in my opinion I played with more talented players. Sergio Aguero at Atletico (Madrid) was amazing.

‘Genius — every time he got the ball. I played with Santi Cazorla at Huelva and he was just “wow”. One of the best.

‘In training or in games, when Santi got the ball magic happened.’

The Spaniard was unfortunately hampered by injuries towards the end of his time at Arsenal, and has since set La Liga alight for Villareal.

The 35 year-old has claimed that he would like to return to Arsenal before he hangs up his boots however, although a possible return to the Emirates may be most likely as a coach.

He and current boss Mikel Arteta playe alongside each other at Arsenal, and are believed to be close, and the prospect of having both highly-intellectual footballing minds working behind the scenes would surely be a recipe for success.

Would Santi still be able to have an impact as part of our first-team squad? Could be be a great coach one day?


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