Former Man Utd star names Arsenal as the team he loved to beat

Patrice Evra had one of the most distinguished careers in English football as a player for Manchester United.

He played for close to ten years with the Red Devils before leaving them to move to Juventus in Italy.

As a Manchester United player, he played against Arsenal and all the other top English teams including Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City, but he claims that he enjoyed beating Arsenal the most.

Arsenal and Manchester United were the best and worst of rivals in the early 2000s and Arsene Wenger got his team to challenge United’s dominance of the English game.

They kept swapping the titles and whenever they met, there was almost always trouble, and Evra has admitted that the game bore more significance to him than fixtures with other teams.

He said as quoted by the Star: “Oh, Arsenal. I will tell you my philosophy. Winning against Manchester City was like winning against a neighbour. They’re making noise, you just win and it’s okay.

“Winning against Chelsea, it was like, you’re going to win the league. Because I think Chelsea was the only team looking exactly like us. I mean like in personality, characters, training, power and speed. I will say Chelsea.

“With Arsenal, I remember when (Robin) van Persie came (to United) and he said, ‘Come on Patrice, come on, you have to motivate everyone, it’s an important game.’

“I was like, ‘Robin, don’t worry, those are my kids – we’re going to win easy’ – and we won.”

Arsenal and Manchester United are now struggling to compete with the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City.

That apart though, I also found it very interesting what Evra says about van Persie’s comments. He really is a snake.

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