Former Milan star set for deadline Arsenal transfer?

This Brazilian forward that is now the subject of some last minute Arsenal transfer rumours has already been linked with a few of our Premier League rivals during the summer transfer window, including our north London rivals Tottenham and Manchester United.

But the name of Alexander Pato will not inspire much excitement in the Arsenal fans who have been hoping for a big name signing like Karim Benzema, unless they have been in a coma or have been out of touch with the football world for the last four or five years, because up until then the former AC Milan star was one of the hottest prospects in the game.

But the player who is still only 25-years old saw his career dwindle and diminish due to a string of injury problems and off/field issues. So after scoring Serie A goals at the rate of one every other game in his first four seasons at the San Siro, a couple of years later he was shipped off to Corinthians in his native Brazil. But that did not go too well and he was then loaned to Sao Paulo where he is currently playing.

However, Pato is now starting to rediscover the form that made him a star and although he would still represent a bit of a gamble, he does have the ability to play and impress for a club like Arsenal. The transfer rumours have gone into overdrive since the striker started following Arsenal on twitter, as reported by the Evening Standard and he is definitely available and for not a lot of money.

What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Pato , hulk , icardi , austin , gomis( 7£ release clause ) ..etc. Are not the big name striker that we were awaiting all the summer. But still all better than all our strikers

    1. If Arsenal don’t sign a player before the end of the transfer window I’ll vine myself rugby tackling an arsenal steward at the stoke game.

    2. oh..what?? what’s a signing it will be?master class Wenger..I always say that this man is a genius.master class move.sign of the season.he has all the qualities that Wenger likes…injury prone,cheap,will not replace his favourite Giroud…nonsense…stupid manager..what’s a Babbage? I know why…Wenger is paying Theo £140; giroud £ think he will bring a player to earn £150 and bench the other two top earning idiots? I think we will not see any big name…renewing these two contracts is the main reason Wenger is reluctant of signing a third heavy earner for the same position who will of course bench two of the most earners/among best earners in arsenal fc.deluded Wenger

    3. oh..what?? what’s a signing it will be?master class Wenger..I always say that this man is a genius.master class move.sign of the season.he has all the qualities that Wenger likes…injury prone,cheap,will not replace his favourite Giroud…nonsense…stupid manager..what’s a Babbage? I know why…Wenger is paying Theo £140; giroud £ think he will bring a player to earn £150 and bench the other two top earning idiots? I think we will not see any big name…renewing these two contracts is the main reason Wenger is reluctant of signing a third heavy earner for the same position who will of course bench two of the most earners/among best earners in arsenal fc.deluded Wenger
      forget draxler.Official: Wolfsburg Sign Draxler From Schalke

    4. We are not getting anyone. Useless coach and fked up transfer window. I have no hope and will just support the team, pretty much the same thing most of the players are doing. The players are upset with lack of transfer activity, players like ozil,Sanchez,cazorla and the boss demand transfers and big ones.

    5. Washed up at 25 on the beach in Brazil. Brush his disappointing a$$ off. Fourth place here we hopefully come!

    6. Gomis has been sensational so far..I think he is the same type as giroud, but stronger, faster and has much much higher work rate and willingness to fight for the ball..if it’s true that we could get him for £7M, then why the hell not take that gamble..

        1. I actually really like Gomis. He’s similiar to Giroud, however seems to be a bit more mobile and selfish (in a good way). Our biggest problem is that, aside from Sanchez, nobody likes to score goals. Everybody wants the assist so they look to pass first instead of shooting. Gomis would step in, shoot, and then declare that he’s the striker when people get on his case for shooting instead of retaining possession around the oppositions box. We need a selfish striker, or we need a left mid so that we can push Sanchez into the striker role. He could be like Suarez and Aguero, he’s got that ability and mindset.

    1. I don’t think Wenger is going to sign Pato
      Wenger will do some Kallstromm or Sanogo crazy things

        1. hahaha- morons actually believe getting pato an wengers done well.
          none of u tossers have season tickets, but have the loudest voices on here
          go figure

    2. wait a minute……..Pato’s injury prone?……. Definitely Wenger candidate………….. ENJOY THE PANIC LoooooooooooL

  2. one hundred percent better than nothing. need backup, walcott is clearly better as a winger. Even a loan spell could suit both parties. Just sick of lack of activity each window when we really need it. Stupid last minute buys are pathetic, but Arsenal have appeared somewhat pathetic recently so maybe it fits. WE NEED HELP! Maybe Henry could “help out” again.

    1. Even as a winger Walcott isn’t all that. He will get you the goals and assists from there against small teams. But when it’s really tight he won’t stretch the opposition he needs help from fullback almost always. Welbeck is the right winger in our team who stays out to the right the most. Ox moves in as well and Walcott also.

      1. There’s not many small teams anymore in the EPL. TV made sure competition will level out one way or another. You think Leicester can’t beat anyone at home? Or Stoke? Guess again.

      2. walcott has scored braces away at chelsea and mancity hes also scored one against manure and liverpool and a hattrick against which small teams are you talking about

        1. All that in 9 seasons, well done to him. I was saying he goes in too much from the right (withouit the ball), and because he does that he will score against the small teams and give assists. He will get the odd goal against a big club but it wont be regular. He doesn’t even dribble anymore.

  3. Wont be excited, but another option is better than nothing considering Welbeck injured and Theo injury prone.

    1. Looks like many don’t Like ur ICARDIC idea……….u are getting massive thumb downs………. Haha… LooooooooL

  4. I would be surprised if Pato will sign for Arsenal. Not very excited about it either. But hey, is a striker, isn’t it?

  5. I’ve lost my excitement. Wenger was swinging for the fences (of the Benzema, Reus calibre) but I fear all he’ll end up with is a quick single (of the Austin, Pato ilk). Sigh.

    1. Just realized European clubs can still sell to us up until 6pm tomorrow so, call me a sucker, some excitement has returned. Januzaj to Dortmund, does that start one of those dominos with Reus at the end?

  6. I read somewhere that nacho monreal just followed A.bilbao on twitter. And now many believe that he could be sold. I believe this because he has just a year left on his contract. Instead of getting a world class player on deadline day as many expect, we’ll be loosing one of our best performers #what a club

  7. Wenger we only want top top players….. So where are they then wenger?? Hernandez was available from utd for £9m! Hes a clinical finisher and the crazy amount of chances we create would suit him

    1. u didn’t see that look on Van gaal’s face at giggs…….. When chicharito missed a close range goal against club brugge…….. Did u?……….that’s all in the past tho….. Chicha’s off to Leverkusen…….say bye to the plane up ere! Byeeeeeeeeee

    1. And of course get Diaby, Squillaci, Santos and Denilson snapped up as well! What a squad would that be, depth in all positions, man… and guaranteed depth down the EPL table too.

  8. Well i guess Pato will be better than nothing, it will a gamble but at least its something. Though Icardi would be a much better option!


    LooooooooooooL! “Jeez” is pained

  10. There is a possibility (small) of :
    In: 0 or average LB
    Out: Monreal

    If that happens, I will officially be part of the “Wenger Out” Brigade. Monreal has been one of our Top players. He is better than Gibbs.

    Hopefully,we will NOT lose him.

  11. But but but but Mr wenger said he would only sign an improvement and a player that will automatically be a starter. Pato?… I once felt he’s past his best though he is still 25. Balotelli is also 25. But i also think they have both played their best. I maybe wrong though. Infact i will like us to sign him because he’s south-American and the produce the best strikers in the world.

  12. Wenger be like.

    No no. I am not going to disappoint you all. I am going to, hurt you, rlly, rlly bad. 😛 Wengersmile

  13. lol at the tweets from arsenal fans regarding monreal possibly leaving.

    im actually crying with laughter

    this window is turning into a shambles..all u can do is laugh

    1. @muff……….someone on ere attacked me for “LooooooooooLing” ……… Can’t even be sad anymore!

  14. Breaking news
    Welcome Cavani
    Welcome Cavan
    Welcome Cava
    Welcome Cav
    Welcome Ca
    Welcome C
    Well Walcott isnt that bad

      1. True, enough muff – who would have thought this conversation would have been possible 2 years ago, the fans in meltdown with the thought of Nacho leaving!!? Shall we give the manager some credit here – only joking? Lol 🙂

  15. SoOpa AeoN

    you need a psychologist.

    this transfer window seems to be getting to you.

    replying to every comment with dumb quotes.

    you seem stressed talk to gigi 2

    1. @Nayr……..Hahahahahahaha…………just having fun………. Can’t blame me……i’m hale and hearty…….. The shrink is ere to see u sir!

  16. The only way that Wenger will go is if he drops dead.

    Unfortunately that is not likely to happen anytime soon so expect another huge bumper long term contract and more summers like this when all we sign are washed up goal keepers from Chelsea who are more prone to blunders than the players they were bought into replace.

    Arsenal don’t deserve the huge support they get – no ambitions and no money.

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!

  17. If Monreal leaves. I stop watching Football, will start selling ‘Nachos’ on the streets…near Emirates

    1. Arsene in France not associated with any commentary duties as TF1 did not renew his contract last year

      higuain could be left out because of the kind of players argentina have vietto/messi/aguero but who knows

  18. Arsenal have so far cleared up £320k/w from their wage bill this summer. (Loans + transfers)

    big singing ?????????????

  19. Well fellow goners, it’s that time of the window again. Place your bets why Wenger didn’t make a signing:

    – the window was 1 September? Dayum I thought it was 31 July

    – my car broke down

    – Neymar’s phone couldn’t get a signal

    – Benzema couldn’t get 4G and wifi was down

    – Arsene? Who is Arsene? I am

    – will Cavani be happy to sit on the bench? He can’t displace Giroud from the first team

    – Too much paper work, bro. Can’t be dealing with that shit at my age

    – WTF Dick Law. Why are you trying to sign someone that isn’t from Ligue 1 *throws hot coffee in Dick’s face*

    – I had shampoo in my eye

    – Shit I had 1 sept booked as annual leave

    – Afobe * Wenger bursts into tears*

    – iPhone 6 is too big!!!! I dropped it and it stopped working. Get me an iPhone I can use one handed and I will sign someone

    – I gambled it all on a Utd win. Damn you, Fergie

    – I signed someone but we went for a drink and it got out of hand and now I’m having flashbacks and trying to find him.

  20. Why has it to be deadline day to maybe find something? End of season is the key but again he just won’t pay for the best players. He lives in hope that he finds a player for £5 and turns him in to another sick note. I look at our team and then look at I don’t no man city cheese Stoke and so on and there players look like men but our lads look like kids. Apart from FQ who shows some fight we don’t have a true leader. Look at BFG not playing? Shit he gets paid silly money but can’t take meds for the best of the team. I would like to say that our CBs were solid and that should be enough to keep him out of the first team but AW won’t do that will he as he likes players to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Rambo drop him not playing well enough simple play the OX week in week out and play TW because out team is about speed and he will start to score. Thing is with OG he just don’t have it and 9 times out of ten he will only put one away when we are up by 2. CB needed DM CF and a coach that can change a game with out feeling he has upset his player. Things need to change and change now. 2 great managers out there for next season PEP and kloop. Me I would get kloop in to the club now so he can see how things are done at the club. Kloop as number 2 then take over now that would be the signing of the summer

  21. Am I right in thinking the following/
    France, Germany, (already closed) italy and Spain are all finished for business as of 11 tonight?
    If this is the case is Europe and the rest of the world still open for business until 6 pm tomorrow?

  22. There are a lot of better strikers out there like Caicedo from espanyol that one and i’m not a professional scout. Wenger messed up, he kept talking about the right qualities the right person to fit Arsenal but i’m sure he is going to get someone who doesnt fit us any at all. In my opinion when everything is considered, Jackson Martinez was the perfect signing for us this summer.

  23. I’ll be okay with any good addition to d squad…just hope he isn’t refereeing in a handball match in Rome with few hours to the closing of the transfer window #gutted

  24. Wenger was snapped on camera drinking Heineken. two bottles were already empty on the table in Paris.

    Meanwhile Dickles Dick law was snapped playing golf in the US.

    Enjoy yourselfs my fellow friends. don’t die because of some belly full people.

  25. Not until Christ comes shall Wenger cease reading between the lines.Every man and his dog know the missing piece to complete Arsenal’s puzzle but Wenger seems not concerned at all.We fans still hope the boss ‘ll surprise us in a few hours though status quo is most likely. Otherwise we are good for top four as usual

  26. I would be chuffed with Pato, knows where the goal is has good movement and can play Giroud. And as he probably wont play every game, plus is 25 and hasnt had too many injuries the last 2 years, we won’t be dependent on him so injuries wont be too worrying.

    Hope we get him.

    It looks like we approached for Icardi, but got knocked back.

  27. Out of tune guys, i said that because Wenger is the most outdated, foolish, scumbag manager that I’ve ever see in my life, for cry out loud is Wenger the f****ng owner of Afc cuz the last time I checked Arsenal own by a bunch of people f**k Wenger now i see the reason why Mourinho called him a failure. come end of 2015-16 season another 4th place and endless trophy season for Arsenal again fo*k Wenger i hate you because there’ll be no better trophy for the Gunners until f***ing Wenger vacates his ass out of the club b***h.

  28. My world soccer app notification keep blowing up on my phone all day today telling me how all European foot ball club signing players even the non division’s clubs i keep checking on my phone every minute to see if arsenal is amon on those signings I never see anything that says Arsenal sign @ least not even a player from MLS, it’s so sad for the Gunners PLEASE GOD SAVE ARSENAL FROM ANOTHER DISASTROUS 2015-16 SEASON

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