Former PL striker believes summer issues ‘affected’ Aubameyang

Troy Deeney claims that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is ‘going through one of those moments’, after he put in another dire performance for Arsenal against West Ham.

The Gabon international was misfiring on Thursday when he failed to put a number of clear-cut chances away, and wasn’t much better on Sunday where his side resurrected a result from a 3-0 deficit.

Aubameyang was eventually substituted with Gabriel Martinelli replacing him shortly before the equalising goal was scored by Alexandre Lacazette, but was seen to celebrate the equaliser as he was behind the goal at the time it went in, and unfortunately that may well have been his most memorable moment of the match.

Former Premier League striker Troy Deeney claims something was off with him, as he wasn’t only off-target, but he didn’t play in his trademark style.

“He wasn’t great yesterday and I think there was a moment just before he came off where Lacazette gave him the ball on the left,” Deeney told TalkSport listeners.

“Normally, he’d have a touch and shot and he took one, two, three touches and got caught out. That’s when you know when someone’s not in their normal rhythm.”

“Let’s be honest he’s a top finisher but normally it’s one touch, shoot.

“Normally strikers have a favoured position and that’s his in the box and he’s going through one of those moments.

“He had a short pre-season and the contract stuff affected him.”

Deeney was then asked his thoughts on how the manager handled the situation with Auba supposedly turning up late on matchday.

“I think Arteta handled it perfectly,” Deeney claimed. “If he was late, whether it was 30 minutes of 30 seconds, he was still late.

“He certainly made a statement because if he’d lost that north London derby he’d have been absolutely hammered for that.

“I think he set a statement and said it doesn’t matter who you are.”

Do we believe that Arteta was right to punish Auba? Do we believe that his contract situation of the summer has affected his entire season?


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  1. “Do we believe that Arteta was right to punish Auba? ”

    Jesus!! Mate don’t you get tired?!!

  2. He must be tired as he stays awakes all night thinking up articles to disrespect not only the manager but also the club.

  3. Agree with Eddie and Declan. Can we just let it go?

    I’m more interested in how quickly folks around here are willing to discard Auba, not just as captain but as an Arsenal player.

    Short memories. And to think we moan when players show no commitment to the club.

      1. 👍 👍 👍 👍 Done to death. How Aubameyang has reacted says more about Aubameyang than Arteta.

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