Former Premier League ace predicts the top four

Arsenal’s loss against Aston Villa will raise questions about their readiness to return to the top four.

After winning the FA Cup and Community Shield last season, the Gunners entered this campaign hoping that they would get back into a Champions League spot.

They have also done a lot of work behind the scenes, signing top players with the hope that they would provide the edge over others in the top four race.

The Gunners have been underwhelming in some games this season. Losing to Manchester City and Leicester City is permissible, but losing at home to Aston Villa is simply unacceptable.

Troy Deeney was speaking to Talksport and the former striker revealed the teams that he thinks will make it into the top four, and it is negative with regards to Arsenal.

Deeney accepted that this season is an unpredictable one, but the Englishman was clear that he didn’t think Arsenal would finish inside the top four, just like Manchester United.

He told Talksport: “I think it would be very naïve to say this early in the season that top four was done. This season is crazy.

“You are going to see some unbelievable results you never thought you’d see.

“Who thought we’d see Villa beat Liverpool the way they did, and the way they beat Arsenal in the manner they did.

“I think the top four, personally, will have Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea and [Man] City. Not in that order.

“I still think Liverpool will win it; City second and then it’s a toss up between Spurs and Chelsea.”

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  1. ….and that is being realistic. I totally agree. I believe Arsenal will improve on last season’s performance but will still fall short of top four. The only defenders who are close to consistent good performance are Gabriel and Tierney. Our strikers are stuttering in front of goal. We still need creativity in midfield. When you look at Deeney’s top four, they outclass us with the ruthlessness of their strikers and creativity in midfield. Defensively, all the top four six eight teams are still unstable.
    Bottom line, Deeney’s current prediction is right. It might change, though.

  2. Sounds accurate. I’d also expect Liverpool to win it. Not convincingly, it’s just that no other team really looks that impressive. Besides Spurs actually, but they’re natural chokers. For us, again we’ll be lucky to be back in Europa.

  3. Right now Deaneys choice looks the most likely top four to me too. I see Leicester as the main threat to it. HOWEVER, I deliberately wrote “right now”, for a good reason , as this season it is already clear that there will be a great number of unpredictable scores and results and it COUD well look very different by Christmas.

    You can only predict from where you are now, BUT if you think deeply enough, you can at least SENSE many of the likely changes and pitfalls ahead. There are so many pertinent matters like injuries , duration of them etc, that no one can accurately foretell.

    1. Quite right Jon
      I’m forever changing my mind so far this season. There is no consistency anywhere yet. It’s the strangest situation

  4. Looks about right to me though there could be any one of Leicester, Everton or Southampton taking one of their places.

  5. Chelsea is my pick for first as long as Lampard leaves the team alone. Liverpool second, City third and Leicester forth.
    The spurs third from the bottom I hope.

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