Former Premier League ace reckons Arsenal needs to ignore the fans and just keep rebuilding

Former Brighton star, Glen Murray has urged Mikel Arteta to ignore the noise from the Arsenal fans and focus on rebuilding the club.

The Spaniard has been tasked with making them a top club again and he has been backed with the signing of new and young players.

It takes some time to rebuild anything, but some Arsenal fans aren’t prepared to wait too long.

Even those who understand that the club had been in poor shape before Arteta became their manager want a change of fortune.

This could force the Spaniard to change his tactics just to bring the results being demanded.

However, the former Premier League ace, says Arsenal’s current average age shows that the Gunners are looking to become a dominant Premier League club in the future and not now.

He says a younger squad means Arteta can mould them into what he wants and urges him to shut out the noise from the fans and carry on working behind the scenes.

“To have that average age (24) at such a big club they’re looking to dominate the future, they’re not looking to dominate right now,” Murray told Sky Sports as quoted by Football London.

“You asked Jack (Wilshere) would Mikel Arteta prefer a younger squad, I think it’s easier for a manager’s first job to come in I think he’s got a young energetic and mouldable squad.

“They’re not carrying any of the previous baggage that some Arsenal players have carried and not carrying the pressure of some of the fans. I think they need to, with all due respect, shut out the noise of the fans and just keep working.”

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  1. I am firmly with MURRAY and what is more I regard many of these daily doom mongers who are quite incapable of ever seeing anything good or worthwhile in Arteta whatsoever, as harming our club.

    In short, its enemies and therefore mine too. But what reassures me is not that they are wrong but that they will not get what they want.

    The club are clearly gong to back MA for far longer than even I thought until recently. No owner would have allowed a spend of “all” that money pre season and just after the start IF he were going to sack the manager .
    They can rant all they like(and they will, predictably too), as they will not be getting their way and to my mind at least that is NOW very clear.

    Even many of the doomsters will have worked that one out, whether or not they will ever have the guts to admit it on here.

    1. So Jon, anyone who criticises MA is an enemy of yours and therefore the club?
      Let me remind you that you have criticised MA quite a few times yourself, even AFTER he spent the money kronkie gave him.

      Am I now to sit back and not ask questions, legitimate questions I would add, after witnessing two games of such differing levels (as an example) in case you come “gunning” for me?

      As it happens, I’m still on the fence when it comes to MA, so does that make me an enemy of the state, a spy, a pacifist, a rebel, or a turncoat to be shot at dawn?????

      I sometimes wonder where you are coming from, with your criticism of our fanbase, but as the film title says “Carry On Regardless”

      1. Ken lets quote my carefully chosen EXACT words KEN, instead of your normal self distortion of precisely what I said, shall we!!
        I did NOT say “anyone”, as YOU may notice, if you re-read my post and this time PROPERLY! Did I??!!

        I actually wrote “daily doomsters” instead!!

        Now while it is perfectly possible that YOU are unable to distinguish the word “anyone” from the phrase “daily doomsters”, to my, admittedly pedantic mind, they are two very different concepts.

        I have much respect for you KEN, both as a man and dedicated supporter but when you , as you so often do, misquote my carefully chosen words, you insult my intelligence, my language skills and my integrity and I DO NOT RESPECT ANY OF THOSE THINGS.

        IF , which I DO NOT, I had wanted to write “anyone” which as you noticed , would have included me , you and many other wise fans on here, then I would have done so. But I DID NOT!
        Please treat my words with the courtesy of properly quoting them and then, having done so and if you wish, feel free to disgree by all means.


        Finally and to sum up, it is those who are simply unable, in ANY circumstance or post they ever write, who I regard as “daily doomsters” , not those like you and I and such other respected fans as Sue P, who harbour doubts and express them from time to time but who still support our manager in what he is trying to do and who do not seek to constantly undermine his every move.

        Care to reply to my PRECISE words Ken, as I’d love to hear your reply?

        1. Jon, I quote:
          “I regard MANY of these daily doom mongers”

          They are the carefully chosen words you wrote… is that not true?
          To make it easy for you to check, it is found in your very first paragraph.

          Now, as a seemingly uneducated person, the word “MANY” indicates to my unrefined brain, more than a few.

          As you cast you net high and wide when castigating a section of our fan base, along with the fact that I have criticised MA on many occasions, I simply became one of the “MANY”… surely you see that is how it comes across to those of us who actually question and do not blindly follow our manager?

          Of course Jon you are NOT one who blindly follows, because you have also been very critical of MA yourself, have you not?
          Not on a daily basis I grant you, but you have questioned his suitability on “MANY” occasions… I certainly have and will continue to do so, when it seems errors are occurring – won’t you?

          So, to take your post to it’s extreme, you have also become your own worst enemy.
          Padantics can be used by anyone, even such as me!!!

          It doesn’t matter if one questions daily /weekly or fortnightly, every single Arsenal fan supports the club and, while I might disagree with their views or written word, they are not my enemy – simple logic that seems to be beyond that highly intelligent IQ of yours – they are supporters with a different viewpoint.

          How does that grab you for a reply?

          1. “How” ? Rather poor actually old chum, as you still refuse to take my point!
            PERHAPS I have prevously overestimated YOUR ability to fully understand plain English!
            The” daily doommongers” who whom I refer are those such as Reggie(especially Reggie), Dan Kit, Logic and a few persistent others who NEVER ever say anything positive or optimistic about MA.

            They post extremely often , hence ” many of these DAILY doomsters or doommongers”. NOT “MANY OF THOSE WHO FROM TIME TO TIME EXPRESS DOUBTS” ! Do you see the clear difference KEN!?

            They do NOT include, as I MADE CLEAR IN MY REPLY, THOSE LIKE YOURSELF , MYSELF, SUE P and many others who quite naturally harbour doubts. BUT who also still support and trust in things to get better, even if they have doubts.

            Doubts are fine , natural and to be expected. BUT DAILY DOOMSTERS ARE HARMFUL to our club and as such ARE my enemies.

            IF YOU, EVEN NOW, CANNOT UNDERSTAND THAT VERY SIMPLE AND VERY PLAIN EXPLANATION KEN, then perhaps it is pointless debating this further with a man whom I have til now always considered intellectually bright, somewhat educated and most importantly who can properly understand plain and clearly written English.

            Perhaps, I sometimes have to wonder, he PREFERS NOT to properly understand it!!
            In other words, he pretends not to!!

          2. You put in a nut shell ken jon has become his own worst enemy. Problem is he has no respect for people’s opinions and has to resort to insults.

          3. But I do understand quite clearly what you are saying my old friend and sage.

            Anyone who disagrees with you, like Reggie – Dan kit – Logic – Phil and now myself it seems are not loyal Gooners, because they don’t think like you.
            I notice you are not disagreeing with my “quoted” text, so at least that point is agreed.

            Jon, I have no grievance with you, as I can debate, argue, agree and even joke with the best (and I include you in that) when it comes to The Arsenal.
            I get it wrong plenty of times, but I would never call another Arsenal fan my enemy… no matter what the circumstances.
            Perhaps I have misjudged YOUR intelligence my friend, at least when it comes to The Arsenal – let’s leave it there, before Pat bans us.

      2. Repeat post to Ken, hoping my long and detailed one that failed to appear will now show up. Everytime I make my FIRST post on any theqad ir appears, BUT my second and subsequent ones never apPear though sometimes they finally show up, but only much later.

        Anyone else experience this frustration, though I know some of you have, as I read posts also questioning Ad PAT AS TO WHY THIS HAPPENS!?

    2. You’re being a little extreme here Jon. People on here are not your enemies – disagreeing on the way forward is just a difference of opinion about the way forward at a club we all love.
      Neither Murray nor anybody else of any note has called disgruntled fans their enemies, as we all ultimately want the same thing.
      I think it is both unwise and dangerous to use such emotive language and potentially encourage animosity between fans who are not so far apart as you may imagine they are.

      1. guy, Please read and read carefully if you will, my reply to KEN as it applies to you your post too. Both you and Ken need to understUnd that I am skilled in language and frequently use nuances in writing. But to equate your word “people”(and Kens “any”) with my own phrase “doomsters and doommongers” is not accurate and fails to treat your own understanding of our common rich language properly.

        I do not apologise for the inability of others – whether or not that applies in a more general sense to you too – to PROPERLY understand PRECISELY what I write.

      2. Repeat post to guy, in the hope that my detailed and long post that has failed to appear will now as if by magic , reappear!

    3. Im not sure why you even come on JA jon fox, you are only interested in your own opinion, nobody else is allowed one according to you and if they dont agree with jon fox they are not intelligent enough for you. What an horrible attitude you have. Is it really worth debating with you anyway. We arent allowed an opinion. Funny i thought this site was about different opinions but you dont think so. Before you start slagging others off you need to look at your own failings first. Oh i forgot, you dont think you have any.

      1. Hi Reggie.

        Purely to bring some balance here, it must also be said that those of us who try to see where that club is going and have got behind it (and however testing at times have never put the words “sack Arteta” in one single posting on here) have been labelled “mugs” “Senile” and having “ half a brain, or not one at all” to name but a few choice descriptions.

        Again, purely for balance and airing something that gets right up my nose.

        1. AJ
          Unfortunately, it’s the bullying tone. Calling Grandad a w**ker – or virtually that, was a real low for me because that was a personal attack on a man who I’ve found to be reasonable- even if I don’t necessarily always agree with him.

          Having a point of view about the direction of the club or the manager is what is important and getting that across with proper debate too. I know that frustration can get the better of us and when it got the better of me, I apologised to those concerned.

          1. Hi SueP.

            Yes, I saw the thread you refer to above and was a mixture is saddened and annoyed.

            We tend to form a mental picture of fellow posters on sites such as J A, and coupled with their particular views on “all things Arsenal”, a perception of whether we “like” ( for want of a better word) them is formed and played out.

            The above given the fact we have never ( or are ever likely to) have met.

            I’m guilty of “losing it “on here in the past. – and have regretted that.

            I think it’ also the case that the written word can be read in a way it was not intended to be when written – often coming across as somewhat harsher when this was not the original intention.

            Adult debate should be the bedrock of sites such as J A, but all too often comments too quickly descend to mud slinging.

            There are some on here I definitely have respect for, and look forward to reading their views.

            I have to say you did NOT deserve the response you received on here recently, nor did the two or three others named.

            Still, onwards and upwards eh.

          2. You debate the opinion, not the person. We only really know the opinion, we dont know the person, unless they get personal, which isnt what this site is about. If someone cant accept that someone else has a different opinion to yours, they are just bullies and control freaks as far as im concerned.

          3. Well said Reggie and as I know Phil personally, to tar him with one post, is absolutely ridiculous.

            Just as Jon has declared those of us who question MA as his enemies is ridiculous.

            Grandad treated the post perfectly in my opinion, by just ignoring it and all this hand wringing nonsense against one person’s post, should be taken into context.

            A saying that I live by is this:


            Grandad obviously didn’t, others obviously did.

      2. Do read my reply to Ken above Reggie , as you too have chosen to misinterpret PRECISELY what I originally posted.

        HOWEVER the phrases “daily doomsters and daily doommongers” DO apply to you and perhaps more to you than ANY other single GOONER!

        1. Jon, i have no problem with your opinions, its your put downs that are basically unnecessary. You are entitled to your opinions 100% but putting down the writer is 100% wrong. Stick to your own opinions and people will have no trouble. Your opinions are not “more intelligent than others” they are your opinions. I like to challenge peoples opinions, i like to make them explain their thoughts and i ignore some because i think they are silly but unless they get personal with me (i go back at them) i just challenge what they have wrote. Its not nice to demean someone either for their intelligence.

          1. But to stick to the point I made Reggie, you did choose to ignore the point I made about YOU and especially you, more than almost any other GOONER, being a “daily doommonger.”

            Why is it always you who NEVER, EVER, sees anything whatsoever good or worthwhile in MA?

            YOUR constant “put downs” of him make you something of a hypocrite in calling ME out for put downs , I suggest!

            And I, as you are too, are merely a fan but our own squabbles do not harm our club. But to consistently and daily, sometimes several times each day, PUT DOWN the man who is doing his best to improve our team is deeply unfair, harmful and not the action of a true supporter Reggie.

            Think on that and then please change your constant attacks on him!

          2. And i suggest jon if you have a problem with my post, please ignore them, i wont miss your insults. You are the ultimate internet bully.

          3. Reggie Though I reserve the right to talk about you and use your name as an example of someone who harms our club by your constant unrelenting doom and your unrealistic expectations for our club tobe top or nearly so all the time, I will no longer debate directly with you.

            It is poinless and I have more many mature folk to debate with. Just telling you, so that you know.

  2. This team IS incredibly young so we need to keep Lacazette….Apart from Auba and Partey (Xakha is injured)the core of them team is very juvenile and therfore WE will suffer a lot especially away from home….

  3. “The club was in a poor shape before Arteta became the manager”. Arsenal has never been worse than now during thr time of Wenger and Emery. Where does Murray get that information from? Only Wenger found the team in position 12 on the log before his arrival. He took the team to top for 20 consecutive seasons. Emery finished 5th. Now Arteta is worse. How are we expected to pin our hopes on someone who has never done anything spectacular?

    1. Koma, with all due respect, and from your comment, it seems that you could be a very new fan as Mikel within six months won the FA outclassing Pep & Klopp! If that is not an achievement, than what is? Well you would say Wenger? Winning 7 FAs in 22 attempts? Or 3 titles is 22 seasons? Or ZERO in Europe in 22 seasons?Top 4 is just a statistic, not a piece off silverware.If that is your defination of success, than I leave the discussion here itself as I do have a different defination of success. Better to finish 17th and win the EL rathen than finish top 4 and be spanked the following year in the UCL as that was the norm under Wenger.
      As for Mikel, the team he inherited was a bunch of overpaid, underperformers, rotten attitude, back stabbers, Unai Emery is a fine example of how the players let the club and fans down, as he won the EL with VR ousting Man U with a team of virtual nobodies, yet our “star studded” team fell short, with Iwobi (the player maligned by the Ozil fan club) getting us the consolation goal which the so called “starts” could not /did not want to do.

      1. I’ve been Arsenal fan since 1999. By beating Klopp and Pep is it an achievement? Wow! You can protect him as much as you like, but the truth will always surface. Arteta can’t win against Brighton and Brentford, but you wanna tell me that it’s a rebuilding process

      2. Loose Cannon, you live on the fact that MA won the fa cup within six months and beat klopp and Pep…. let’s look a little deeper into this “incredible” win….. something that AW did of course, but that’s another story.

        Any idea of the team that day?
        Martinez – Wenger signing
        Holding – Wenger signing
        Luiz – Gazidis signing
        Tierney – Gazidis signing
        Bellerin – Wenger signing
        Xhaka – Wenger signing
        Ceballos – Loan deal
        AMN – Wenger signing
        Pepe – Gazidis signing
        Lacazette – Wenger signing
        Aubameyang – Gazidis signing.
        Yet you call them back stabbers, overpaid underperformers who never finished below 6th in the league and who you, apart from four players, have consistently wanted out of the club….Hmmm fast forward to the Brighton game:

        Only two of the starting eleven above started this game – Tierney and Aubameyang (on a reported salary of £300,000 a week, sanctioned by Arteta of course).

        What did we witness?
        An overpaid, underachieving, underperforming, lacklustre bunch of players, who had no idea how to combat a well drilled team, giving their all, being superbly coached by their manager and doing this game in and game out.

        That’s how teams finish in the top four on a regular basis (let’s say twenty years on the trot as an example) while also winning cups with so called “dross” players.
        Unless you have another explanation other than consistency?

        The Iwobi fanboy comment made me smile, as he was yet another Wenger signing and someone you seem to miss.

        Better to win a cup than finish top four?
        Well, once MA has achieved EITHER of these things with his players and signings, perhaps we could start comparing him with AW and UE.
        Really pleased that you acknowledged seven fa cup and CS wins means something though – let’s hope that MA can achieve something else that you dismiss as nothing by finishes in the top four (instead of eighth), especially without those dross players, but even that wouldn’t be good enough for you, so it looks like a new manager…… unless of course, you use the tired old adage of “there’s only eight teams in the league” and we don’t mention the £150,000,000 plus spent replacing that cup winning squad of Wenger/Emery dross.

        Thank goodness he’s got Saka and ESR though, reportedly our two most valuable players and, of course, our future…. not sure how your going to live with the fact that they were both Arsene Wenger’s signings, given their opportunity by Unia Emery and being overplayed by Mikel Arteta, but let’s see how the season unfolds.

    2. I do agree with what your saying in terms of were are not in the greatest position at the moment but it will take time. Arteta did win an FA Cup in his first 15 games I’d say that was decent considering the squad he had.

      Again everyone forgets we had an aging squad. A squad that was 2 years older than they were when Wenger left to when Arteta arrived. This has a massive impact on a teams performance when players are losing a yard of pace and their endurance drops especially in the modern game. Plus the attitude of alot of the players stank and were happy to sit on their massive contracts.

      Things definitely needed to change but first and foremost behind the scenes.

      1. Lampard was sacked for top4 finish, even though he didn’t sign a single player. You are protecting someone who spent more than £150million and cannot win against small teams. It’s unbelievable, because this is destroying Arsenal

        1. Spending the money Arteta has spend and not competing with Brentford and Brighton is nothing to do with rebuilding or a process, it lack of ability.

          1. Lack of ability of the players or manager. Brighton are a decent team especially at home and we had to change our entire squad 24 hours before kickoff against Brentford. Going into games with the youngest squad in the Premier league. The last point proves this is a rebuilding project mate.

            I see what your saying I’m not saying Arteta should not be judged. But he should be judged from this point on because he has his team now. Don’t forget when you consider Gabriel and Thomas were injured for to thirds of last season. And we played with 5 new signings all starting against Brighton mate.

            The team need time to gel and we’ll se where we are come new year and beyond. After that it’s not a decision me you or the rest of our fanbase can make.

          2. James, like you thinking and I can’t disagree with most of it.
            The point that I can’t get over though and let’s forget everything up and until the spud game is this:
            How can two such completely different performances be explained?

        2. So your comparing Lampard when he arrived at Chelsea and his squad to Arsenal’s squad when Arteta arrived. Thats abit unfair considering they had a way better squad but we won silverware. Our squad had already failed to get 4th for both Wenger and Emery. Lampard was sacked because the following season he spent 270m and signed Mendy, Chilwell, Harvertz, Ziyech, Silva, Sarr and Werner. And his results were terrible and Tuchel become available. So I see what your trying to say but the comparisons don’t exist

          1. Lampard was sacked because he wasn’t getting out, what was being put in. Tuchel got far more out of Chelsea within two weeks than Lampard. The manager made a world of difference with exactly the same players. Thats exactly what is happening here and what some of us are saying.

          2. Can’t agree more Ken consistency is a massive issue, the boys have had 4 games together now. I’m not using is as an excuse for the team or the manager but conditions were terrible compared to the Spuds game. The boys can’t be fair weather players though. I don’t think for one minute Arteta said now we’ve shown what we can do do the opposite lol. Even in the Spuds game we were a different team in the 2nd half.

            I think this is the risk with having a young team their game management is still developing and therefore will suffer against more seasoned players like Brighton had. Plus Brighton were very clever with tactical fouling to prevent breaks nothing major but enough to slow the game.

          3. Then James, shouldn’t MA have adapted to Brighton’s tactics?
            I take a more positive view than you regarding our second half performance..
            The defence were superb, well drilled and contained Kane and Son to a consolation goal with a few minutes left.
            MA’s signings have been excellent and the spud performance must, surely, be the measure for all concerned at the club, to expect?
            That’s all I want and ask for anyway.

  4. Tbh ladies and gents everyone should have an opinion. I think the issue is for Jon Fox and for me is, some fans don’t have an opinion until Arsenal lose.

    Then it’s the same old broken record and the shit different day. Arteta didn’t do this didn’t do that, why didn’t he play Ozil why did he sell Guendouzi, why has he sent Saliba on loan. Its like ground hog day when we don’t perform and the same “opinions” surface with no context or subjective thought. Taking into account and rembering the situation that got us here, what has been tried before and what succeded and what failed and ultimately what we need going forward.

    I believe the club have chosen the right direction in signing young players and promoting from Hale End. Expensive signings like Ozil and the like never paid off, signing experience like Sokratis and the like never paid off, the same with signing players with the wrong attitude and mentality like Ozil and Guendouzi will never pay off. We had to sort out our recruitment and stop buying players in their late 20’s. All who had heavy depreciation on the transfer value or zero sell on value at all.

    Even though the jury is firmly still out on Arteta, I will back him until the club see fit to get shot and then the next guy comes in then I’ll back him. That’s my job I’m a fan and that’s my duty to the club I love. Fans get involved in the political part of football to much, trying to get involved and trying to control the uncontrollable.

    But going back to my point if we were to let Arteta go, who would we get in. SueP said something in another article in regards to Ole at Utd. Is the fact that Utd havnt sacked Ole purely down to the serious lack of candidates out there. Have the too opted for continuity instead, Utd have a load of dead wood they too can’t shift. They have let alot of player leave for nothing like Memphis and Ander Herriera whilst keeping players like Fred and Matic around.

    The same could be said for the gunners, who is out there and most of all who would be interested we know Conte isn’t cause we don’t spend enough and I wouldn’t want him tbh. We only got Emery cause he was sacked by PSG after all otherwise would he move from PSG to Arsenal. The only 2 managers I want are currently managing Ajax and Beyern Munich, are they going to swap them for Arsenal at the moment????

    The fact is we as fans will never change anything at the club and what the Kronkes want to do, we certainly can’t force the yanks out. So we have to do what we can and support the boys.

    On the actual artical Glenn Murrey is spot on with his assessment. His comments are not going to please the critics in our fanbase. But I think the club have basically put their fingers in the ears and already blocked out the noise. There’s still alot of work to do in the coming year but I’m more confident that we’re doing the right things to build ourselves back up, even though others might not be willing to be so patient

    1. None of what you have said, guarantees any success. Some are hopeful of a turn around, some dont know and some think the club is going in the wrong direction. The only thing that i care about is Arsenal foitball club that will be here after Arteta has had his turn. The truth is nobody knows what sort of Arsenal He or this owner are going to leave. From my perspective a poorer one and until i see any different i will keep saying so.

      1. What will guarantee success Reggie, a new manger, new owners or a new squad. I assure you none of it guarantees success fella. If its not the right mix then constant change is pointless doesn’t garantee anything

          1. Have you ever heard of the saying “backing a lame horse” not saying we are but tell me what tells us backing Arteta is going to work given time. Which most big clubs dont do. Someone mentioned OGS being backed by utd, strange both OGS and Arteta are both old players of their respective clubs, does that give them extra time? I think utd with a different manager could win the league but that just my opinion.

      2. Nothing actually GUARANTEES success REGGIE. Your unhappines is caused by you not accepting that simple truth.

        You are not guaranteed happiness in life and nor is anyone on here. MANY MILLIONS ARE NOT EITHER. REALITY SUNSHINE!

    2. Agree James.

      We have to bear in mind that the first manager to actually be tasked with getting to the root of Arsenals CUMULATIVE problems (built up over many years) and setting about tangibly resolving them (whilst working under the strict criteria of an x point plan) is Mikel Arteta.

      Whether he is the right man for such a huge task is constantly debated on here (sometimes reasonably, other times not), but the chosen path (i.e. process) has clearly been started upon.

      Given the squad at the time (12/2019), we could have hired one of the “named” managers out there for 3 years who may or MAY NOT have squeezed a 2 or 3 position improvement out of a “topped out” team, and left thereafter.

      As a club we are now trying to engender CHANGE going forward.

      Only time will tell if we have embarked on the correct path, under the correct manager.

      Admittedly, the time to keep referring to the above scenario is now coming to an end – the time for excuses regarding relative undeforming is now fading -“green shoots” must soon bloom.

      1. Agreed mate, I now people want instant success. But we can compete financially with teams like Barca, Real, Utd, City and PSG. Teams who all have invested to get themselves dining at the top table. We spent a much needed 150m on 6 players to give our squad more balance, strength and longevity.

        But at least if a new manager does come in there is a young squad to come to. Rather than the aging arrogant team Emery and Arteta walked in to. But this season we must see an improvement from our “Final” league standing not the one at the beginning of October.

        1. 18 months isnt instant success and waiting another 18 months just to see if it does or doesn’t work is not viable.

    3. A welcome fellow realist JAMES!
      But you know how we fellow realists are despised on JA simply for trying to get these constant doomsters to face up to the truth that football success is cyclical and that no club has a God given right to be at the very top all the time.

      Truth is, I suggest, that the first Wenger glory decade has spoilt the expectations and for life, of so many younger fans who started following us around that time or since.


      Hey ho, water off a ducks back at my advanced age. Its so cathartic not caring what silly kids think of me, as ONLY TRUTH MATTERS TO ME.

  5. To be fair to Arteta, he has a new team, jelling together, playing with each other for the first time and playing in the EPL is not easy for newcomers. No team in the EPL is a easy opponent, Brighton, Brenford and Southampton are examples with their performances, Brenford beat West Ham away, Southampton held City the other weekend. That said, I still feel that Arteta should have started with Laca on Saturday because Laca brings something more to the team than Auba or atleast Laca should have been brouthg on earlier when it was clear that Auba was struggling. Also I would like Arsenal to go in for either Madison or Aouar in Jan because we need goals from the midfield and cannot rely totally on youngsters like ESR andSaka for goals and creativity all the time. Heard though that Arsenal are interested in dominic Kalvert Louin and Wotkins in January.

  6. A team jelling together? But cannot even out play Brighton. After spending exorbitant amounts, there’s still no improvement in the team. How do you justify that fact?

    1. Koma,
      I read that post completely differently to you. Yours was basically a bash at Arteta without context. You started supporting Arsenal during the Wenger years. Part of the problem began with failing to finish in the top4. Even a seasoned manager like Emery struggled with the behaviour of some senior players and got let down. You have airbrushed all that. The club was in a poor place at every level.

      Look how many new players have we signed? The majority are prospects and nearly every new player needs to bed in. December will tell if the direction is right. If not then suggestions on a postcard for Arteta’s successor.

      1. Thomas Frank, Oliver Glasner, Julian Negalsman, Ralph Hassenhutl, Dean Smith, Graham Potter, Daniel Farke, Paulo Fonseca, Erik ten hag and higher profile managers Sue, Brendan Rodgers, Rafael Benitez, Conte and David Moyes. Many many more but take your pick. There is no shortage of managers.

        1. Reggie
          Why mention Conte who almost certainly wouldn’t come.? No shortage but your preference was RB and he is at Everton. Nagelsman has just started at Bayern so why would he come here?
          I’m nowhere near sure Arteta can turn it around but I’m not blind to the fact the club hired a novice and was being run at the top like a novice. I agree with AJ that the time for MA is fast approaching. As for OGS, he is an experienced manager and with the level of investment that has poured into Utd he should be doing better. It’s interesting that all those top names didn’t get the desired result there.
          Klopp, Tuchel and PG are tops. Not many of those about.
          I remember dear Joe Kinnear getting more out of Wimbledon but would he have achieved at a top club? Would Potter? The 3 I mentioned are in a different class and Arsenal missed the boat some years back.

          1. Sue P, i plucked names out of the air, so some as you say NOW wont be available but please dont suggest we should stick with Arteta because there is no ideal replacement, there is, that isnt a problem.

          2. No it isn’t the problem but there really is a bigger picture that you and I clearly differ on.
            At least we are civil to one another which makes conversing pleasant

          3. That is because we dont make it personal Sue P and respect the fact we dont always agree. I dont come on here to fall out but some do Sue P, i like a good discussion without getting personal. You accept my view is different, you dont always agree but you keep it civil. Some cant accept we all really want the same thing but with different views on it.

  7. Some us are being accused of not having any patience or not ready to wait too long,I mean I supported him from the start,he had some valid excuses, covid,injuries then we were told that he needed a couple of transfers windows,I gave him that, forget the results,I am not seeing any progress in our performances, it’s always one step forward 2 steps back,when you think we’re making progress boom we are brought back to reality,we have no identity,I still don’t know what Artetaball is except that we do not score goals,everytime we improve in one area of the pitch it is always at the detriment to another.MA has been in charge for 2 years ,now take Potter Moyes… you see progress, identity..and on a smaller budget to ours,Palace lost 12 players in the summer and signed 9 players some on loan and you can already see what Viera is trying to do,his signings were all young and they have more cohesion, fighting spirit than us,they are now a possession based team and Viera is brave and so far spot on with his substitutions and gets rewarded,what progress have we made in 18 months?MA had his full pre-season, he’s brought in his own players,he now has a full squad to choose from bar Xhaka,what excuses are left?yes he won the FA cup/shield but it was with Emery’s team,the longer he’s been in charge and the more input he’s had the worse we have I repeat it,how much longer do we have to wait before we are considered patient?as for the excuses,they are getting ludicrous,the latest one was the rain come on now,also when it comes to judge our results, it’s come to a draw is better than a loss and some fans have started bigging up every team that has beaten us,I remember it started last season with Leicester,then it’s Brighton,Brentford even Norwich and Burnley with the strite “not so long ago we would have lost that game”,people are right expectations keep being lowered , also the way we assess our manager,people keep moving the goal posts,4th 5th with older and worse players was not good enough but 2 8th finish with new players and having got rid of the so-called deadwood/troublemakers is somehow progress, I’m confused.lastly as someone brought it up,most of us who have been critical towards MA,have not called for him to be sacked and are not part of the anti Arteta brigade,I find it sad that we can no longer criticise without being labelled not true/plastic fans.rant over

      1. Well said siamois, it is now official = criticise and you are the enemy!!!!

        As we go forward, I am basing all my thoughts on the performance we saw in the NLD – nothing more /nothing less.

        MA showed us what excellent signings he has made, how he can motivate both players and fans, how his tactics can work perfectly…. why should I accept anything less and why should MA?

        1. So pleased that you now consider my thoughts as being the “official” ones Ken(he said, sarcastically).

          But you still insult me by disregarding (for the third time now) on this thread, my FULL explanation of who exactly does and does not constitute an “enemy” of our club!

          It is ONLY the constant doomsters like REGGIE (and he in particular) , plus others like DAN KIT, all of whom are quite unable to ever write in a balanced way or to see anything whatsoever but constant doom and criicism of MA.

          It seems you are now eager to include yourself in my list of enemies! Well so be it then, as I cannot stop you.

          But remember Ken, it is your choice to regard yourself as an “enemy”! Your choice, NOT mine!

          I have never said or thought you an enemy of the club or of mine and never will.

          For reasons of your own you choose to wilfully misinterpret what I WROTE, EVEN AFTER I fully and explicitly explained it fully to you, in detail.

          One question KEN, WHY??

  8. Interesting point you touch upon Ken.

    ” how he can motivate both players and fans”.

    The fans mention.

    Since (and including) the Norwich game I have noticed a far better atmosphere IN THE STADIUM (home & away).

    Of course the NLD takes care of itself. but for Norwich, Burnley, Wimbledon, Spuds, Brighton (and West Brom before these) – the fans have been superb.

    There defiantly a new expectancy around the place, which does seem to point to the energy which the new signings have brought with them.

    Despite thousands of words of an opinion on here (totally fair enough), If we land 6 points from the Palace and Villa games that “buzz” increase.

    But which Arsenal will turn up against Palace – who knows.

    1. Therein lies the problem / answer A J, we haven’t a clue.
      If the spud experience happens, we will win – if the Brighton experience happens, PV will have his team biting at the bit to prove a point to those in power.

  9. I guess my JA word embargo is still in effect whenever it comes to anything Arteta-related…how terribly sad!!

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